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  1. Is there a way to alter the training workload levels in order to allow a player to focus more time on his individual focus? My current training levels are 60% normal training, 30% match preparation and 10% individual focus.
  2. I'd like to see the stats on our profiles have more of a bearing in game. For example, if you have a poor 'Hands on approach' stat then the players might complain that you don't spend enough time on the training pitch and become unhappy. Or if you don't sign many players of the same nationality as the league you are playing in, players of that nationality would be more reluctant to sign for your team.
  3. Something that has annoyed me the game is that when taking over at another club during the season, the board don't adjust what they wish to achieve from the season. For example, I've recently taken the Derby job and was 22nd in the Championship in early December. It is now mid-Feb and I am 15th which leaves me looking fairly safe and as such I am proud of my work. However the board and fans are disappointed as we are not a top half team like expected by them before I took the job, which I find unfair and unrealistic. What I am suggesting is that it be implemented into the game that the board would adjust their expectations in such situations to something like expecting you to easily avoid relegation and finish mid-table or similar.
  4. When you become the voice of your crowd, singing chants and giving abuse...then getting a look of blatant 'WTF are you doing?' by anybody who walks in the room!
  5. Indeedly so, I like the sound of that! And I also like an idea on pg 16 about being able to read a clubs fanzine so this inspired me to an idea. I would like to see programmes before the matches, and if you're the home manager you get to write the manager's opinion of todays opponents and your recent form. I would also like to be able to give a press release that isn't an interview, to say things like 'I am really thankful of the fans input recently' and 'You're eagerly anticipating the erby game...' or whatever!
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