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  1. USASoundersFan

    Amateur Clubs (playable)

    These are solely the playable amateur clubs at the start of the game that are located in Europe. I don't know how many there are elsewhere in the world.
  2. USASoundersFan

    Amateur Clubs (playable)

    If it helps, here's the number of amateur teams by league at the start of the game (but not their names) ... Denmark level 3 ... 13 clubs Portugal level 3 ... 7 clubs Scotland level 4 ... 1 club Wales level 1 ... 1 club
  3. USASoundersFan

    Norway Div 4 (Tipping ligaen)

    I don't believe so but can't say for sure.
  4. USASoundersFan

    CONCACAF Leagues!

    I'm not sure if anybody has yet or, if they have, to what level, but this is where you want to go to look ... https://community.sigames.com/forum/649-editors-hideaway-download-forum-fm19/
  5. USASoundersFan

    Caribou Cup Fix

    I had the same question but never received a definitive answer. However, I'm thinking that you're probably going to need to start a new game to have that fix included. Here's my thread. In the last post of it, I quote somebody who said that the fix did not work while in our situations.
  6. USASoundersFan

    Norway Div 4 (Tipping ligaen)

    It's been that way in France for years. I'm honestly not sure, and it kind of annoys me, but it is what it is. I suppose it's better to now have new leagues (level four in Norway, level three in Romania) and have them greyed out than not there at all, but I agree, it's still bizarre. I mean, I don't know the extensiveness of the coding and other requirements to make those leagues playable from SI's perspective, but I would strongly prefer them all to be fully playable, especially the one in France since it's been greyed out for years now.
  7. USASoundersFan

    Norway Div 4 (Tipping ligaen)

    But I think that those leagues are playable if you get relegated into them.
  8. USASoundersFan

    Norway Div 4 (Tipping ligaen)

    I think that's how SI set up Norwegian games, similar to level four in France (and the newly added but greyed-out level three in Romania).
  9. USASoundersFan

    Carabao Cup fix save-game compatible?

    For what it's worth, I found this post in the bugs forum from earlier this week, which makes it sound like this change might not be save-game compatible.
  10. I'm unsure if this change in the 19.2.0 update is save-game compatible. "- Carabao Cup winner not qualifying for Europe if previous Euro Cup winner was English & outside top 4" In other words, is this not save-game compatible because it's related to "competitions rules"? I recently started a British Isles save (before this patch came out), but I'm going to abandon it if this fix does not apply to my already-started game.
  11. USASoundersFan

    International Break periods .

    Not 100 percent accurate (the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations will be played in the summer, not the winter), but here's a PDF that lists the breaks for 2018-24 and then, below that, a link to a web page that appears more accurate but that only goes through 2019. https://img.fifa.com/image/upload/jt0d6qoqwqwbp5sbofoc.pdf https://www.fifa.com/calendar/
  12. USASoundersFan

    In Game Editor - Why do you use?

    I use it to create more realistic manager settings for myself. (I've never agreed with things like determination, level of discipline, etc., being connected with reputation.) I also do things like have more realistic settings for other languages that I speak. For example, I'm American, and I don't know more than a few words of Spanish, but FM makes me fluent in Spanish too. I wish that I could do that - change my initial manager settings - and then completely turn off IGE (i.e. never have access to any hidden attributes) since I never use IGE once my career starts.
  13. USASoundersFan

    FM18 Editor

    Have you headed here? https://community.sigames.com/forum/26-editors-hideaway/