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  1. In FM2013 there are literally no under 18s etc in the Scandanavian leagues. I'm currently playing with only the English leagues running and a large database, but there's no young talent overseas. Is this due to my poor scouting knowledge? I don't really see it as a scouting issue as I'm clicking on the teams and there's only greyed out players. Is there any solution for this? will running these leagues alongside mine solve the problem? If so, it's not ideal as it will slow my game down massively. Any help or advice would me hugely appreciated.
  2. I've been playing in the championship for a full season. playing a 4-1-2-2-1 tactic. We play a counter attacking style, so we attack with a slow tempo. Things are going pretty well, but I feel if I could fix one problem then things would be going very very well. Every game I have a huge amount of interceptions (by my team) in our 6 yard box. I have now realised that it's due to so so many crosses coming into the box. We are actually allowing around 25-30 crosses every game. Quite often the opposition winger will trot alongside our full back and then stand by byline and cross into the box. Fortunately we win most of the headers in our own box, but we still let in quite a few goals. I have tried closing down more, less, tight marking, showing to weaker foot etc. Does anyone have any help on this. I would be incredibly grateful. Thanks
  3. I'm currently managing Coventry City in the championship (2nd season). We're one of the favourites to go down and currently just outside the drop zone. I'm really enjoying the challenge so far. I play a usual back 4, DMC, 2 CMs (dif roles), 2 IFs and 1 Treq. Our build up play is patient and we have a lot of joy from the midfield 3 controlling play and then the 2 IFs making runs off the treq. One huge problem I'm having currently is that we're making a huge amount of interceptions every game from inside our own 6 yard box, and not many up towards the middle of the pitch. One thing I've noticed is that when the opposition (playing 4-4-2) take short goal kicks and their FB has the ball - my IF makes half an attempt to close it down, but the ball is easily moved on to the RM or LM player. At this point the IF stands around as his defending job is done. What then happens is that quite often the FB moves forward to get involved in the play, leaving us often with 3 players forward doing nothing and outnumbered defensively. Could this be the reason for the lack of well positioned interceptions? If so is there a way of changing the IFs duties when he doesn't have the ball? for example man marking the FB? or the RM/LM? I don't need my team to be intercepting in the other teams box 20 times a game, but it would be nice to intercept in similar areas to the opposition. If anybody has any advice for this then that would be fantastic, I'm really enjoying tweaking things each game with the shouts and trying to outsmart the opposition, but this is bothering me now. Thanks in advance
  4. has this thread ended? i miss the updates
  5. amazing thread. definitely stay. get a premier league title before you move
  6. having great success with the tactic. finished 5th in the 1st season with blackburn, now coming 3rd after about 10 games in the 2nd season. one question - the tactic seems perfect against a standard 442, they cant handle it. but with man city and chelsea's tactic with 1 MC, 1AMC, AMR, AML and 1 FC i seem to always struggle. i think this is partly to do with them maybe having stronger players, but what would you reccomend i do with regards to which tactic to choose? also...when would you suggest that defend is used? should it be used when the oppo go to long farrows with their wide players? lastly - when im dominating games, sometimes i have loads of shots, but loads off target. in this instance do you think that having long shots rarely for all players is a good idea as then we will try to pass the ball in rather than shoot from further out? great tactic!
  7. loving this tactic at the moment! using it with blackburn, 1st season, haven't made any signings as i havent really played a higher level fm2008 game till now, haven't sold anyone. things have been goin really well, half way thru the season now and am in 5th place, played 19, won 11, drawn 4, lost 4, 40 for, 21 against. i have scored 7 more goals from corners than the 2nd highest, i know...naughty naughty. but im happy for this to give me a slight edge at the mo. (samba is a monster) just got battered away at chelsea but managed a 1-1 draw, they had 23 shots, i had 1! ill take it! should have beaten arsenal at home, was all over them but couldnt score at 2-2, ended 2-2. in some games against similar opposition i have been beaten on possession and passing % but still managed to create a lot more chances, i think this is because we sort of sit back and dont let them get anywhere, then quickly get at them with short passes great tactic!!
  8. i think the idea about the option to start as a clubs under 18 manager or reserve team manager would be a great idea! that would be very realistic and a great way to work your way up to better jobs!
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