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  1. Firstly, I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading this thread. Appreciate the efforts the creator and players have brought to this - and the number of updates over each season. I'm looking for a tactic to give some variety to my game play and liked the way the opening post aimed to bring goals from different areas. How are people finding this? I'm greedy and like the idea of strikers, wingers and midfielders contributing to the goal tally, but some of the screenshots show few goals coming from non-strikers. Are there good contributions from across the park? I'm also looking for variety of goals - I'm looking for the holy grail - crosses and threaded through balls, long shots and clever one twos etc. I suspect this is hard to deliver, but for the tactics I've tried, they seem to go one way - so many crosses, but nothing through the middle - long shots due to lack of space, with no headers in sight. It sounds like many of the goals come from crosses here - are people seeing other assist types? Is anyone able to show the goal analysis from the end of the season please? My FM history seems to use narrow tactics, so I have tried using AM's and wide players this year. The number of AM's I have mean changing to a 4-4-2 is a big leap - hence my questions! It will require a big re-build. My last query - I'm a not too well known team who is doing well in the Dutch top flight. My squad is not exactly talented and my annual budget is about £7 mill. Has anyone tested on a lower league team, or a lower rep league. Sadly, I'm not seeing the billions in TV money like the Premiership! I'm not sure the quality of player I can bring in will be good enough for this level. Thanks again.
  2. Anyone still using this? If so, can they let me know what sort of goals are scored? I'm looking for some variety in a tactic, headers from crosses, great through balls etc. I'd like to give this a try, but am on a long term save and would have to completely change my team - so was hoping for some feedback first. Cheers.
  3. Much appreciated - thanks for responding. I've played it a few times, but I have to say I don't have the midfield right yet as I've got a squad to suit my other tactic which only uses DM and AMC's. I might need to play this season out with that tactic and re-build over the summer. The games I did play contained narrow wins over lesser teams and defeats against similar teams. That said - I've only been in the top flight for three seasons and limited money - so in terms of player quality, most teams are better than us. I'm just over performing so far! Thanks again.
  4. Hi there, Are you able to post your squad stats from the end of season. I'd be really interested to see how many goals were scored and by who. My holy grail quest for FM19 tactic is to: 1. Have never used AM's or wide players before. Current tactic has two AM's - but doesn't offer too much variety. No AM here, but wide players, so that's good! 2. No set piece exploits. I'd love to get the DC's scoring from set pieces - but not from any short corner exploit and especially not throw in exploit. 3. Variety of goals - headers from crosses, exciting through balls - the occasional long ball! This seems to cover much of this, hence the interest in your end of season goals scored etc. I'm somewhat committed to the two AM tactic for now, but will try and introduce this and see if it is something worth building my squad on. Excellent post by the way - thanks for your work. Paul
  5. I've used a few Knap tactics in Fm19 - I used the 4312 with a lower league dutch team (that I had already taken to the top division, but was hovering over the relegation zone) - and it dragged us up to 10th and safety - very nice. What I'd like to ask for those who have run a few seasons with this and/or the 442: 1. Do you have a fave tactic based on variety of goals and entertainment? I love to win of course, but I like to see good football and goals via on the ground through balls seem rare. I'm not discounting it could be my quality of players as well. But I'd love to know which tactic you have used that spread the goals and had different ways of scoring. Would the 442 bring both midfielders more into the game for example? 2. I don't really want an overpowered set piece routine. For throw ins in particular. So I'll just set up some mixed ones. Are there any good corner routines that offer a mixture of goals? So a late running midfielder scoring or a towering CD header? I'm greedy and I like a little reality and variety. A real team wouldn't pass every corner short, but aim for a number of routines. I think there was an unplugged version of the 4132 - but it never got a goal for me (again, could be my team). These tactics are superb and the amount of trophies people have won are proof of that. I'm just wondering what tactic has given the most variety of goals and if there were any good set pieces I could learn from that provide different sorts of chances. Keep up the good work. Cheers
  6. @Piperita - let us know how you go with your experiments. I'm interested in the 4312. To be fair, I'm playing an extended Dutch league system and, whilst I'm in the top division now, I'm not sure my team will cope with too much for a while! @tvc15 - that does sound interesting. I tend to look for tactics with 2 strikers, mainly as I like to spread the goals, but also because I struggle to get the AM role working well. Would you consider uploading the tactic so we could take a look please? Any other suggestions out there?
  7. Hi, I know this is subjective - but I'm interested to know what tactic people have used in FM19 and enjoyed the most. I've tried a few and found that, with some, games become predictable - goals are either from crosses or long balls over the top. I so rarely see a through ball along the ground. I suppose I'm looking for a tactic that shares goals amongst the team, has a variety of chances created and doesn't use exploits. For me, I wouldn't find it fun to get a significant portion of goals via throw ins. And I like corners to be varied. I'm not bashing ant tactic or people's style of play. I also know that 'fun' doesn't tend to equate with losing, so I appreciate that a bit of over powered tweaks may need to be involved. But I know that tactic forums are sometimes geared towards winning at all costs - I'm just wondering if there was tactic that you enjoyed, that provided a good variety of goals (and perhaps won the Champs League with Aldershot....) Cheers
  8. Thanks for the reply. I've set up a squad screen that shows all attributes - then used the 'print screen' to export as a webpage - then pasted into Excel. If there is anything easier, I'm all ears! Interesting what you say though - I felt sure bravery could not be changed (certainly not through training - and not sure what else would make it alter) and had doubts about natural fitness. But I am happy to go by a more experienced user! Cheers
  9. Hello, I'm looking to devise a way to track player development in Excel and am pondering how best to do it. I recall many moons ago, a simple programme someone built that used your save game and did it all for you. However, that is way beyond me, so I'll be using Excel. There seems little value in using attributes that just don't change. I seem to recall there were a handful? (natural fitness and bravery perhaps were two?) Can anyone confirm what attributes won't change over time. I'm using FM18 - not sure if anything has changed in FM19. Many thanks, Paul
  10. Hi, Just wondering what set-up people use at the start of the game to get a good competitive transfer market. In the past, I have always used the biggest database and a fair few leagues so I could explore the world looking for future stars. However, in FM18 (still playing) I'm finding that I cannot sell players at much profit, if at all. I'm a newly promoted team, so no-one is on big wages. If I want to buy anyone, I pay full price as a minimum - but I have players worth a few million and I can't move them on for free. Striker worth 4.5 million - £2k a week - 25+ goals for 3 seasons in a row - no-one interested in any bid... I've wondered if the set-up of the game may affect this. I've started a new save, with many leagues, but small database to reduce the numbers of players. I had hoped this would generate more competition - but no real sign of that so far. I watch a number of FM games on You Tube and see others seem to sell on unwanted players quite easily or get big bids for good players. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried general offering, asking players to speak to clubs, offering at unspecified amounts, adding to unwanted lists. I can understand that by trying to move them on, I am perhaps limiting the amount offered - but would still expect some sort of bid! Or if someone does bid for my star players, no matter what I set the asking price to, they bid their value only. I have also thought about reducing the number of leagues to avoid saturation - but don't want to overpower just a few leagues and reduce competition in European tournaments. Any tips?
  11. I'm just getting another expansion which will take me to about 15,000 I think - and whilst this is being filled in European games, league games are not 100% attendance. Haunted1234 - what ticket price do you charge as opposed to the rest of Poland? I suspect it will level out at some point - but I would hope you were at least charging top whack in your own country.
  12. How weird - is that with FM12 or FM13? I suppose Portugal's league standing is around 7th in Europe - so perhaps that helps fuel the rise. But it should be consistent, not just for one team. That said, Croatia isn't one of the better leagues out there.
  13. Hello all, I've noticed an odd situation in FM12 regards ticket and season ticket prices and wonder if this is still the same in FM13? I enjoy playing as an unknown team and trying to work my way up through the leagues. In FM12 my main saves have been in Croatia (Sesvete) and Portugal (Moura). What I've noticed is that as I move towards the top league my ticket prices shoot up much higher than they should. For example: Moura - at the start of the game Moura are in the bottom league (equivalent of a third division) and our ticket price is the 74th highest in Portugal - season ticket price is 58th in the country. Sounds ok. I win the league and get promoted to what would be the second division. My ticket price doubles and is now the sixth highest in the country. Season cost also doubles to the tenth highest. So I am new in the second division, but already charge a higher ticket price than a number of teams in the top flight. I fail to get promoted, but still the ticket price goes up, I'm now charging the 5th highest price in Portugal. I get promoted the next season and now charge the highest rate in Portugal. My first season in the top flight and it costs more to see my team than it does to see Porto... Can you imagine Cardiff having a ticket price higher than Man Utd or Liverpool in their first top flight season? My club rep is of course improving, but not at that rate. My save in Croatia followed the exact same pattern and instantly my ticket price was the highest in the country when I got promoted. Is it a way to try and stop attendances push too high? It doesn't seem to be chairman related - and it just seems that these costs are growing out of synch to the rest of the leagues. Could there be a reason for it, or is it simply an issue? Anyone else notice something similar either in FM12 or FM13? Please note, I'm not grumbling or calling it a game breaker - I'm just interested in the numbers (sad, I know) and flagging it up just in case.
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