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  1. @knap Do you perhaps have an idea for individual player training the PREACHIN BLUES tactics? Or even any PPM's... thx :-)
  2. Paolo Maldini is set as a Technical director in the game for Ac milan - but works as a director i real life....
  3. Ac Milan Staff: Marco Vago is a fitness coach ( senior team ) Luca Monguzzi is a fitness coach ( senior team ) Proof: https://www.acmilan.com/en/news/media/2019-10-09/official-announcement-new-coaching-staff Ac Milan Board: This is a matter of "what" a board of directors is in Fm 2020 contra what a company board is in real life. Both Franco Baresi and Frederic Masara are working as brand ambassadors for Ac Milan, and do no sit at the board in real life... Andrea Romeo is official the team manager, and do not sit at the board as well. Missing Board members: Marco Emilio Angelo Patuano Giorgio Aronne Furlani Franck Gaston Tuil Stefano Cocirio Salvatore Cerchione Gianluca D’Avanzo Alfredo Craca Proof: https://www.acmilan.com/en/club/corporate-positions Ac Milan finances and stature: The club has NO debts ( chairman loan ) either from previous owners or current Proof: https://www.acmilaninfo.com/elliot-erase-entire-ac-milan-debt-new-investments-to-follow/ Balance should be set at something like 16 mio. Euro ( they already spent most of their funds on new players ) Transfer budget at 10 mio. Euro Reputation: The team have not been a top 3 team the past decade, their reputation should be lowered from 8300 to 7900 or Napoli's reputation should be increased to 8350.
  4. @van helmut You Fusion Db update is pretty good looking forward to see your end product. One wish from me would be to update the Serie a staff, Leonardo, Paolo Maldini, and Geoffrey Moncada is underrated. Just to info that Kevin Lomònaco has a current ability of 200 in the file Fusion Db Estero young.... :-)
  5. would the creator please explain, how to download this, there is no download link available?
  6. Hi everybody Could somebody perhaps help explain, how to creating a ban for Ac Milan in the editor for the next two years in Europa/champions league? I've been looking around the forum and ofc. the editor but cant see the solution...
  7. Im putting the file here... C:/Users/"Your user name" - mine is "Michael-PC"/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2016/Editor Data If you don't have the editor data folder, then just create it. When you start a new game, make sure you select the transfer embargo file when you chose the database...
  8. Great Work. One quaestion, have you included the new English Premier League tv pack for 2016? More specific adjusted the prize money?
  9. Was struggeling alot with my PSG side first season (no transfers) tried a lot of tactics for the forum and tweeking but nothing was working. Started a new game with Milan... Only thing i've done is to add PPM's to player: Inside forwards: Moves into channels, Cuts inside, Refrain from taking longshots Midterfield: Moves into channels, Plays-one-two, Refrain for taking longshots Traning: Followed the OP Tactic needs time to gel and players need to be trained to tactic.
  10. Oh sorry then... ( always thought that if a player in the database had -9 then the game engine change that to a PA interval for -9 ex. 165-180) Thanks for feedback - and great update
  11. Just a quick note Mancini manager at Inter Perhaps some wonderkids should have a fixed PA. In my first game Martin Ødegaard was PA 172 and Hachim Mantsour where 170 (which i think is underrated)
  12. Im having the same problem "downloading" too. On fm14, in the first patches, you'd had to delete the folder "Graphics" to enable downloads via steam - so tried it on fm15 and that is not the issue ;-(
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