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  1. Maximum Player Value (without transfer)

    In the new game, or previous versions?
  2. In the past games I'm sure the maximum value a player could reach was £36.5 million. However Gonzalo Higuain has a value of £38 million in my game, and he's still at Madrid. What's the highest value you've seen?
  3. New assists record: http://i41.tinypic.com/2ch0pe9.jpg
  4. The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Yeah, my FMRTE is no longer compatible
  5. Tottenham overpowered?

    They are brilliant in my save. Finished 1st in season one, and are top in season two. They just bought Cavani to make things worse!
  6. If he turnS out anywhere near as good as him, you have a player!
  7. Fastest Hat-trick http://i42.tinypic.com/x2sbqd.jpg
  8. See on the records part, does "fastest hattrick" mean shortest time between 1st and 3rd goal, or 3 goals from the start of the game? Cheers
  9. Go On Holiday on Match Day

    Laughed at this.
  10. FM12: Official Rate My Regen Thread

    Reflection, he looks pretty darn special. Those physicals are insane for a 17 year old! Plus, a finishing of 19, heading 19, and composure of 16 (which could all rise further) Insane. Keep us updated on how he performs
  11. gareth bales pace and other gripes

    Pace of 16 is a tad harsh.
  12. Which player is better?

    The second one is easily better.
  13. Beforehand if the other team scored, and you went on holiday while they celebrated, that goal would just vanish. At leas this gets rid of the temptation.