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  1. Hi My cursor's gone too small and I don't know how to change to it. It's made it so moving across the screen takes forever and you can't really see it on a white background. Thanks Philip
  2. I got pogba for about 100 million pound. He's the highest transfer for me at Man City. I've also spent around that on neymar too. Looking to sign Dybala next from Real Madrid and I imagine that will cost similar
  3. It also helps if you earn trust of the board. I''ve started a save at Man City and they will let me everytime I want even letting me pick the club.
  4. into my third season with Man City. First season won prem and FA cup Second season just won FA cup. Third season been told have to do better but with the team i have then it's fair. GK. Hart/ schmeichel RB. florenzi/ Tripper LB. Alex Sandro/ CB. Stones/ Laporte CB. Mangala/ Otamendi CM defensive kondogbia/ Delpth CM/ Pogba/ Strootman RW Sterling/ Roberts AM de bruyne/ Barkely LW Neymar/ Meyer ST aguero/ Perez (Newcastle striker) Sturridge brought in 20 players including some frees. spent 658 M Sold 17 players for 122M Pogba 105 million Neymar 100M stones florenzi laporte alex sandro. all round 50 million each. They really do give you a lot of money at Manchester City.
  5. Good to see they put in the Stones Sell on fee. That would have helped me for sure but they didn't have that in on the beta
  6. Good luck. I had interest in a lot of players so there are good players in the squad. Bree Mawson especially. Nearer the end of the save James Bree actually become very critical.
  7. During the 2018 2019 season things have gone the way 2018 went. I must have a crazy low points total for the calender year 2018 and it was no surprised that the club sacked me in early January. I couldn't get points against 23rd and 19th at oakwell so the clubs going down. For those that are playing a Barnsley career mode my DOF accepted a a bid of 4.2 million from Burnley for Ryan Williams that could each 5.2 million if he plays 50 league games for the clarets. I tried to bring in real quality in the summer but had to use a lot of loans again because the minimum wage they seemed to want was 15k. Blackburn were listed 18th in the highest wage league. I was 3 million behind them which is crazy when you think about it. I would have liked to continue with Barnsley but once you're sacked in fm for me thats it. Don't try reloading the game and playing again. I will try another Barnsley save on the fm16 at some point but not any time soon.
  8. In my third season and the 2017 2018 season I initially tried to do things differently but I could see early on that the club didn't have the finances. I was getting frustrated in pre season because of this and late on I just reverted to a system that got the club promoted. Lots or loans and some frees. Again I managed to sign former Red Mason Holgate on loan which again I was happy with. I also signed a lot of younger premier league players. For the season it was very much a season of two halves. During the first half of the season things went well and we were competing with most in the division and even up to the half way mark things were going better than I could ever have expected. Our high possession game worked well. During the second half of the season though it couldn't have gone much worse again though. As each game went the confidence seem to lower and then it was getting hard for the team to even have a chance. In the end As for the cups they went okay. We didn't go far in them. 2nd round in the Capital one cup and 4th round in the fa cup getting beat by Arsenal 1-0.
  9. Whilst I said I wanted to build for the future in league one this was very much to get out of league one and give my permanent players another year to improve. I brought in a lot of quality in but with a lack of budget this made it impossible to bring in anyone of quality in permanently. This meant more loan players than I was allow in my match day team during the second half of the season. I was amazed to bring in former Barnsley defender Mason Holgate. During the summer the only player bought for the first team was Junior Hoilett and I didn't even get him. My DOF did the deal and even agreed it. Initially I wasn't happy because he was on twice anyone else in the squad but hes a real bit of proven quality in the team. Come the Winter transfer window it was really quite apart from a couple of squad players coming in. Then come the last day of the transfer window and my DOF soild my number one goalkeeper to Leicester. I scouted a few replacements with Permanent and loans in mind but the figures were too high. Eventually I managed to bring in a Rudd on loan. A really good goalkeeper to get late on in the transfer window and he was a big part of the team winning the league and jpt. In the league it was a great success for the club and apart from one or two blips of 3 or 4 games the league it was a lot better than anyone could imagine. I finished up on 98 points, really wished I could have broken the 100 points mark though. Also it wasn't the only success of the season as Barnsley won the JPT for the first time. I got to the 4th round of the capital one cup and the 3rd round of the FA cup. I beat Gingham 2-1 at Wembley in the jpt final.
  10. First of all I started this save off whilst the game was still in beta, well actually the first day of beta. I've done Barnsley saves on all the FM's I've ever played on but this one felt different from very early on. In this years version I feel the club as a lot of potential to grow and this excited me a lot. I started off by picking the tactics, this was and is my favorite formation and one I've used on the game for a while now 4231 wide. One of the first things I did was send Crowley back to Arsenal. Initially I didn't want to do this but he was 10k a week from Barnsley and didn't leave any budget left to bring in other signings. The season didn't start well in the league as I only picked up 10/11 points up from my first 12 games. At the time I thought about what I was doing wrong. I brought in a few players in during the summer transfer window and most of them were just squad fillers. For the rest of the league season things improved with a few blips on the way and I finished 8th, point of points with 6th. Things could have been so much better though but a loss to Wigan scuppered that. Wigan finished lower midtable with nothing to play with. I was disappointment with not reaching the play offs in season one for me but another season in league one would allow me to build for something special and allow me to progress my young squad in league one rather than the super tough championship.
  11. I'm not using any site apart from word and going into documents. Are you saying i need to upload them to get the link? Also how do I find my best 11 from a season? Can't seem to find.
  12. Could anyone tell me how do I get the links from the screenshots so I can put them in my posts?
  13. Nice one. I started a Barnsley save when the game come out and have so far completed 3 years and i'm in to my fourth. Will post more now I've seen this post tomorrow but I initially struggled in the first season before a good second half of the season and finished 7th. The second season was a lot better for me though.
  14. Sorry but rotherham loaned a lot more than that last season. There isn't a limit of loans from what i can see. Barnsley made yet another loan last week Ivan Toney and are looking at MORE loans before the wondow closes. 8 loans so far this season including Townsend that was made permanent in the summer. They also made 5 loans that would class as u24 (summer transfer window until January) and you can recall players still. Arsenal recalled Daniel Crowley
  15. They broke the rules because they played a player that wasn't registered in time, nothing to do with him been on loan at the New York Stadium.
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