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  1. I'm now halfway through my season and I have slowly risen from abysmal to poor, but I'm not seeing any movement the last 3 matches. On top of that I've slightly underperformed vs. expectations and I'm close to getting fired. I'm starting to seriously wonder is SI needs to take a look at this. Taking over a lower league club means there is often alot of turnover of personnel just before you take it over. I'm finding it extremely difficult to overcome that, not to mention it's just plain irritating.
  2. Thanks, these are good tips. I managed to get our match cohesion up from very poor to poor and it is helping. I have team cohesion on high for training, along with teamwork for tactic training. I realize those might not correlate with match cohesion for sure, but I'm giving it a go. Turns out the team I took over had a ton of new players come in right before I took over the team. I imagine that is part of why our match cohesion was so low.
  3. I'd definitely like to see it added to the game. But it would help if there were more women's leagues around the world.
  4. Thanks for the responses. It seems to underscore that we still don't really understand it. I'll stay on team cohesion for training and I'll try teamwork for match prep. Thanks for that idea.
  5. I'm playing on an iMac. Been playing FM on it for the past few versions. I'm noticing that the referee's whistle to indicate that a ball has gone out of play is being played before the ball actually goes out of play. In some cases it's happening way before the balls goes out of play. For example, a striker receives the ball in the box, turns toward the keeper, "TWEEET", takes a shot, the ball deflects off the keeper's gloves out of bounds. You can imagine that it's a little irritating as rather than watching the play to see what the outcome will be, it's like the game is telling me ahead of time that it will not be a goal. Sometimes the whistle sounds as the shot is being taken, sometimes as it's being deflected out of bounds, but almost never AFTER the ball is actually out of bounds.
  6. I'm a fairly experienced player, but this year's FM has been taking me to the cleaners. I like to play LLM and build squads up to the top. Done it in England, Spain and France, but I've had a terrible time trying to do it in Germany this year. I've been fired twice before December in the first season and I think I'm on my way to a third time. That's never happened before, not even close. In each of the three teams I've tried in the 3rd division in Germany I have had a reasonable tactic, good players across the board and no team drama issues or especially high injury rates. The only indicator that something is wrong with the teams (and it's been true for all three) is that the "match cohesion" indicator on the team dynamics section has been very poor or abysmal. It doesn't seem to get any better as the season goes on and I'm at a loss as to why it is pegged so low. I've only read a few discussions on what contributes to "match cohesion". Seems like people are mostly guessing at this point. Has anyone popped the hood and done any experiments to figure out exactly what affects it? I used to chuckle at people who would make posts that the latest version of FM was simply too hard and they kept getting sacked. Well, now the joke's on me. Clearly I'm missing something in FM18 and I can't figure it out. If anyone has any ideas of what new feature or change it could be (beyond match cohesion), I'd welcome the input. Cheers!
  7. Well, they just changed the costs in the latest update, so clearly there was an issue with that. In addition, apparently there were significant costs that were not being shown. So we were paying to scout players within the packages we purchased, but the game DID NOT tell us that was happening, only when we scouted outside of the package. I don't know if that is still the case with the update today, but it certainly was/is an issue. Maybe you're not understanding the game as well as you thought.
  8. Thanks. I came here just to see if there was an answer on what the scouting changes were for the new update.
  9. I'm playing on an iMac 27", as I have for the last few years of FM. When I do a player comparison I see only about 2/3rds of the attributes side by side, the rest I have to scroll down for, even though there is alot of empty space on the screen (about 1/2 of the screen) below the player comparison data.
  10. 1) Scouting is very poorly explained and has been generally quite irritating to use. What was once one of the most fun and rewarding parts of the game has become something I mostly avoid. I'm hoping you'll not just fix what is already there but that you'll make it more clear how things work. It's surprising how many long-time players (such as myself) are fairly baffled by the new system. 2) The increased information on injuries and injury risks is appreciated. Same with team dynamics. It seems like you've revealed some things that were under the hood and done it in an enjoyable and visually pleasing way. Good job. 3) I wish the 3D match engine looked better. I just don't see any significant steps forward in this area and it seems like it has been promised for so many years. I actually tried FIFA with career manager mode this year first, before purchasing FM 18. They're not there yet, but if they continue to beef up their manager mode it could mean that I'll spend my money on that instead of FM. I hope you'll take the threat of losing people to FIFA manager mode (or some other game) seriously. I realize it's not serious now, but one day it could be, and all you need to stay far ahead of them is to make the matches look better. Much better. FM wins in every other area except that.
  11. THRILLED that the 3D match engine will be on iPad now. Two questions: 1) My only hesitation is about the lack of full 90 minute match viewing. What level of highlights can we watch? 2) Is this the same 3D match engine in FM15 with the motion capture stuff? (I didn't purchase FM15 this year so I'm curious to see the new motion capture imagery) Thanks!
  12. Been saving some up for awhile. I apologize if many of these have already been mentioned, consider this another vote for these changes/features if that is the case. Also, I'm relatively new to the game, only my second year playing, so I may just be unaware of something. Please point that out if this is the case. Thanks! 1) Improved 3D engine. Always first and foremost the thing I care about most. Wider variety of player moves, and all the usual things about defender movement, number of shots on goal vs goals created, etc. 2) Ability to create some customized stats or expand the range of per 90 minute stats. For example Interceptions by itself is not very helpful, but Interceptions per 90 minutes is a much better metric for comparing players who have played very different amounts. I'd also like to see "Goals per shots attempted" and "goals per shots on goal". But really the best thing would be if we had a little formula creator option to mix and match and create simple stats of our own, like a little spreadsheet. 3) Ability to turn off reserve matches from appearing on the heads-up calendar. 4) The ol' corner kick ends up with player in midfield who recycles it back to the corner kicker who is offsides bit. Just doesn't make sense how often it happens with highly skilled professionals. Please reduce substantially. 5) Dribbling balls out of bounds with no opponent anywhere near them. Same as #4, the frequency doesn't make sense with the quality of players and leagues I am seeing. Maybe it's just a matter of the way it is visually depicted in the ME. They look so unskilled, it breaks the illusion of the simulation. 6) The ability to see where goals were scored from in the analysis part of the Team Report section. Not sure if this is a bug or I'm missing something but we see by zone where assists came from, but not the shots that scored the goal. Strange. 7) The ability over time to illuminate hidden attributes. I know this may be a touch controversial, but it's very, very hard to discern some of the hidden attributes just from playing. I think if a player is with the same team for say 5 years perhaps a little window into some of those would be appropriate (1-3, 4-6, 7-9, etc.) or at least a coach's opinion in text about each one. Something. But it seems like the longer you have a player the more you should know about him and your coaches should know about him. I'd like to see this represented in the attribute screen. I know that the hidden attributes add a nice sense of mystery. But as a game player I find it ultimately annoying that I can't ever find them out. And I don't want to resort to an editor. Keeping them somewhat mysterious on a scouting report and then gradually revealing them based on the quality of your coaches, how long they have been on the team, how much they play etc. seems like it would be a nice balance between mystery and satisfying curiosity. And it's a neat reward for sticking with a player long-term - you know what you have in them and what to expect. Also, I don't buy any argument that says "well, there are just some things you never know as a manager". If we can see a player's determination on a scale of 1-20 from scouting him for a single match then we should be able to see his ability to play in big matches after managing him for a few years. There is no purity here, if we have numerical attributes for 36 different technical, mental and physical aspects of a player then we can have them for another 13 aspects. Making those hidden attributes take longer to discover makes sense, but keeping them hidden forever I think makes the game less appealing. For that matter I think some viewable aspects like Influence and Determination would make much more sense as gradually uncovered attributes. 8) The ability to easily save and compile a list of the best 10 goals per season. I've tried the video outputs and the quality is poor and it's unwieldy and time-consuming to do so. I want an easy way to mark a great goal and then be able to refer back to those marked goals later in a season. Maybe call it Top Goals or something and let us watch them with a bowl of popcorn at the end of the season or whenever we like. Kind of a season highlight reel. Make it easy to do interface wise and quick to access and I think alot of managers would use this feature. 9) This may be my own ignorance, but lets us control width by position. If I want my LB/RB to play more narrow and my CM to play wider let me specify that by position. 10) Reduce the number of really dumb throw-ins into the box by players with excellent long throw, anticipation and decision attributes. I am baffled by how often a very good player throws it into the box to a pile of opponents far from any of his teammates. It's not even close to a teammate...makes no sense. Again, may be a visual depiction issue. 11) More customization of the home screen. Let us decide what we want to display there and that goes for ALL of the widgets, not just a few. This has made a big step forward and it can get even better. 12) Add listing of positional ability to team report (natural, accomplished, competent, etc.). The team report has been a great addition to the game, just needs this one addition to make it top notch. 13) Search parameters for players includes the ability to specify "blank". As in: CDs with marking at 14+ or blank, tackling at 14+ or blank. As it is now we have to spend alot of time poring over players with blanks in their attributes and try to eye-ball it. The search is relatively useless as you might miss a great candidate who met all 5 of your search criteria, but 2 of the attributes weren't filled in yet. 14) Adjust club reputation a few times throughout the year. Maybe October, January and May. As it is now, it appears to only shift at the end of a season. I play LLM, so when my team is new to L2 but ripping it up in their first year there, then their reputation should be increased well before the end of the season. Players and fans should take notice. In general it feels like everything shifts a bit late. Players and agents don't seem to hop onto new teams that are soaring in the way that I think they would to some extent. That's about it. Kudos on FM12. Really enjoying it. My favorite additions are probably team report and the way that search conditions stay up for players, but you can tick them active or inactive. It's a little thing but it really makes a difference. Those two and then everything done to make the interface and graphics better. Great job SI!
  13. django_z

    Scouting range issue

    Thanks for the heads up, everyone. I was getting sick of hitting my head against the wall on this one with the board. I'll wait to ask again until our rep goes up or we make Championship.
  14. A couple things: 1) I don't think the game has to be ruined for you in order to make it more appealing to me. 2) I appreciate the theater of the mind that comes from listening to something on radio...but that doesn't mean that sports are going to stop being televised so that the "purity" of the radio experience can be preserved. The same is true with 3D graphics and FM. 3) You are almost assuredly wrong about "never see FIFA 12 style graphics on this game". Just a matter of time. Because if FM doesn't improve their graphics then a competitor will and will match them in the tactical and simulation areas. We see it in almost all video game genres. Competition spurs innovation back and forth. There is no going back. 4) I prefer FM's approach to the simulation side of things and that it works natively on a Mac. But I played FIFA manager for a few years and I would have never considered picking up a copy of FM 11 last year if it didn't have a 3D engine. Now I've become a big fan of FM and I don't want to go back to FIFA manager in the future, but I'm a typical game consumer, I want to see improvement and innovation each year or I don't purchase the next title in a franchise. There are many players just like me. SI are smart folks, they know all of this. Besides, it's called The Beautiful Game, it's a pleasure to see the beauty from time to time.
  15. I will make the decision to purchase FM 13 or 14 almost entirely on the degree to which the 3D engine is improved. I think the rest of the game is in fine shape, so unless they make a leap in that area, why should I spend the money to upgrade?