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  1. Hey, stopped playing FM for about two versions. Has the option to adjust your home pitch size been removed from this version? I am just curious because I holidayed most of my preseason.
  2. How would I lower the amount of times my players cross in this game? Some roles allow you to lower it in PI but others don't. I've asked this because I've just grown tired of such poor crosses by my players and generally, crossing is a low percentage game anyway . I miss the sliders for such an aspect.
  3. How exactly do you close out tight games ? I've found myself on the verge of attaining 2-1 ,3-2,1-0 victories but at the end my team just implodes. I've used possession-oriented shouts that look to slow down the game but in one or two instances,(late in games where they are desperate) I've seen the opposition aggressively hunt the ball and because my playerss are looking to hold unto the ball a little longer and be a little indecisive on it, this has resulted in turnovers that have lead to dangerous counter attacks that have often been consequential. How do I combat this?? I am managing Gladbach by the way.
  4. What would be the most logical approach for a CL Quater Final Second Leg game against Man Utd ? I am currently leading 2-0 after dominating them . However , last year it was the same ; I met them in the QF as well, and I went to Old Trafford with a 1-0 lead and at the end of the night I lost 4-1 . (4-2 on aggregate ) I really don't think we can pull off a defensive masterclass against Manchester United at Old Trafford since we don't exactly have the players to fully sit back and I know they will play with much more intensity.
  5. The first thing is right in the topic name . It seems like you want to make him someone in the mould of Frank Lampard or Stevie G because in their careers they did this to great effect and it is also beautiful to watch. If you want him to Arrive late in the box consistently , he must first the learn the PPM : Arrives Late In Opposition Area. The PPM will now give Guest the propensity to make this movement. However, that is not it! To make sure the PPM is fully utilized on such a player his anticipation, off the ball and composure must be good enough . The 1st is so key because he must be able to read the game and its play ; it will help him to react better to scenarios where the PPM will be utilized , off the ball combined with anticipation would be great because it is obviously the positional movement of a player without the ball. I've said composure because the player must be able to keep his head when these chances come around and they will because you see with this set up , the opposition's defence is usually on the backfoot because the late runs usually mean the player will be unmarked as well as be an element of surprise in the attack . I'm not too sure but I'd say creativity too because he'll need that extra bit of vision to spot the opening to exploit with his movement. However, I think his average technique and poor passing will let him down severely. You see now, I examine Frank and Gerrard's careers , their game is a very technical game , the way they strike the ball and get it into the back of the net speaks volumes about how great their technique is. I'm not too sure if the 2 have this PPM but I think tries first time shot would be great with Arrives late in the opposition Area , I've seen the 2 score great goals by arriving late in the box and then taking a wonderful snapshot in free space that ends up in the net but again , technique needs to be good in order for this to be successful. Think you should just leave him as a back-up striker if I'm supposed to be honest because his passing isn't good enough to play midfield as said above. I think you can use him more as a Mario Gomez type of striker. His stats seem to suggest a player that is in the same mould of a poacher/out and out striker, that is; someone who needs to be fed and needs chances to be created for him. Just my thoughts though . Some of the more experienced members may beg to differ.
  6. I have 3 questions I'd like to enquire about. 1) What do you all change/do when your tactics become stale or should I say ''second season syndrome'' occurs? When the space you had in the first season is barely there?When teams play you more cautiously and try to play on the counter more. I still have all the possession in the world but my space and chances have vanished. What should I change? Strategy? Player Instructions? I'd like to know what you all think and how do you all plan/prepare for the next season? 2) How do you deny space to a striker who is exploiting the space in the channels? I recently came up against Spain in FM 12 versus Switzerland and we played quite well but couldn't convert the chances we had , the only problem I had was that I had problems against Bojan who likes to move into the channels. On about 3 occasions he drifted into the channels to create chances for Spain because Silva had supplied him with the ball while cutting inside and providing that dangerous diagonal ball. So I was wondering how you'd stop this? 3) How would you nuliffy inside forwards such as Robben, Ribery, Silva , Iniesta etc. ? Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  7. How would you deal with a player that often runs from deep from midfield and is quite dangerous at it?
  8. You know when you initially made this topic I was truly riveted by the shape and how unorthodox it was. For a year in my 2nd season with Arsenal I used it but I no longer play my arsenal save but I should say that it was quite successful . My main DM trio for this shape was : Bender , Wilshere , Song . I played Wilshere there since you mentioned and I realized that the most central DM usually has the most space and time on the ball and gets the loose balls .So I wanted someone who could of made good use of all the good stuff , so I choose Wilshere. What I really liked is how impenetrable it was and how defensively secure it was , even teams like Barca would struggle to really get much clear chances and eventually would settle for long shots. In my opinion it also was good for counter attacking. I've seen my team make opportunities on the break with this tactic. Thank you for sharing and the analysis was exceptional as well.
  9. I can't believe more people aren't interested in making saves with Catania after the great football they played last season . I Plan to start a catania save soon but I really want to base it around Montella's style .
  10. It seems like Man City breaks the heart of many Shakhtar managers because I am in the semi finals of the CL in my first season but I have just lost to them in the first leg at hom. I know it will be a very tough task away . After beating their arch-rivals , I thought I'd have a better chance against Bayern but they knocked out Bayern . I don't even know how to approach them away but I'll attack them and see how it goes since I don't have much to lose . The league is pretty easy though, but I squandered a 12 point lead in the first 4 games after the winter break . It is all good though because I have now gained an 8 point lead . I have added Thiago ( for 2 seasons on loan ) and McEachran also on loan and they are doing quite well .
  11. Looking for a team that is not in South America or these 6 leagues : Portugal, Russia,Spain , Italy,England or Germany . This team must have a chance to be in the CL or Europa League and must have some sort of money to spend . Thinking about Shakhtar but I am not aware of how many wingers they have . I want to play extremely narrow with whatever club team by the way. Thank you very much .
  12. Is it just me or does city try to poach all my stars at Arsenal ? I'm only in the second season and they wanted Wilshere, Vermaelen, Sagna and Mbiwa who I bought in the first season .
  13. This thread can probably answer all of your questions if you thoroughly read it through : http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/289530-The-SI-Sports-Centre-DISCUSSION-THREAD . ( Trust me its worth it ) There is also http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/272018-Creating-a-Potent-Tactical-System that thread which helps you to gain an understanding in creating space . Anything stickied above will help you greatly .
  14. I tend to struggle in the second season of my saves in FM after dominating in the first. I will not say that the computer has '' learnt '' my tactics but I've gained an understanding that the computer Respects us more so they drop deeper and defend better and counter us etc. . My stupid question is : How can we find more space after they've limited us ?
  15. I would really be interested in this . Hopefully this thread is continued .
  16. I never expected Germany to play its best football today or in this group simply because of the quality of the group. Their defence won them the game today. Hummels was dominant both in the air and on the ground . If Portugal chose to play how they played after the goal was scored for the whole match, the scoreline could of been different .
  17. Well perhaps , I was wrong and used the wrong choice of words. What I really mean is : I am quite aware of the good players' success and results here and I thought maybe mine would pale into insignificance . @ Aderow Its just the first season and they are leaders of the table .
  18. You know I tried this method and it worked excellently . ( I play with one winger ) I am Arsenal and I've just played City and beat them 0-2 ( not such a great result ) but what amazed is how this worked so well with Oxlade Chamberlain on the wing . He attacked Zabaleta for 69 minutes and beat him easily. However, he was subbed off because he picked up an injury . AOC received a 8.50 rating and he neither scored or had an assist. He gained fouls in some decent areas of the field for me . Interesting strategy!
  19. If I am using a strictly narrow tactic with no wingers like a 4-3-1-2 or a 4-1-3-2 , what shouts would you use besides exploit the middle play narrower/play wider ? ( for Inter Milan ) Also : What would happen if I gave my midfielder maximum CF AND Mentality????
  20. Looking for a tactic which is a under dog one that can be used for lower league teams or teams that don't have players of such great quality like the top clubs in europe . Currently playing with RC Lens and achieved promotion but I've lost my opening 2 in Lens' return to ligue 1 heavily . Oh this is for football manager 12 of course , I have no preference for formations but I just want a tactic that would help me reach beyond my wildest dreams with Lens . Thank you
  21. I don't know if its been mentioned but it probably has been mentioned or most likely not but what do I know I haven't read all 73 pages . But I'd like management to be like in real life ( Note Well that it doesn't happen all the time but sometimes it does ) . You know how Newcastle's manager prior to Alan Pardew's hiring ( I think his name was Chris Hughton ) was a caretaker manager and also Steve Kean was a caretaker at first and also Kenny Dalglish at first for Liverpool ? Well I'd like if a team could apppoint you as caretaker manager for the remaining of the season and after or until you prove your management abilities then the club offers you a full time contract . Now I'll just go to another point because I don't mean if you've started just the game as a manager . It should be optional. Point 2 This is something I'd also like as well if you could start the game how you want , whether as a youth coach,reserve team coach and/or U-18 coach or some other youth management .Just something like a managerial role , not neccesarily as a head coach After all Dalglish's Liverpool return all started with a proposal from Rafa Benitez to be appointed in a role with the club's youth academy . I think if you impress in those lower stages of management for some sort of time , clubs should want to approach you for a head coach role after a while . I know some or probably the majority would probably not like to see this but I think it'd be a good experience for me at least if I could start from bottom to top lol . I also think being a youth coach would make you more aware of the prospects you do have at the club and the upcoming talent but this is just all my opinion . Now I was also saying that the Caretaker manager role could all work from this or evolve , being a youth coach with no experience , maybe the club don't trust you enough to give you a long term contract so they give you a contract until the end of the season and if you unimpress you get the boot . Another note that is slightly relevant to this topic : Note that I am cognizant of the fact that you can manage the youth teams and the reserves or should I say control? But anyhow its not really as fulfilling as it can be in my opinion and its slightly vague, I'm not saying make it unrealistic and make you able to purchase players or anything but it can be better. There isn't even a scout report even if you control the youth team on your upcoming opponent and there isn't match prep. either . This is my opinion and I really expect it to be questioned, criticized and really anything else lol .
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