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  1. I love the idea of doing a save that consists of my only managing national teams, but there is so much lacking on that side of this sport in Football Manager, and that really makes me hesitate. Personally, I really don't mind doing nothing between matches, but so much more could be incorporated into the experience during the time when my national team is playing, particularly revolving around training, interacting with players, etc. The game also places way too much as well as misplaced emphasis, in my opinion, on players deciding which country to play for. I would love for SI to overhaul
  2. I would like to see it but am not expecting it anytime soon. I also remember reading somewhere that women's club matches would need to experience support similar to the Championship for SI to consider implementing women's sides.
  3. I'd now amend my earlier statement ... ... to say that I will still most likely buy 21 upon release, but only if the ability to change the match engine remains. If they remove that, it'd be clear that they have no interest in creating the best game, just in earning the most money.
  4. True, those aspects can be removed/ignored, but I don't like that the assistant manager's responses will affect the team's state of mind, something that's out of my control if I don't attend them myself. As far as social media goes, I'd like much of the information that's available there to go into my inbox instead.
  5. So true. Especially since press conferences, social media, team talks, etc., are so poorly implemented. And I had zero interest in 3D prior to its implementation and still do. In regards to the last sentence ... what's sad is that it seemed like that didn't use to be the case. I've been playing this game for 15 years now, and it just seemed like when I started playing it, the focus was on being realistic. Now it's on making money. This. There are players who would miss press conferences, social media, team talks, etc.? Maybe these forums aren't an accurate representatio
  6. Good points in the original post. Easily one of the most frustrating aspects of Football Manager for me is how little the developers have done with the international side. From what I've read elsewhere on these forums, it seems that part of the game has actually gone backwards over the past several years. Personally, the perceived drama of which country players will play for, if they have that choice, doesn't do much for me and, in many cases, is unrealistic. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like top players in FM base their decision more on which national team is better when, in real life,
  7. With the in-game editor enabled, go to "Custom - Customize Current View" and move "Current Ability" and "Potential Ability" from the left to the right.
  8. Yeah, that article mentioned that too. "In the 83 matches Gracenote analyzed, home teams were penalized more for fouls in empty stadiums than they generally were when the stands were full. They also had seen, perhaps not surprisingly, an increase in the number of yellow cards they were awarded."
  9. "Home-field advantage has long been far more significant in soccer than in most other sports. The great, unwelcome experiment running in Germany since May has demonstrated that what constitutes that advantage is not mere familiarity but, largely, the fans. The performances of home teams in the Bundesliga have, for all intents and purposes, collapsed in front of empty stands. The number of home victories slipped by 10 percentage points, to 33 percent of matches in empty stadiums from 43 percent in full ones." https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/01/sports/soccer/soccer-without-fans-germany-data
  10. Apologies. I thought that I had read that that was the case. While I'm here, I'll add that another way to solve the OP's issue would be to use the main editor prior to starting a game, go to your country and change the language settings there - i.e. remove German and English from the Netherlands. However, do note that doing this will impact which languages newgens from that country will speak.
  11. Clubs are not required to release players for the Olympics, so you should not be forced to release your club's players for the Olympics in FM. First link is in regards to 2016, second from a story that was posted in March 2020. “The event is not part of the international match calendar. However, FIFA is asking for support from the clubs to allow players who are called up by their national teams to be given the chance to be part of the Olympic experience.” (i.e. it's optional for clubs) https://olympics.nbcsports.com/2015/09/25/fifa-olympics-release-players-clubs-soccer-rio-2016-
  12. Note that you do need to start a new game for the in-game editor to appear and be available for use.
  13. You need to purchase it through Steam. After it's purchased and downloaded, it should show up in the top right portion of the screen in-game.
  14. If I'm understanding you correctly, you'd still follow the steps that I detailed to remove the standard licensed kits that you'd like to remove. My instructions can be adapted to only apply to certain leagues, if necessary. --- Otherwise, here are the instructions for removing licensed kits, logos and trophies as it relates to FM 20 ... use Resource Archiver to "Extract Archive" for this file ... C: ... Program Files (x86) ... Steam ... steamapps ... common ... Football Manager 2020 ... data ... game ... graphics. fmf head to that same path on your computer and delete gra
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