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  1. Hey, stopped playing FM for about two versions. Has the option to adjust your home pitch size been removed from this version? I am just curious because I holidayed most of my preseason.
  2. How would I lower the amount of times my players cross in this game? Some roles allow you to lower it in PI but others don't. I've asked this because I've just grown tired of such poor crosses by my players and generally, crossing is a low percentage game anyway . I miss the sliders for such an aspect.
  3. How exactly do you close out tight games ? I've found myself on the verge of attaining 2-1 ,3-2,1-0 victories but at the end my team just implodes. I've used possession-oriented shouts that look to slow down the game but in one or two instances,(late in games where they are desperate) I've seen the opposition aggressively hunt the ball and because my playerss are looking to hold unto the ball a little longer and be a little indecisive on it, this has resulted in turnovers that have lead to dangerous counter attacks that have often been consequential. How do I combat this?? I am managing Gl
  4. What would be the most logical approach for a CL Quater Final Second Leg game against Man Utd ? I am currently leading 2-0 after dominating them . However , last year it was the same ; I met them in the QF as well, and I went to Old Trafford with a 1-0 lead and at the end of the night I lost 4-1 . (4-2 on aggregate ) I really don't think we can pull off a defensive masterclass against Manchester United at Old Trafford since we don't exactly have the players to fully sit back and I know they will play with much more intensity.
  5. I have 3 questions I'd like to enquire about. 1) What do you all change/do when your tactics become stale or should I say ''second season syndrome'' occurs? When the space you had in the first season is barely there?When teams play you more cautiously and try to play on the counter more. I still have all the possession in the world but my space and chances have vanished. What should I change? Strategy? Player Instructions? I'd like to know what you all think and how do you all plan/prepare for the next season? 2) How do you deny space to a striker who is exploiting the space in the channel
  6. How would you deal with a player that often runs from deep from midfield and is quite dangerous at it?
  7. I tend to struggle in the second season of my saves in FM after dominating in the first. I will not say that the computer has '' learnt '' my tactics but I've gained an understanding that the computer Respects us more so they drop deeper and defend better and counter us etc. . My stupid question is : How can we find more space after they've limited us ?
  8. If I am using a strictly narrow tactic with no wingers like a 4-3-1-2 or a 4-1-3-2 , what shouts would you use besides exploit the middle play narrower/play wider ? ( for Inter Milan ) Also : What would happen if I gave my midfielder maximum CF AND Mentality????
  9. Looking for a tactic which is a under dog one that can be used for lower league teams or teams that don't have players of such great quality like the top clubs in europe . Currently playing with RC Lens and achieved promotion but I've lost my opening 2 in Lens' return to ligue 1 heavily . Oh this is for football manager 12 of course , I have no preference for formations but I just want a tactic that would help me reach beyond my wildest dreams with Lens . Thank you
  10. What if my tactic is in classic? I don't think I can set them to cover if I'm using a classic tactic , right?
  11. I also have a stupid question . ( If you've ever been in this situation ) What do you do when your centre backs are slow and lack balance and you are up against a fast striker?
  12. Why are the downloadable tactics that have to be uploaded to those sharing sites like mediafire,gamefront etc. usually don't work ? ( Well for me the links are almost always dead )
  13. Yes what he said none of the links are working for me at all .
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