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  1. Quick 64 bit question.

    My understanding has always been if you are using a 32 bit program on a 64 bit system then you might as well use that 32 bit program on a 32 bit system as there would be no performance gain at all as the 32 bit program would still be limited by the (strictly speaking 4GB ) memory mapping constraints. Hence why I was asking the question because I have seen it implied that running FM on 64 bit would enable you to use more memory and run smoother whereas I don't think it could use more memory unless the FM program itself was also 64 bit which would then allow it access to the full installed RAM on the system.
  2. I know using a 32 bit system limits the amount of memory that can be addressed. I have seen suggestions that using a 64 bit OS and it's massively increased memory addressing capacity would be of benefit. My question is do you really get the benefit of extra memory capacity if you are actually running a 32 bit program like FM on a 64 bit system? Wouldn't that program itself still be limited by it's 32 bit architecture? I have always assumed you can only really get the full benefits by running 64 bit programs on a 64 bit OS.
  3. Removing FM2012 key from steam

    Made a quick new thread in tech issues and uploaded my files to ftp site. This is the first time I have been forced to use steam and although I don't think it is steam that is causing the crash problems starting the game I think it is a horrendous piece of software that adds unnecessary complexity to (hopefully) playing a game from disc.
  4. Removing FM2012 key from steam

    The game eventually installed again and the FM.exe is there version 12.1.1. I noticed when I had reinstalled steam the second time when I went to options the region was holland whereas it was london the first time, so I set it back. This was set automatically when it was installed so whether this has an effect in making steam think it has changed computer, I don't know - but it is completely stupid if that's the case. It was installed from the same file from the same location from the same computer. Too busy watching the football now but I will make one more atttempt later to see if the game works (even though I really know it won't) and I will upload the dxdiag file and dump file (already saved) on the technical part of the forum later
  5. Removing FM2012 key from steam

    I only have AVAST AV, no firewall. I cannot close this and I am certainly not going to uninstall it. Steam seemed to work OK. It is the game itself that was not working. It is only since that last uninstall the stema servers are stopping me from reinstalling.
  6. Removing FM2012 key from steam

    Still can't reinstall FILES FROM DISC because of steam servers being too busy!!! Not that there is any point as it doesn't work any way. One of the other things I tried was thinking maybe the game would play in pre-patched form (with the updates maybe causing the crash) , so I tried to install and play it without updating. But even though in steam you can set the option to not update the game automatically - it just ignores this and continues to try and update automatically anyway. I give up.
  7. I wasn't going to get this version at all because of all the problems I have read about it and I was going to see if the next version avoided using the steam rubbish. However, I received 2012 for Christmas and thought I should try to get it installed, so I set up a steam account just for this. The shortcut icons do not have proper picture icons, just the blank-no-icon type look. The shortcuts are url's rather than to the game exe's. Not sure if that is normal but clicking them does try to start the apps up. After the install the game will not launch - it crashes with a 'serious error'. I have verified cache and had innumerable deletions and reinstalls. Still crashes. Download the editor - this also crashes. Uninstalled/reinstalled steam as well just in case - steam seemed to think I was connecting from a different computer on the reinstall which obviously I wasn't, but had to obtain some code from email to continue. Graphics are the most recent for my card. Loaded my current FM2011 instead to test if this was still OK - this plays fine. Tried changing desktop resolutions to see if this was causing the game to crash as I had a problem with FM2011 at one time where it would crash on start up (I cannot play FM2011 in full screen mode and there are no options for different res in settings). I now play FM2011 on a desktop set to 1280x800). Went into steam options to set start up as -windowed to see if this would help. Now when I try to start I am getting the message the game is unavailable, etc. Looking in the steamapps folder I noticed there was no fm.exe file now and thinking this might have something to do with -windowed start up entry I removed the start up entry. Decided to remove FM again and now when trying to reinstall (yet again) from disc I get the message that I can't even install because the steam servers are too busy. Why do I need a steam server to install files from a disc....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I knew I was right in the first place to avoid this and wish I had never even started to attempt to install any of this shi-ite. So my question is how do you de-register the game/code from steam to allow me to give the game to someone else and allow me to close my new steam account and continue to play in peace with FM2011 (installed from disc and played with the disc in the drive)?
  8. I found the way to resolve this problem (I am playing FM11) on these forums by searching. This is one of the many bugs (or bad coding as that is what it really is) in the game and it looks like from this post that the issue remains in the new game FM12. The problem I think is partly related to this 0-21 nonsense. You have to use a 3rd party application FMRTE - look at the relations tab and change the 0-21 to 15-21. If a player should be Club trained and it is not showing that in his relations then add in the Club trained 15-21 relation. There is another problem as well when the game works out home grown status. On my current game players I have had from 16 and younger, if they have been sent out on loan a few times when 17-21 it seems to stop counting these loan periods towards Club trained status. I assumed this must be right and to gain HG@Club they would have to remain playing at the Club for a full 3 years to get that status. But from the wording of the Rules quoted above it seems that these loaned out players should still have HG@Club status set even if they have had loan periods away (surely they are still registered as being permanently contracted to their Club - loans are short term?).
  9. Genei scout or FMRTE question

    I would apply the filter to your current list in FM so that those visible are 'realistic'. Then add or move these visible names to another list - then export that other list and open it in Scout.
  10. Removing Player Subscriptions

    Pretty annoying isn't it....
  11. I've been on the favoured list after doing well with a smaller club and sticking with them for a number of years, but as soon as I eventually did move to another club, I soon disappeared from the list.
  12. poor regens

    I was just trying to make the point that there seems no correlation between the attributes and they just appear to all be random. Groups of attributes should be balanced. You wouldn't want a player with high creativity but almost no passing ability, etc.
  13. poor regens

    There is still a problem with newgens in the way that atttributes are constructed. For example, on my save game I noticed there was a goalkeeper with arial ability of 20, yet he was 5 foot 5 inches. So how can a goalkeeper like this be better arially than another one who is 6'5"? There should be a close relation between height, agility, jumping surely? It should not be possible for someone of this height to have top arial ability. Attributes should be closely linked to each other. Generally speaking someone with a lot of pace/acceleration, i.e. a sprinter, should have a lower stamina level, whereas someone with high stamina is likely to be more a distance runner and would not be able to beat a sprinter for short term pace/acceleration. Then there is the dubious attributes levels you see for deadball playing. How can someone be good at corners for example if they are rubbish at crossing? There are plenty of other inconsistencies you notice as you play.
  14. FM Genie Scout 2009?

    I get this problem myself once I have added myself as manager to the game and saved it. But, if there are no human managers in the save game (for example, retire, then save) the save game will load in the scout. So I put the error down to human managers presence in the database and don't know of any way to get it to load once I'm in a game.
  15. Making Fm faster.

    You do realise that sodimm is for laptops as opposed to pc's?