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  1. The English version is talking about first legs, and the Dutch about the away game. The translation for first leg is `heenwedstrijd`. The second leg is `terugwedstrijd`. It's hard to translate one on one but I would go for something like: KEY-296743-M: After narrowly winning the first leg, are [%male#1-you] confident of getting a result in the second leg away to such a tough opponent? STR-1: Na de nipte zege voor in de heenwedstrijd, denk je dat jullie het gaan redden in de terugwedstrijd tegen een tegenstander van dit kaliber?[%male#1-hidden] KEY-296744-M: With a comfortable fi
  2. This is not right. I played the home game and it says 'voor eigen publiek in de uitwedstrijd' which means 'for your own fans in the away game'
  3. It's already better then in the beta, because I don't have to first unselect every checkbox to talk to 1 player. But now after I talk to an individue, the checkboxes are gone. I have to select defenders/midfielders/attackers and then go back to individual, then the checkboxes are back.
  4. In match teamtalk, after I talk to an individue, the select boxes are gone. I have to select defenders/midfielders/attackers and then go back to individue then the selet boxes are back.
  5. Great results! How did you replace Ziyech and Neres? How's Anthony for you? And what system are you playing?
  6. I just finished the first season. I bought this players: Olivier Ntcham (will sell him again, doesn't suit very well), Zaracho and in January Kana. Won the Eredivisie with only 3 loses and 1 draw, was pretty easy even with a lot of rotations. Also won the dutch cup. In the Champions League I was lucky in the groupstages. Finished with the same amount of points as Valencia, but won 1-2 in Spain and lost 0-1 at home against them. Manchester City won the group with 6 wins and Atalanta finished last. In the 1st knock-out round I lost against Benfica.
  7. Anyone playing with Ajax on the winter update? I'm looking to start with them. Anyone has recommendations for a central defender and a defensive midfielder?
  8. wouterb


    I miss this two things in training: - I cannot have players in specific groups for specific training sessions. - I cannot rest players for specific training sessions. Like I want the first 11 to miss the morning session, while the reserves work on ther fysics.
  9. How do you fit Tadic and Ziyech in your teams? Both have only AM as natural position...
  10. Is it possible for teams in the 2nd league (Jong Sparta for example) to get promoted to the KeukenKampioen Divisie in FM 2019? Or is it possible to choose it put my reserve team in the reserves competition?
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