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  1. @Totalfootballfan im trying to fit Renato Sanches from Lille into Cerber V4. He's a natural mazzella/box-to-box so would the efficiency change drastically if I were to change the Cmc-att to an box-to-box/mazzella?
  2. @knap Do you perhaps have an idea for individual player training the PREACHIN BLUES tactics? Or even any PPM's... thx :-)
  3. @van helmut You Fusion Db update is pretty good looking forward to see your end product. One wish from me would be to update the Serie a staff, Leonardo, Paolo Maldini, and Geoffrey Moncada is underrated. Just to info that Kevin Lomònaco has a current ability of 200 in the file Fusion Db Estero young.... :-)
  4. would the creator please explain, how to download this, there is no download link available?
  5. Hi everybody Could somebody perhaps help explain, how to creating a ban for Ac Milan in the editor for the next two years in Europa/champions league? I've been looking around the forum and ofc. the editor but cant see the solution...
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