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  1. Prefer full FM as the slim version seems to have slimmed too much - e.g. low maximum limit of players that can be loaded (50,000?), can't really feel that 'team building' process (since tactical familiarity starts at 100%)...for some reason I just hate seeing greyed out players.
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if physical copies of FM2017 will be made available for sale in Singapore? Or is this year's game strictly to be purchased from Steam only? Please advise, thank you.
  3. For me, I still prefer the old ME in FM11 and FM12. They just felt more reasonable and natural than the newgen ME (13 onwards). While the newgen ME is surely more polished, I can't figure out any formation or way of playing that gives me solid, consistent results. I watch on comprehensive and tried to analyse why AI scores and my team doesn't, and analysed until I felt paralysed...it is just not fun at all.
  4. I am a long-time user of FM11. Have tried both FM14 and FM15 (about 100+ hours each on both) - their interface and non-ME aspects have been improved, but their ME have 'deteriorated' in the sense that, no matter how you set up your defense (e.g. play as 'Counter', using an anchor man/half-back, full-backs on defensive duties, appropriate marking and closing down), you will still concede lots of goals and there's hardly any clean sheets. These are done by watching each game on 'comprehensive' mode (as suggested by some of the forum members). Hence, I still prefer the previous ME.
  5. This is what I normally do: - Load only the league I am managing in as 'playable' - Load about 15-20 other country's leagues (usually top division only, except for the 'Big 5' European countries, where I load up to the 2nd division) - Load all international players - For the continent which I am playing in, load all players based in that continent and also all players with nationality from that continent - Load all top division players from all other continents I am playing in Asia now, so that comes up to about 125,000 players...about as realistic as it gets.
  6. Because the presentation in FMC is so much cleaner than in FM. And FMC's simplicity - makes the experience less frustrating than the full FM (e.g. where I had to scout a player several times to get his *almost* full stats).
  7. I have a question for the forum - as above. As we all know, the FM of recent years have become more sophisticated and complex - every result can be due to a multitude of reasons, and the AI opponents are much more adept at countering your tactics in each match. Hence I find that when I play FM (I currently play FM14), I tend to feel tense/nervous probably more than 50% of the time (I watch my games on comprehensive), trying to concentrate on each team's tactics and players' behaviours/movement. I also keep a close eye on whether: a. There are any particular AI player(s) who are dangerous, and b. Whether the AI has made any changes to their formation and strategy, and I'll need to counter those So my question is - how do you normally feel when you play FM (particularly during the matches), and how do you manage your own anxiety? Also, as for playing style, I am more of a football manager who tries to create/modify tactics to counteract against the opponent. Are any of you here like this too, or do you put more emphasis on imposing your own style on your opponent, and pay less attention to how the opponent is playing?
  8. I watch on comprehensive - that is usually sufficient for me to observe the tactical plays from both teams.
  9. If there's a Chinese version of FM, that'll be great - I would imagine it would look quite refreshing...
  10. Agree with the above posters - your squad will need some stability (i.e. limited chopping and changing of personnel) so that they'll have a chance to get to know, and learn how to work with each other.
  11. I have clocked over 2,000 hours on FM11 until late this year, but stopped it completely because the game has been getting terribly stale for me... I am playing FM14 now (about 200 hours played), the interface is much smoother and there's more info and player roles which FM11 doesn't have. I am also using the comprehensive mode to study mine and opponent's tactics more closely. It is at times an intense experience as you really need to concentrate on how your players are behaving.
  12. Looking at the comments and screenshots so far, I have to say that Football Manager 2015 looks very tempting...especially for someone who has sworn off Football Manager recently Might give it a go if the current issues are sorted out, e.g. loads of high-scoring matches. Does anyone encounter the following issue(s)? The FM version in parentheses were what I had encountered in past FMs: - Defenders standing like lemons/not tackling as the attackers streak through unchallenged? (FM14) - Is it much more difficult to win away from home? (FM12) - Pass completion rate of computer-generated matches extremely low (e.g. Xavi completing only about 70% of his passes consistently) (FM11, FM12) - Other teams not buying or loaning your transfer-listed players, or players made available for loan? (FM11, FM12, FM14) - Players 'skating' on the surface of the pitch, instead of realistic running/stopping/turning? (FM13) - Players appearing lethargic when they play the game (i.e. seems to playing the game in slow-motion)? (FM14) - Players finding it difficult to increase match fitness, despite a high focus in training for match fitness? (FM12, FM14)
  13. I guess the time has come for me to say goodbye to Football Manager series. I started out playing the football management series back in the CM 92/93 days. I remember that it was easy to manage a team. Sure, there were only commentary but there were no other features that we see today, such as press conferences, the need to tweak your play every match, mind games, etc. A season could be completed in just a couple of days if you sit down and play it. Gradually, the series got more and more complicated. More features were added. Some good, some maybe not so necessary. Matches had more visual impact, first 2D, then 3D. The virtual football world seemed to be getting more and more vibrant. However, that emotional 'connection' with my players seem to get lesser and lesser too. It's a similar case with Pro Evolution Soccer vs. FIFA series. It becomes more difficult to 'feel' anything for my players, other than they being pixels and a bunch of statistics on a computer screen. I understand that every team has its ups and downs throughout a season, or seasons, for that matter. When the game was simpler, it seemed easier to go through the 'thick and thin' with my team. But as the game becomes more complicated, more variables get thrown up, sometimes it just gets very tiring to try to analyse why my team didn't do as well as desired, or why a certain player did not perform up to the required standard. More and more time was spent on the game, as the seasons get slower. No longer can I complete a season in just 2 days. Progressively, it just seem pointless to even play the game. I have been thinking, is it worthwhile to spend my entire life playing a game, trying to win virtual trophies/titles, or would I rather spend that equivalent amount of time trying to make connections with people, experience and learn new things? The choice is becoming more and more obvious. Note that this is not to say that Football Manager isn't a great game. It is. However, there's a feeling telling me to move on, and it has become louder and more persistent over the past couple of years. So I say, thank you, Football Manager, for all the times and memories you have given me. The time has come for me to devote my focus to other more important areas of my life. Hence, goodbye to all, and thank you for all the exchanges we have had since I joined the forum. It has been fun and fruitful and I'll remember them.
  14. Another suggestion: Your squad can only consist of goalkeepers. That means you'll be bringing 11 goalkeepers to the field for every match.
  15. Sounds funny if people (e.g. your board/fans) ask you about your past experience in-game: Board: "So tell me, what was your level of football experience prior to applying for this job?" You: "Well, I am an automatic." Board: "............."
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