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  1. Cheers folks, I'll have a look at training settings today.
  2. The amount of injuries my squad pick up over the season is phenomenal. I'm trying not to think that it's a ploy to have you purchase a magic sponge from the in game store. Disappointed so far.
  3. Is one maybe a tablet whilst the other a phone. Only a suggestion as if I use the iPad its different on the iPhone
  4. Sorted, purchase Siddons setting on the iPad was switched off.
  5. Just purchased the editor for my hand held version. I run the game over my iPhone six and iPad via iCloud saves which work fine. My editor download works fine on my iPhone although can't seem to get it working on the iPad. Both are updated to iOS 8.1.3. and registered to same iTunes account. The store box is greyed out on the iPad whilst it's all ok on the iphone. Any help would be much appreciated
  6. I've now updated both my devices, iPad and iPhone 6 to the same iOS 8.1.1. Everything is working fine now. I can save to icloud and the saved games show up on both devices.
  7. Everything is working fine now that both devices have been updated to same iOS version. Cheers.
  8. iPhone 6 has iOS 8.1.1 whilst iPad has an earlier iOS version. Just downloading iOS 8.1.1 onto iPad just now. Hope this may be the issue. I'll let you know
  9. I'm having same problem. Saves to iCloud no problem although if switching devices from iPad to iPhone the saved game does not show in iCloud saved games. Same iCloud account on both devices.
  10. I seem to have encountered a problem when saving games to iCloud on FM15. Previously on FM14 if I saved a game to iCloud on my iPad i was able to play the same game on my iPhone via iCloud. This time I'm able to save games via iCloud on both devices although saved games on the iPad don't show when trying to play on iPhone same also other way round. Same iCloud account on both devices. Any help appreciated.
  11. Continental with Scotland and England running only.
  12. What do you need to do to get offers from other clubs? I've won the SPL 7 years running and 5 Scottish cups plus 4 League Cups. Qualified for group stages of Champions League four times now but still no other clubs are interested. Anyone else finding this.
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