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    Lived and worked in the USA for 5 years, but then moved back home to the UK.

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  1. Playing as Tonbridge in the National South and I'm in my first season. I was told to reach the first round of the FA trophy. I made it to the second round but the club say I have failed and are disappointed? is this a bug?
  2. I'd also like to see where the points allocation is worked out.
  3. I'm managing them and I'm currently in 5th and won the Carabo cup (which the board are not bothered about!) Kane has 16 goals in 26 appearances. Son 12 goals in 25 appearances. Bale 11 goals in 26 appearances. Bergwijn is doing well with 15 goals from 19 appearances across all competitions. It's been tough to manage them so far. A tweak in tactics helped put a run together or i would have been SACKED!
  4. Same here. Anyone resolve the issue. I'm starting to give up now.
  5. Unless I'm mistaken the winner of the Sky Bet Championship shouldn't determine the chance of teams playing in next seasons EURO cup?
  6. I've tried searching in the forum to first see if I could find some guidance on this topic but I couldn't see anything. I'm managing in the English League Two. My players are full-time professionals but when I try to sign scouts I can only offer pert-time salaries. Where can I change this, or if it can't be changed, when should I be able to offer full-time contracts to scouts? Many Thanks.
  7. I would like to ask if it's possible to assign your Assistant Manager to setup the corners and free-kicks?
  8. Where would any incentives be shown to get as much revenue to decrease the debt? Have £9m in the bank and I see there is a £2.1m loan outstanding for another 4 years, but I don't recall seeing anything specific about an incentive. Only financial vision in the club vision is to work within the wage budget, which I am "on course" to achieve.
  9. Could someone help me understand this statement? I have a healthy balance (£9,000,000) at Odd in Norway. I've received this comment saying the % retained will reduce even further when I sell more and bring money back into the club? I'm not sure I really get it because wouldn't the % to retain increase if I sold more players?
  10. I'm not sure if I'm reading this correctly, so I'll hold my hand up if I've misunderstood. Why would the board reduce the amount I keep from player sales from 75% "down" to 40% after I have received £8m in sales? Surely if I've brought in £8m of sales and increase the balance, I'd expect the % to increase, aiming for 100%?
  11. Hi all, Is there a way within the Editor to give yourself a history as a player before you became a Football Manager? Thanks.
  12. I now look to bring in a sports scientist at a lower league team as I've read here somewhere that they help reduce fatigue during the season. (someone might need to reconfirm this) With a low league club and small squad , I'll likely need my players to play a lot of games in a season so I think this position is worth filling. As for under 18s I personally leave this unless I have a good Under 18s team and a good number of players with potential. No point if you don't have a youth team or say just 3 players in the Under 18s. At least that's my view. If I h
  13. I feel for you after the progress you've made. This is the reason I don't start a long term save in the Beta. Instead I wait until the first patch for the full game is released. Until then I play short term challenges just 1 or 2 season. For example managing a team odds on to get relegated, but keeping them up.
  14. Got a couple of youngsters, now need to wait until they've been at the club for 3 years
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