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  1. That's really weird. If anything I've been seeing it go the other way. The system I built a couple of weeks ago has gone from an average £150 gap to £200 pre-built in the last year. Maybe the prices differ across the country. Long may that last, makes components much better value for me.Sorry to hear the gap is narrowing for you:(
  2. Generally just the big 3, England, Italy, Spain. The furthest I've been on this version is 2023 so maybe I need to play further, or maybe I've just been lucky.
  3. As far as I can see SI said they'd fix it for future versions. Since the next version is out in the next few months it probably isn't worth their while trying to fix this for FM12. Frustrating I know but understandable for a game that's released every 12 months, especially if it needed a patch to sort. I've been lucky enough not to have encountered this problem so far and this was the first I'd heard of it. Sorry to hear you're struggling Clearcut.
  4. Well I suppose it's all down to each person's experience. I've been building systems for a while and In my experience a self build is, without exception, cheaper than the same system pre built.If the OP wants my advice I'd say buy all the components from a bulk supplier online and put it together yourself. If you prefer the convenience of pre-built, just don't go to Currys or similar:D.
  5. I called you a name that's correct. that was because you called me a liar, which I didn't appreciate. If you disagree with me fine, if you think I'm wrong, it's certainly possible, but if you accuse me of lying I will use the language of my choosing in my defence. I am conversing in, I hope, perfectly acceptable language with anyone who expresses a different opinion to myself. What you and Snipergod are trying to do is get other members banned by starting an argument, which is spoiling a good thread, that is what I object to.Anyway, I think it's best I add you to the ignore list so our off topic posts don't take over the whole thread. Don't be offended if I don't reply in future. Thanks.
  6. You might be right, maybe I don't know as much as you about the subject. If that's the case I'll hold my hands up right now, but given that you seem like a trolling cretin I'm going to take a guess that I know more than you about any subject.Please don't troll a good thread. Thanks.
  7. Phew, that's a relief. I hope you don't mind me saying, but that's a very naive view. Every single thing you do online is logged to a greater or lesser degree, hell even your health records are logged and sold to the highest bidder. Organisations that log your data fulfil their legal requirement on transparency (mostly) and absolutely no more than that. Unfortunately EU, and by default British, regulations on data protection are woefully inadequate to the point of being meaningless when large companies are involved. To put it simply, if Steam (Valve) doesn't log and then use/sell as much information as possible about you, without informing you, then it will be the only large retailer in Europe that doesn't. I don't like anyone collecting my data but mostly it's used by services I want, like the NHS, so I accept it because it benefits me. Steam doesn't benefit me, it benefits SI which is why SI want it and I don't.One thing is for sure though, you've no idea what any company is doing with your data, trust me.
  8. Depends where you buy your components from. If you buy expensive components then you obviously won't get it cheaper. It takes a little longer to find cheaper components but you will always find a cheaper system doing it yourself. If you want convenience then go pre-built, but you will always pay more.
  9. Not necessarily cheaper you mean? Believe me, a like for like system is always cheaper if you build it yourself, simply because you aren't paying for someone to build it for you. And the individual components that you fit will have warranties just the same. If a manufacturer says free assembly and/or fitting, they will be adding that to the base price.
  10. As I said before, I respectfully disagree. Licence agreements are different in different countries and legislation is changing all the time. Buying a licence to a product does not automatically entitle you to fewer rights than buying any other product (well maybe in Britain:brock:), therefore analogies to other consumer products apply.
  11. In terms of the technical side of Steam, I think it's actually more intuitive and free of bugs than many of the titles being released by developers. As you say it works well for 99%, for 99% of the time. Strictly in terms of a piece of software I think it's really good. I think the bigger issues are elsewhere.
  12. This is a good thread, with some sensible posters. Please don't turn this into another Milnerpoint has a tantrum thread.While my background isn't in DRM, I do have some knowledge of the wider subject. My opinion is reasonably well informed and well meant so please don't accuse me of making things up you ignorant little *****. Thanks.
  13. Have a look on Ebuyer.com or Aria. Good stuff on there. As for what's compatible, do you mean with the motherboard? If you do, you just need to check on the motherboard specs what cpu's, gpu's etc it supports.
  14. Calm down Milner. I'm sorry my posts seem to upset you so much but I'm pretty sure I'm right. I do, however, realize I'll never convince a zelot such as yourself. I'll live with that if you can live with other people's right to an opinion ok?
  15. Car analogies are useful because most of us can relate to them, as most of us have one, but most consumer products are just as relevant. Without getting too deep into economics, one of the big principles of a free market is; once a product is sold it is the buyers property. Once you start eroding that, buy having post-sale restrictions you will always end up on shaky legal ground, unless you're somewhere like China. And, no one knows what data Steam collects except Steam. I know Some say they don't collect any. I respectfully disagree, at the very least they will collect email addresses and Steam downloads, which can be used for targeted marketing and sale of user data. I very much suspect that most online retailers go further but non of those have software permanently installed on your PC.
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