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  1. Thanks! That seems to have fixed it for me. Course it would be nice if it worked without doing that. Seems like alot of skin issues with FM2020.
  2. Installed 20.2.3 today, cleared the cache, reloaded the skin, etc. - still have the same issue. Looks absolutely awful in fullscreen and crystal clear if I go to window mode and shrink it down to 65% of my screen. Any idea, SI? Anyone working on it?
  3. I'm on High Sierra. I haven't had any sticking or freezing issues, it runs smoothly, it's just being weird about the resolution.
  4. I understand about the star rating, just thought it might be a clue to what was going on and I have seen others mentioning it. System info file attached. Thanks for taking a look. Django_Mac.spx
  5. This is on medium quality and it runs smoothly regardless of the size of the window. I'm a little confused by your response. Are you saying that medium quality is only capable of showing about 1600x1300 resolution and not fullscreen (2560x1440 on my computer)? I've never had this issue with any previous version of FM. I've always just played them fullscreen, but because I was having problems with this year's edition I started playing around with different configurations. Also, I was getting 5 star graphic quality rating on previous version and now it's saying 1 star for FM 2020. Pretty sure something isn't right here.
  6. I've had this problem since I bought the game a week or so ago. None of the updates seem to affect it. I've also tried different skins, and I've cleared my cache multiple times, including after downloading the most recent update. It says I have 1 star for graphics, but I've never had so few stars on previous FMs on this same computer. And if you look at my screenshots, you can see that the graphics look very sharp and clear if I go to windowed mode and make the window about 65% of my screen width. Anything wider than that, including Full Screen mode and the players are pixelated and the signs are hard to read, etc. I can narrow and widen the windowed mode back and forth and the graphics pop from crystal clear to fuzzy and back over and over. I'm happy to include any more info if it would be helpful. My computer: iMac 27" i7 2.93 GHz Radeon HD 5750 The 70% of my screen and 65% of my screen screenshots were taken at the same point in the same match.
  7. Thanks for trying it and reporting back. If anyone from SI is reading this, I'd be happy to post some side by side screencaps of what I'm seeing. I think it might be helpful as you troubleshoot these issues. I'm also in the only getting 1 star camp for 3D graphics, though my computer can definitely be much more than 1 star. Please let me know if I can provide any more info. It's hard playing the game on only 65% of my screen.
  8. I posted almost this same thing about playing on my 27" iMac earlier this week, but never heard back from anyone at SI. I stumbled upon a new clue today, which might help SI fix this. I'd also be interested if this same effect happens for you. I had the game in windowed mode (normally I play full screen), and during a 3D match while it was very pixelated and fuzzy I happened to re-size the window a little bit smaller and suddenly the graphics were super crisp and looked like they did on this same iMac with the last version of FM. I did some experimenting and these are my results: - Windowed mode, any size window of FM that is about 65% of my total screen or smaller and the graphics look great, just as they have for the last few version of FM. Sharp detail, runs smooth, etc. - Anything over 70% of my total screen (doesn't seem to matter if I stretch it taller or wider) and it reverts back to fuzzy, blocky graphics. I can make it change back and forth in the middle of a match as many times as I resize it. - I then went back to fullscreen mode and checked to make sure it was at my iMac's correct screen resolution of 2560x1440. Same as before, in fullscreen it is fuzzy and blocky. - Also, the one star graphic quality rating stays the same throughout. And I have it on medium graphics the whole time. Those never change, but the actual graphics changes dramatically. For now I'll play in windowed mode at about 65% of my total screen, but I sure would like to be able to play in fullscreen mode again.
  9. Yeah, there clearly seems to be an issue where FM isn't recognizing or taking advantage of the graphics card. It isn't just the star rating. I've been playing FM for 8 years and the 3D match looks by far the worst with FM 2020. Something is up. Hope it gets a fix soon, I love playing FM.
  10. I've been playing FM on my iMac (Radeon HD 5750, i7 2.93 GHz) for a few years and it's always looked pretty good in the 3D match engine, but 2020 looks really, really bad. Super pixelated, muddy kind of rendering of the players. I've never seen FM look like this. It recommended low and 1 star settings. I tried going up to medium and it looked even worse. Any ideas of what to do? I'm on the 20.1.4 patch. P.S. I loaded up FM18 and I have 5 stars for graphics on the same computer, and I was playing in high and it looked very good. What happened with FM 2020? I understand that my computer is old, but why did FM 18 look so good on the same computer and FM 20 looks so bad?
  11. I have been playing FM2020 on Stadia this morning and I'm a little shocked that custom views aren't supported. For me that makes the game far less playable. Is there any hope of this coming to the Stadia version soon? If not, I need to ask for a refund. Thanks for the updates.
  12. I'm now halfway through my season and I have slowly risen from abysmal to poor, but I'm not seeing any movement the last 3 matches. On top of that I've slightly underperformed vs. expectations and I'm close to getting fired. I'm starting to seriously wonder is SI needs to take a look at this. Taking over a lower league club means there is often alot of turnover of personnel just before you take it over. I'm finding it extremely difficult to overcome that, not to mention it's just plain irritating.
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