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  1. Depends on the version. If it had access to downloading android apps via Google play it can download FM Touch but this will be the version for tablets. You can also play it via Google Stadia
  2. You can also try playing more direct passes so the opposition have less time to get back into their defensive shape. Sometimes works well with hit early crosses. Also consider lowering you LOE to encourage the opposition to move higher up the pitch. Finally, when all else fails you can always deploy the 4-2-4, with four players in the most advanced portion of the pitch it makes it easier to get players into goal scoring opportunities.
  3. Already posted to the bugs forum but club vision can do one.
  4. I've just been sacked for failing to field youth players despite this not being in my club vision at all.
  5. So counter press was a recent addition and I've kept it in as it seems to be really working so far. I've never tried regrouping, mostly because I occasionally like to win the ball higher up the field in transition and start a counter attack as we have the pace. Against bigger teams I will occasionally tell my GK to distribute to centrebacks in order to retain possession and encourage Ajer to try a cheeky ball over the top for my WMs or Joelinton to run onto. Against smaller teams I have tried increasing the width and focusing play through the middle to try and create holes for Olmo and L
  6. Hey dude, can I gatecrash your topic? I'm also doing a fluid counter with Newcastle. My defensive is rock solid thanks to your thread on defending (2nd best in the league!) and on the hunt for Europe and I'm but I'm having trouble when playing teams at home where I am clear favourites. Only PIs are on my WMs. I originally used wingers but wanted them to be more narrow so made them WMs with all the PIs of wingers but sit narrower.
  7. This. It's quite clear the reason why the devs are so reluctant to buff one-on-ones is because defenders reaction times to balls over the top is consistently slow. I'm not even playing with a high line gegenpress. This is the only problem I have with the game as everything else works really well now.
  8. Newcastle don't have the players to play a convincing gegenpress without being hit on the break constantly so thanks to Experienced Defender's thread on defending I settled on this which has worked wonders for me so far defensively and 8th best defensive record in the league. Still a fair number of one-on-ones though. Had a ton of issues with wingers and full backs firing into the side netting and after looking at my team and not seeing much from crossing in the wide areas decided to swap my wingers after Almiron came back from injury. I think it worked...
  9. Don't know if this is a result of the attribute bug but Sean Longstaff has 5 determination in every game I have played so far. I think there is enough evidence to suggest he is a fairly determined player, 12/13 seems about right.
  10. You need to opt-in to the public beta. They seem to be using an updated ME so I think the size might be replacing that code.
  11. What is the training like? Does it incorporate the training from full fat FM or is it the same as FM19 Touch? My only bug bear with last year was seeing players complain about training that was performed under the hood without my input!
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