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  1. What a mess. User interface says one thing, developers say another. Bring back sliders I say!
  2. interesting what you say about brazil. Are still thinking of a save in brazil? also have you thought of setting up a feeder club there maybe?
  3. Thanks ozil and axehan. Interesting to understand. I am learning my way around tactics so its interesting to see your approach. Theres a lot to learn. Brazil would be interesting, but I also agree about the lack of top level club competition. Which side would you pick?
  4. Hope to see you carry on posting. This has been superb to follow. Will you think about FM2019 yet? The 4-2-3-1 looks interesting. I love the simplicity. I notice you switched from a Deeplying Forward to Complete Forward. I wondered what's the thinking behind that?
  5. Ozil - following from @denen123s question about centre backs, I notice you've gone for Ball Playing Defenders. What made you go for that change? elsewhere on the forums the role has been criticised a lot for long balls?
  6. Great thread! Theres something very Sir Alex Ferguson about the way you structured the club, developing the academy and the domestic transfer strategy. You were also ahead of the game with Felix as he's one of the best young players in Europe now. Have you thought about trying him in a similar role to real life?
  7. Yea I can see you can swap the wingers. At the moment I have two very similar central midfielders, I want one to hold whilst the other drives forward but I want them to take it in turns. Any ideas??
  8. Hey people, Apologies if this has been covered but I did search and could not see a result. Where has the swap players option gone?? Thanks!
  9. Please could someone post screenshots of Jack Wilshere & Aaron Ramsey? I have not got the demo yet. Much appreciated.
  10. Thank you very much. Has anyone had any thoughts about how to play them both together? I am worried as they seem to be very similar players both suited to the MCa position. Comparing the two, both are excellent on the ball with attributes in terms of first touch, passing, technique, composure, creativity & flair. Both would be very good in high pressing systems with Wilshere having high aggression, bravery, determination & work rate and Ramsey with determination, work rate, natural fitness & stamina. Finally both provide a good goalscoring threat with high off the ball, and composure. Whilst they both have common strengths they also have common weaknesses. Ramsey lacks tackling, anticipation, positioning, bravery and strength as does Wilshere with all bar anticipation and bravery which suggests that the midfield will lack metal, a common theme in midfields of recent years. They also both lack influence so we are lacking a leader. The final issue is a lack of pace which is not a huge problem in midfield however if you decide to push either of them forward then it would take some of the sting out of the attack.
  11. Would somebody mind posting a screenshot of Ramsey and Wilshere's attributes this time round? I have not yet had chance to download the demo but would be interested to see. Thanks!
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