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  1. hey guys, anyone here knows how to remove or disable the dugout window during a match? i've found it very intrusive. thanks in advance.
  2. There are Portuguese people with that name, not many tho.^^
  3. Thanks for sharing Liam, going to give it a try on my Hertha save.
  4. thanks guys, it's weird after 1 season the spot hasn't been filled yet, perhaps my team doesn't need 1.
  5. Just started a new save on public beta and was trying to hire a Doctor. Can't find a topic here or an option in game to do it. Can anyone help please? thanks.
  6. Considering i've made a lot of changes to the first team 2nd place in the league is good, i'm lacking team cohesion atm and i think that's the cause of some bad performances. I see good potential on the tactic, need to try it in a new save with a better team, don't like to manage top teams. I prefer mid top - sub top clubs. Sharing my half season results. @RDF Tactics Do you play with mentality during a game? I think it may improve results at least when we are managing sub top teams.
  7. Still managing Stuttgart, i also let my AM handle general team training. I'm only doing the individual training part, focusing on tactic roles. Will add SS after half season. ty mate.
  8. i'm having fun with this tactic 3rd in second season on my Stuttgart save, just need to find a good corner setup to get it even better. Nice work @RDF Tactics
  9. @Ivoensousa Hello mate! After winning 3 Bundesliga with Koln, i'm now having fun with Schalke 04 atm, finished 2nd in first season. although haven't tested it on new patch yet. I hope there's no ME changes.
  10. @themario thanks for sharing, this tactic is doing wonders in Bundesliga too. Played first half of the season on holiday only, the other half i took care of the team and won comfortably, also the team is playing nice football.
  11. Thanks for the Skin Bud, I have a small question, how do i decrease the font size or readjust this panel in order to show contract info on player attributes page? thanks in advance.
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