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  1. As aforementioned I decided to start my progress thread from about 3 months in, just so as I can get to grips with my squad and what's going on and set myself up for a long, healthy save. As you can see from the results above everything has gone to plan and I have a great strategy and tactic set out in which I can develop the youngsters in my team to fill the gaps as they appear. Outlining my tactic below should give you a small insight into how my team is structured. I have the following team instructions put in place to style my play.
  2. Fresh football manager game, fresh save. Sutton United is my local team (do I support them? not necessarily) so I feel it's only right to have a stab at a youth challenge as I always do but with a team close to home. There's no extensive list of rules to my game, just that I need to develop the club through my youth academy and not sign any player. Backroom staff will be focused on a lot, and I hope to build that up as I build up my continuous intake of youngsters. I'll be starting the progress reports of my players and games after a month or two just so I can properly get into the game and know my focuses which I can then document on here. As it stands my star player is the beast that is, Craig Dundas. Smashing in 21 goals in 20 games this season I can see him smashing the current record by the end of it. However, none of this would have been possible without the master craftsman, Dale Binns. Notching up the vast majority of the assists and after watching him specifically in games, it seems he can take on almost anyone in the league and get past them. Initial Youth Products My first collection of youths is quite impressive, and I have a couple of great little gems to focus on throughout the coming seasons. Yaw Yeboah / Target Man, very agile striker Gareth McVarish / Center of midfield, primary playmaker Adrian Holder / Center back, cover for left back Kris Hamilton / Center back, limited on stats Expect updates from here. I hope you enjoy my career!
  3. Much like what mrdanbartlett said. If you think about it like this, the under-18 team play in the under-18 league, and the reserves in the reserves. Obviously the quality of opponents will therefore be different, so it entirely depends on how capable you think the player is. If you have a particular u18 who is bossing the league perhaps you could move them up for a better quality of play, however this is often a rare exception.
  4. Boy do I love youth challenges.... Mr. Yesayan is looking mighty fine, looking forward to seeing how he develops!
  5. I guess he still has an adequate array of skills to cover his role. I imagine he could still control midfield in the real world for a couple more years.
  6. Prodigy -=- Pre-Season 2012/2013 -=- Middlesborough Pretty much what I expected from pre-season, absolutely smashed the majority of the smaller teams we played and suffered two measly 1-0 defeats to two good teams. Although the performance was adequate, judging by our possession and greater number of shots. It seems we're just lacking a clinical finisher upfront, as Miller isn't really providing the power we need. Hopefully it rectifies itself, if not I shall look into acquiring some new fire power. Player of the Month Marvin Emnes, racking up 3 goals and 4 assists in 5 games. More please Marvin! This said, we seem to have racked up some very inconvenient injuries affecting the majority of our star players Carayol, Emnes, McEachran and Reach. Not quite the start we wanted, but hopefully we will have them back within the next couple of weeks. I can also introduce a new face. Milan Lalkovic will be joining us for the first 3 months of the season as a potentially crucial backup to the injured Emnes and Carayol.
  7. I've attempted to start a career thread before, but soon lost all interest in the save and ended up abandoning the thread. This time around I'm going to really take it slow, focus on every little detail and chart all my progress on this thread. The basics of my save is that I must focus on the youth academy and therefore develop my own players. However this does not necessarily mean I can't sign anybody. All my signings must be under the age of 21 so I can develop and mold them into the exact type of player I need. The Philosophy This is my playing style I like to have quite a free flowing force, with creative midfielders such as Josh McEachran linking up with the fast and skillful inside forwards of either Ledesma, Emnes or the slowly emerging Carayol. At the moment my fullbacks are going to stay quite defensive as I don't have the pacey, technical players that I need to be able to craft chances straight from the defence. With that.. Let's go. First update after pre-season.
  8. Information & Kits | Stadium Details There is a ridiculous amount of local teams on Football Manager for me, so I took a look through them all and after evaluating the general look of each club, including the badge, kits and squads I have finally chosen Colliers Wood United! Based in Wimbledon in the London Borough of Merton, CWU are an English semi-professional football club, currently enrolled in the Combined Counties League Premier Division with their games being played at the Wibbandune Sports Ground. The challenge is simple. No signings. I'll outline some of my regulations further on but as you can guess, this is a youth project and therefore I will be growing my own players from the club and hoping they develop into great players down the line, whether at my club or somewhere else. Fundamentals | No signings to be made whatsoever | All youths with 3* or higher potential must be developed | My backroom staff can be brought in, but must stay permanently Now, onto the players... Team Instructions (keeping it simple, players aren't good enough) I'm struggling in terms of covering of positions, so I'm having to retrain certain players and place them slightly out of position temporarily. The majority of my squad are young so I'm hoping I can still mold them into the style of players I want.
  9. Had a save going with Chelsea using purely youth products (no purchases at all). Decided to bring it to an end in 2016, but here's a couple regens...
  10. Brilliant thread, very inspirational! I had a Chelsea save using only youth intake/current players, managed 3 seasons, came 2nd in the league every season and kept getting to finals/semi's in other competitions and then got sacked at the end of the 3rd. It's a tough job if you're not quite getting the silverware... Keep up the good form!
  11. I get pretty decent performances from Mata as a Trequartista with two inside forwards supporting (Hazard and Moses/Oscar). In case some of you are interested, here are some pictures from my Chelsea game (only using youth, no signings made), in the 3rd season at the moment. Piazon never seemed to get anywhere on any previous games, so I focused on him a lot and third season he's starting to become a regular starter.
  12. Download the updates for the megapack, I've only downloaded 5.1 and that included many youngsters in it (all the Chelsea youth) http://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/download_megapack/changes/29
  13. Love youth challenges. Good luck - I'll be following!
  14. I think it's easiest to grab him at the end of the first season.
  15. The easiest way to get into a game is generally either starting a challenge or by managing your favorite team. I'm really struggling to get into FM at the moment so I've just started a Chelsea save (who I support) and am just doing what the hell I want and winning as much as possible. Or you could opt for challenges, ri916's youth challenge is becoming very popular recently (if you're a fan of the whole youth development aspect) Good luck!
  16. I believe quickness works on Acceleration and Pace, yes. It could possibly just work on Acceleration, and Pace goes up as the player gets older.
  17. He's perfect. His mentals are awesome, work rate, determination, composure, positioning, all more the adequate. Also, his physicals are great as agility and balance make him very useful as a full back. Jumping isn't too important, but I'd definitely suggest specifically focusing on training his jumping and crossing.
  18. Youth Products Bertrand Traoré is one of the biggest prospects of the club, I aim to turn him into a fast and technical left winger. Islam Feruz was poached from Celtic as a youngster, and now has the potential to be the next Wayne Rooney in real life, lets see how his career pans out on FM13. Ruben Loftus-Cheek looks like he could be a Lampard-type player, so I will get him tutored and fine tune him into the perfect playmaker.
  19. My philosophy is to play fast, attractive football (cliched? yes), so I'm looking to play very fluid and have each player contribute to the play. Torres is a little disappointed in terms of attributes, so I'm aiming to be seeping in the youth players (Islam Feruz looks great), and will be playing Sturridge often to inject that bit of pace and skill.
  20. [TABLE][TR][TD] Club Profile Year Founded: 1905 Nation: England Division: Barclays Premier League Nickname: The Blues Rivals: Millwall (Local), Liverpool (Competitive), Arsenal (Local), Queens Park Rangers (Local), Manchester United (Competitive) Club Status: Professional Reputation: Worldwide Finances: Rich Wage Budget: £2.26M p/w Current Wage Total: £1.95M p/w Facilities Stadium Name: Stamford Bridge Built: 1877 Capacity: 41798 (all-seater) Pitch Condition: Perfect Training Facilities: Top Training Facilities Youth Facilities: Top Youth Facilities Manager Contract Appointed: July 14, 2012 Wage: £46,500 Contract Length: 1 year (expires June 2013)[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
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