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  1. Marcel Desailly amazingly agreed to join my Sprint/Jeløy team (then in the Norwegian equivalent of League 1) on a three month contract on FM06. He retired in July (the season started in early April), but was an absolute rock at the back in the matches he did play - inspiring my team to go on and win promotion after the fantastic start to the season.
  2. He's been a revelation as a trequartista on my save, directly behind Van Persie/Falcao in a 4-2-3-1 (which is more of a 4-1-1-3-1).
  3. Just finished my second season! My team performed above expectations, to put it mildly - finished 6th in the league, just two points behind 4th place. New signings (screenshot in post #61) Fortonuis, Vida and Capoue did very well, whereas Ince, Fabbrini and most of the other new guys also performed satisfactorily. Very pleased with clinching a Europa League spot in my first season back in the Premier League. League table: Squad - end of season 2014/15: Tactics: Transfers in/out so far in the 2015 summer window:
  4. Thanks! Yeah, I can't really complain about that start, I was expecting to be slaughtered in those games! The season's going quite well so far, I'm in 7th place after 14 matches. Really need to start getting wins instead of draws when at home against weaker opposition, though!
  5. Easy run of fixtures to start off my first season in the Premier League What a baptism of fire!
  6. I've only played the one match v. WBA so far, but he did well - 7.40, I believe! Been decent in pre season as well.
  7. Congratulations on getting promoted! Even though I managed to nick first place in the end, I still felt that my squad was lacking in depth even in the Championship. Thus, I went on a shopping spree after securing promotion (cf. my screenshot above). If I were you, I'd at least replace Bridge, Williams, Guthrie and both forwards. I'd probably get a solid centre back in as well. There are bargains to be had - take a look at the squads of freshly relegated Premier League teams and see if there are any good 'uns who have requested a transfer. In my save, a lot of the better teams were trying to offload players who didn't get much of a look in the previous season, such as Capoué and Guidetti - you might find a bargain this way as well.
  8. Thanks! His creative attributes were decent enough, and he usually did alright as AP - much better than on the wing, at least. Signed him on a two year deal, but he won't play too much in the Premier League. I've spent quite a lot of money on new players since securing promotion, as the squad needed strengthening in pretty much all areas in order to have a fighting chance to stay in the division: Just finished my first match in the Premier League, away to WBA. Had the game wrapped up at 3-1 with 10 minutes to go, but let in two soft goals in the end - still, 3-3 away to a relatively strong WBA isn't too bad for a newly promoted team that has yet to fully gel.
  9. Just finished my first season as Reading manager - managed to sneak first place in the end! Tactics: I was thankfully given a budget of £25m by the board after I secured promotion, which will come in extremely handy. So far, I've brought in Cresswell (Ipswich), Fortounis (Kaiserslautern), Tom Ince (Blackpool) as well as Watford duo Fabbrini and Battocchio. More incomings are likely - I will look to offload Le Fondre and Pogrebnyak after both had a dire season in the Championship, so two new strikers are a must before the season starts.
  10. Started a Reading save a few days ago. I'm currently in February 2014, five points behind league leaders Leicester and with a six point gap down to third placed Blackburn Rovers. Got taken over by Zingarevich in October, who reportedly wanted to install Oleg Blokhin as manager. I luckily managed to keep my job, due to the high squad morale and promising position in the league. Have bought quite a few (David Bentley, Anthony Annan, Billy McKay, Danny Batth, Kieran Trippier, etc.), but my net spend isn't too bad at all, as I managed to shift quite a lot of deadwood. Formation/lineup (4-1-2-2-1 with wingers) : GK: Federici DR: Trippier DC: Batth/Gorkss DC: Pearce DL: Gunter Anchor man: Annan AP: Bentley BBM: Karacan AMR: McAnuff/Kasami AML: Robson-Kanu (had to sell Drenthe after he threw a tantrum when fined one weeks' wages due to a horrific challenge) AF: McKay Philosophy: Balanced Mentality: Control/attacking (depends on the opposition) Team instructions: Hassle opponents, pass into space, work ball into box My star men thus far have been Robson-Kanu, Karacan and Pearce.
  11. If that had happened to me, and the goal had been followed by the "Goooooall! Gooooaall! Gooooall!" commentary, the PC would have gone flying out of the window.
  12. SEASON 2016/2017: Premier League: Winners, second time in a row. Quite amazing considering the numbers of key players that were out injured for quite some time. League Cup: Winners Charity Shield: Winners FA Cup: Knocked out by Sunderland in the 3rd round (!) Champions League: Knocked out by Real Madrid in the QF (1-2 on aggregate) Tactics: GK - DR (Automatic), DC (Defend), DC (Defend), DL (Automatic) - Anchor man (Defend) - BBM (Support) - AMR (Support), AMC/AP (Support), IF (Attack) - Poacher (Attack). Style: Fluid. Strategy: Control/attack. Takeover: Yes, and sadly "local businessman" Tony Bloom edged out the absolutely loaded Chinese consortium who was also interested Investment by the new owners: Nothing at all in the 2016/2017 season, they even scrapped the training facilities upgrade that Levy sanctioned - two months before its completion. Fuming! Got a war chest of a whopping £15m by the generous new owners before the 2017/2018 season, after regularly getting £30-40m by Levy. Don't really need any new players now, but it's still annoying. Some screenshots from the 2016/17 season: League table Squad Transfers in/out
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