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  1. Hey Daf, why has Hiltinho never had a call up internationally even for the U21's? He looks more than a good enough prospect to at least make the U21 side.
  2. Now however I can't get the thing to allow me to chose the continetal competition plus my Canadian league as well. It says that there are 0 teams for Canada.
  3. Ahh ok. Thank you very much. New to using the editor for competitions obviously. That solved the problem.
  4. Ok so I figured that out. I was being pretty dumb apparently. Now however the thing can't do math right. I have 16 teams qualifying for a second round and that is fine. But then once I add another knockout stage in it tells me that it has to be divisible by 2 but where I come from 16 is divisible by 2.
  5. I am having trouble setting up a continental competition. I made 2 leagues for Canada as an experiment making all the teams get lots of money and have great facilities so that Canada might one day rule the Footballing world. But I want the clubs to face off against other teams in North America. Here is my problem. Every time that I hit test nation rules it comes up with, "Qualification system uses competitions 'Mexican First Division' but does not contain any rules for it." I have tried everything I can think of but cannot find a way around this. Can someone help please?
  6. With Q.P.R in 2016 a regen of mine who had been on fire all season City offered 32 million but other than that no huge transfer fee's offered. I miss 2010 when I could get double the value of any player I had.
  7. Congratulations Daf that was absolutely amazing comeback.
  8. I ran that then restarted my computer and it ended up working. If you still want the data I can post it though.
  9. Every time that I try to start the game it goes to the point that it is just about to go to the first screen but it wont come up, it just quits before it gets to that screen.
  10. Won all 38 in Scotland with Celtic FM 11, haven't gotten anywhere near that record in FM 12 though, yet I do find it to be easier in some ways.
  11. Congratulations daf, not long now until you are dominating Europe!
  12. Amazing job. I cheered like I would if I had beaten a rival team in a match. Great job!
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