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  1. I'm having so much fun with latest patch, usually i tend to play with other people's tactics but on this new patch i've decided to try my own tactic and built one from scratch, now i don't feel the need of throw in exploits nor corner to win a match and my lone striker is scoring more goals than ever. The only issue i've found (sometimes), on kick off when my team starts the game my player first touch on the ball is to pass it to nowhere or to the side line giving the ball to the opposite side. Thanks for this update SI.
  2. That Italian Young striker Pietro Pellegri! Scoring machine for 10+ years
  3. Yes and i see this as a fantasy youth footballers development thread, not an emulation of a real and talented youth academy development! The researchers in Portugal are doing a bad job for years and SI doesn't care.
  4. The most overrated academy ever, SCP too. FC Porto won 2 youth champions league the B team won the international champions cup, won twice their league. All this fuss with benfica formation is all because Mendes he dictates who and what gets visibility. I feel sad for SI not paying attention to the monopolization of the media in other coountries, doesn't make sense to publish a league with so many flaws. Make FM restricted to Great britain please....
  5. this wc was made to the French side. Pogba foul in the first goal and that penalty happens cause French president was there "watching". Delivered even before it started!
  6. 1-2 for Croatia, Varane/ Brozovic and Rakitic.
  7. Belgium is from another level of quality in every aspects of the game than the other team. Best teamplay of the tournament!
  8. Don't think kane is one of the best players in the world cup just cause most of his goals were from set pieces and penalty kicks but fact is that he's the top scorer. He's far from a complete Forward...Suarez and Cavani are better, Cavani was the best Striker to me he does wonders upfront on a very defensive team. Modric is this WC player, hands down! My XI: GK- Courtois WBL- Laxalt WBR-Pavard CB-Godin CB-Varane DM-Kanté CM-Modric CM-Rakitic AFL- Hazard AFR-Mbappé SC - Cavani
  9. Croatia, plays positive football unlike the french side.
  10. In the end the typical kick and rush football came up after the first 45 min, specially when Croatia started playing well with lots of creativity in the center midfield in the second half and in ET they were the only team working to win. The english team really lacks creativity on the midfield and maturity at the 3 center backs. ofc in fm2019 i bet all of the english players who were in the WC2018 will have godly stats as usual, overrated. rooting for Croatia!
  11. Typical drunk english kid while abroad. They tend to disrespect other cultures sober. Just imagine while under the influence of alcohol or drugs... saturday he'll go home with his national team.
  12. No one but their own fans believes in England to win a WC... unless you´re playing FM even with a championship team selection you can win. overrated lads ^^
  13. its coming Home? LOL home of what? WC champions will be Belgium oofc and and england won't get past quarters! England is and always been that Overrated team every single major competition .... and at the end we all know what happens. gl on top8.
  14. does this tactic works good on the latest patch? ty
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