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  1. Okay I gave up with trying to find Kendal so I've gone for: FC United
  2. I agree the thought I might be able to find Kendal in 3 reloads was ridiculously optimistic
  3. Facepalm. Got to the 23rd but instead of saving on the 23rd I continued and saved on the 24th. Back to the beginning we go~!
  4. Is Kendal an unlikely team to get promoted? Probably closest to me but don't want to reload more than about 3 times really so.
  5. Long time lurker here and first time poster but would be interested in giving this ago. Just holidaying to 24th June at the moment.
  6. Also annoying! I just joined greenman gaming hoping to buy it at midnight after seeing they were selling it for £24 about 6 hours ago. I register and its back up to £30 ¬_¬