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    Been playing the game since the 90's!! Yep, I'm that old! First, it was known at school as "Champ Manager", then it became Football Manager - Now, where has that time gone?
    Lived and worked in the USA for 5 years, but then moved back home to the UK.

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    Professional Project Manager (PMI PMP, Prince2 Practitioner) and also an FA Coaching badge holder


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    Football, football, football, computers and technology, cryptocurrency investment - oh and football!

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    FM20 BETA: Tottenham. FM20: TBC

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  1. I'm unable to manually resize the columns in the Dev Center >> Loan screen. You can click to automatically re-adjust but I'm not able to manually move the columns myself.
  2. I have the same issue and thought it was just me, and only since the NVidia driver update, So I'm gonna give this a go now.....hopefully, it works.
  3. Hi all, Is there a way within the Editor to give yourself a history as a player before you became a Football Manager? Thanks.
  4. I now look to bring in a sports scientist at a lower league team as I've read here somewhere that they help reduce fatigue during the season. (someone might need to reconfirm this) With a low league club and small squad , I'll likely need my players to play a lot of games in a season so I think this position is worth filling. As for under 18s I personally leave this unless I have a good Under 18s team and a good number of players with potential. No point if you don't have a youth team or say just 3 players in the Under 18s. At least that's my view. If I have only 1 or 2 under 18s with decent potential, I'll promote them to the first team and they'll be trained by my first team coaches anyway.
  5. I feel for you after the progress you've made. This is the reason I don't start a long term save in the Beta. Instead I wait until the first patch for the full game is released. Until then I play short term challenges just 1 or 2 season. For example managing a team odds on to get relegated, but keeping them up.
  6. Got a couple of youngsters, now need to wait until they've been at the club for 3 years
  7. Yeah, I'm using the 6 subs to get around it - But I was wondering how Crawley get round this IRL as I'm sure they play with 7 subs on matchdays and so does this restriction/rule affect them? If not, then how come it does in the game?
  8. In my Crawley Town save the starting squad doesn't have anyone "trained at the club for 3-years before they're 21st Birthday". Therefore I have to put a "greyed out" player on the bench to meet the Football League 2 requirements. The question I then have is how do Crawley get round this IRL (In Real Life)?
  9. I think the point being raised is that compared to managing a "big" team in FM18 vs a "big" team in FM19 (Beta), both using SI provided tactics, appears (and I say appears lightly as its still a Beta) that the game could be seen as being easier than previous versions. FM18 played with Dortmund, using a standard tactic with a few tweaks to play out the back finished 8th and ultimately got sacked FM19 (Beta) playing with Dortmund, using a tactic provided by SI (Geganpress) and a couple of tweaks asking the GK to roll out from the back and I'm unbeaten in the league, smashed Bayern 5-0, run in the cup, only lost to Barcelona in the Champions League all season - plus letting my Assistant do training so it's not that I'm making a difference due to this. So for me, it's more of a comparison between the versions of FM, both with a "big" side. So saying to go manage Lower down the league to make it harder isn't the point here - at least my point anyway. Its a comparison between managing the bigger teams compared to previous versions is what I've noticed seems easier (at this time!!) and I've seen the same from watching those on YouTube as well.
  10. I've had a max of 4 first teamers out at the same time from my Dortmund 25 man squad in 6 months, so I just rotate and use my fringe players. Maybe I've got lucky so far :-) Helps me avoid the "I'm not getting enough play time" as well :-)
  11. First of all, I'm just sharing my thoughts and opinions based on this version of FM vs the many earlier versions I've played- and in the past using a standard SI provided tactic I was very rarely successful so had to build my own tactic (often without much success!). This year so far in the beta, I am using a standard provided formation and tweaked one or two instructions such as ask the GK to roll out and not to dive in....and I'm unbeaten in the league heading into January and along the way I beat Bayern Munich 5-0. As I say, I've never experienced this kind or unbeaten run with, even with a big team before and while watching other YouTubers play the beta with the larger teams, it seems the same for them so hence I mentioned my thoughts on this post as I thought it was just me and that I must have been lucky to select a winning standard tactic. I'm not having to change my tactics, adjust my training sessions. I am doing some scouting, rotating the squad and dealing with the media before clicking continue to move along and as a result...I'm on a lengthy unbeaten run. Once the full game comes out I'll be moving lower down the leagues so it may be different, but I can only go by what I'm seeing with this beta save to date. Brilliant game though, I think the look and feel of the game is up there. (And I'm liking the purple! :-) )
  12. I'm glad this post was started because I was thinking the same myself but thought maybe I've just been lucky. I've picked Dortmund, as prefer a bigger team for the BETA and I'm unbeaten in the Bundesliga. I even beat Bayern Munich 5-0 which was amazing. I'm using the Gegenpress with very little tweaks (i.e Roll out to defenders) and my Assistant takes care of training so I'm pretty much just selecting the side with some rotation for those who need to rest. and clicking through the continue button and find myself unbeaten in the league. The two losses this season was against Barcelona in the Champions League. Of course, I love winning, (and this version of the game is flowing really well etc,) but I was wondering if it was just too easy this time around? I used to struggle with previous versions. Also - I watch a few YouTube streamers. Go check them out and you'll see for those managing Man United, Chelsea etc..they're on lengthy unbeaten runs as well which is why a little alarm bell was going off and made me think "hhmmm...seems easy for them as well?" hey maybe I'm some kind of managerial guru though and this is the reason for this unbeaten run in the league for the first half of the year - Although as I say just use the standard tactics with little to no tweaking :-) I'll see where I end up at the end of the season and also as someone suggested let's see how the 2nd season goes. I haven't tried LLM though so I reserve judgment on this. I will be doing that when the full game comes out. Here are my results so far without any real tweaking or training adjustments:
  13. I like this new feature in FM19 that the captain notifies you of a potential issue so you can approach the player "before" it becomes a significant issue and disrupts the changing room. I do though have to think some of the responses are....well...shall we say..... unrealistic? For example, a player of mine was considering asking for a new contract. I then ask him if he has something on his mind. Because I approached him early on about this, his reply is that there's no issue now as I've spoken to him, and holds off the demand for a new contract. I'm thinking of this IRL, and wonder who responds in this way based on the scenario? It's like if I wanted a pay rise at work, and I was thinking about approaching my boss and shared this thought with a friend, he then goes and tells my boss there might be a potential issue. My Boss then comes to talk to me about it only for me to go "You know what, as you've come to me about this Boss, I don't think I'll be asking for that pay rise now...cheers though Boss" I dunno just my thoughts on how realistic the response is in this scenario, as I've seen this a lot in my game.
  14. It's generally to all players and then they all say they are overwhelmed. I was winning which is why i shouted this, telling them to concentrate as it was just a 1 goal lead at the time. One thing I have noticed in FM19 that's worked well is if I am 2 goals up I PRAISE the team and their body language is "Fired up and motivated" so I've used this a few time as and gone on to score another goal or two.
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