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    Full Name: Ed Fox
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  1. i am in the same boat as yourself. i think it is because the transfer window is still open. i want to do my normal long term save with arsenal. but really want a crack at everton or ac milan, but cant get into it
  2. Playing PSG with update which includes Neymar. Decided to build a super team until the end of the transfer window. Would like them to be french if possible, so was thinking Lemar or Griezmann, however i want the best. Suggestions please.
  3. won league 1 with oxford, 4 points ahead of MK Dons. On to the Championship
  4. Got a good little save going with Oxford Utd. Took over end of first and currently in Jan 2018 sitting first in league one, 2 points ahead of Blackburn and MK Dons and 6 ahead of Fleetwood in fourth. No budget and hardly any wages. Got Chelsea as a feeder club.
  5. would love an Oxford Utd Or MK Dons one with the latest transfer update either pro's or fmf
  6. Is there any way of going back in a single file save game? I have left my first club and really wish i hadn't!
  7. Pro, your work is so appreciated by me and many others, please don't let the minority get you down. Thanks for the update will start my last save with Arsenal
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