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  1. Ill definitely be doing a Palermo save once a decent lower league Italian system has been made available to download. Hopefully get Cavani in as backroom staff as i go on
  2. Haha, wouldnt suprise me, football manager will probably be renamed football humaner, in order to appease the gender argument lol
  3. yeh just found out from one of my friends, ive never had it before. He isnt a starter so im worried he will be like "i'm not being played due to my sexuality"
  4. Anybody else had this in this years FM, im guesisng its new in this edition as never had it in any of the ones beforehand
  5. I've been trying to learn how to create a team and add kits and logos into the game, i've manged the team, stadium etc, however the kits i have put in are on a white background and the logos i cant seem to get to work, i've put them in the relative folders in my documents/graphics/logos folder but they don't seem to appear. Can anybody help me or direct me to someone who can? Thanks
  6. I cant wait for that either, really looking forward to an 1860 Munich save
  7. Just wondering fi anyone is doing a German league system update? I'm interested in taking on the challenge of 1860 Munich but they are now in the 4th tier of German football
  8. This is the save i am really looking forward too. Down to the 4th tier of German football due to the chairman not paying their license. I am hoping for the day somebody unlocks those leagues as playable because i do not have the relevant skill to even attempt it. Anybody else thinking about trying to bring them back into the Bundesliga then challenge Bayern for the title and most importantly... MUNICH BRAGGING RIGHTS?
  9. Starting a French save after reading everything in here. Not 100% sure who to go with... So many appealing options
  10. I agree but i think it has other reasons behind it aswell. Which i cannot say but i miss the good old days of posts every day. Used to skim them every day now its a shame because i rarely see anything new anymore
  11. hey there, good luck in your ebbsfleet save. 1- Dont try to be too difficult in the starting staged, the lower leagues you can easily win with a simple 4-4-2. focus on physicals for the main stats. u really dont need stats in the technical department higher than 10-12 for tht league. 2- It really depends on what positions you need, if you have a young squad maybe bring in some experience, if its experience u have go for youth. try utilise the loan marker, go to your parent club or find one and pick from there, 3- negotiating depends on how badly u want or need a player. if u feel he is the one u need to make your team better be stern but have some wiggle room. i always give myself a limit and work around it. offer as many add ons as u can such as goals for defenders etc. also part time contracts are a god send. use them and the free transfer market. 4- again same as players, u dont need amaizng scouts. simple scouts with 10s in cpa and jpa will suffice 5- if u find it difficult, get your asst manager to do it for you. otherwise concentrate on fitness alot thats what i do in the lower leagues hope this helps. good luck
  12. I love him, he plays beside Letschert in my defence as has recently started starting for holland. I play him as a BPD-Defend.
  13. We usually have great Scandinavian, and now Egyptian talent on these threads. I was wondering if anybody like me had some good young English talent they could recommend. Ive started a Spurs save and im trying to continue the good work by Potts and bring in young English players, Ive earmarked Lewis Cook as a potential signing and also looking at Bentley from Southend as a potentian back up keeper (after Butland of course) Also keeping eye out on Nathaniel Chalobah Anybody else have a few they can name. Thanks Guys
  14. Just started my save now, No transfer budgets, We seem weak in the CDM position so i had to bring in a loan signing for back up to Dier. Also brought in two other loan signings. My staff is stacked and i feel ready for the season ahead. My signings are Gideon Jung, Divock Origi and Julian Green as cover for their respective positions. Only loanees out aswell
  15. Trying to upload Vardy, can someone do it for me, Looks decent. good physicals!
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