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  1. USASoundersFan

    International Break periods .

    Not 100 percent accurate (the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations will be played in the summer, not the winter), but here's a PDF that lists the breaks for 2018-24 and then, below that, a link to a web page that appears more accurate but that only goes through 2019. https://img.fifa.com/image/upload/jt0d6qoqwqwbp5sbofoc.pdf https://www.fifa.com/calendar/
  2. USASoundersFan

    In Game Editor - Why do you use?

    I use it to create more realistic manager settings for myself. (I've never agreed with things like determination, level of discipline, etc., being connected with reputation.) I also do things like have more realistic settings for other languages that I speak. For example, I'm American, and I don't know more than a few words of Spanish, but FM makes me fluent in Spanish too. I wish that I could do that - change my initial manager settings - and then completely turn off IGE (i.e. never have access to any hidden attributes) since I never use IGE once my career starts.
  3. USASoundersFan

    FM18 Editor

    Have you headed here? https://community.sigames.com/forum/26-editors-hideaway/
  4. Thanks. I wonder if there are any other countries that allow five subs in their level-two leagues. Anyway, apologies for initially thinking that your file did not have accurate rules.
  5. Sorry, I didn't notice that part of that source about IFAB's rule change in March, allowing this flexibility below top leagues in each country and not counting international matches. That's crazy that I hadn't heard about that change. From the perspective of a football fan, I am not a fan of this rule change at all, but I doubt that it's going to revert back to three at this point. (In my opinion, it should be three subs at every level that includes semi-pro and pro teams, and all teams in levels two and three in Ukraine in FM 2018 are listed as fully professional.) Curious - do you know of any other level-two leagues around Europe that now allow five substitutes? I can't seem to find anything online about any leagues (other than Ukraine) using five subs now. I'm guessing there probably are some other leagues; I just can't find anything related to it. (Of course, my inability to understand any language other than English doesn't help.)
  6. Well, I'll just repeat what I said in my last post - That's crazy. I honestly don't know of any other leagues in the world that offer seven or more subs. As a football fan, I don't like that so many subs are allowed (not to mention five being allowed at the fully professional leagues in levels two and three of the Ukrainian football pyramid), but, if that's what they use, then obviously FM (both the official version and your edited file) should go along with that. steff13, good to hear. Well, I'd rather that only three subs were allowed, but good that the accurate information will be included in the next patch. Ohrim, it's a good sign that the first thing that I noticed, which I figured was inaccurate, was actually you doing your due diligence in including accurate information. I haven't really delved into this, but I glanced at the rules for the various leagues and was stunned to see how many subs were (as it turns out, accurately) allowed.
  7. Interesting. You might want to bring that information up in the bugs forum if somebody else hasn't yet (as it relates to Persha Liha). So are seven subs really allowed in levels four and five? If so, that's crazy. I don't know of any league in the world that allows that many other than very amateur competitions.
  8. For Persha Liha, you have 5 subs allowed under match rules ("7 subs named, maximum 5 used"). The regular FM game has "maximum 3 used" for this league. You also have "maximum 5 used" for the two level-three leagues. I'm not sure if that's really the case or not, but I wouldn't think it would be. But then you have "maximum 7 used" for every single league below (levels four and five), which really doesn't sound right. (Plus for the Lyubitel's'ke Kubok Ukraini too.) Maybe it's accurate, but I can't imagine that it would be. Regardless of whether those other leagues have accurate sub rules or not, you do have 5 allowed for the Persha Liha when FM has 3 allowed.
  9. USASoundersFan

    U17 World Cup

    I would love it if U-17 competitions were included, but I also don't see it happening.
  10. USASoundersFan

    Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    As far as I know, U-17 events have never been in FM, so I would be shocked if they were included in FM 2018.
  11. USASoundersFan

    Island teams

    I think one that would fit what you're looking for is Portugal's Portosantense. They are the only club located on Porto Santo Island, which is located just north of Madeira Island. I managed them for a little bit in FM 17 after they got promoted to Portugal's third division in the offseason between the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons.
  12. USASoundersFan

    Purchasing FM 2017

    Because you'd lose out on nearly three months of Football Manager play.
  13. USASoundersFan

    Purchasing FM 2017

    Nearly three months is "just around the corner"?