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  1. I've restarted the game just in case but still no way to search staff
  2. I'm in full release and right now I have this problem 4 seasons into my save as I'm now are reputable club who can choose staff instead of being so poor and unknown I stuck with what was given
  3. Ill definitely be doing a Palermo save once a decent lower league Italian system has been made available to download. Hopefully get Cavani in as backroom staff as i go on
  4. Haha, wouldnt suprise me, football manager will probably be renamed football humaner, in order to appease the gender argument lol
  5. yeh just found out from one of my friends, ive never had it before. He isnt a starter so im worried he will be like "i'm not being played due to my sexuality"
  6. Anybody else had this in this years FM, im guesisng its new in this edition as never had it in any of the ones beforehand
  7. I've been trying to learn how to create a team and add kits and logos into the game, i've manged the team, stadium etc, however the kits i have put in are on a white background and the logos i cant seem to get to work, i've put them in the relative folders in my documents/graphics/logos folder but they don't seem to appear. Can anybody help me or direct me to someone who can? Thanks
  8. I cant wait for that either, really looking forward to an 1860 Munich save
  9. Just wondering fi anyone is doing a German league system update? I'm interested in taking on the challenge of 1860 Munich but they are now in the 4th tier of German football
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