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  1. I've tried to loosely follow the very fluid principles set out by Ozil in his threads. Very Fluid, Standard Mentality, High D-line & much more closing down. I don't use any 'on the ball' team instructions as I like my players to use the additional creative freedom given to them by the very fluid option. Regular Tweaks The only PI I give is 'distribute to Centre backs or full backs' for my goalkeeper depending on who is available to receive the ball: Against 2 striker formation = Distribute to Full backs Against 1 striker formation = Distribute to Centre backs If I'm playing against a team without an AM, I may change my CDM to DLP (36 Y/O Xabi Alonso still doing it for me!) I may change my full backs from attack to defend, if I'm playing against a top team with pacy wingers I want to prevent counters I prefer to pick players that will play the way I want and rely on PPMs, rather than use team instructions/individual instructions. (E.G I'll play Barta and Gomez at full back if I'm using FB-D roles, as Moreno and Clyne will still get forward due to their PPMs)
  2. In terms of blocking passing lanes, I'm having a lot of success allowing opposition centre backs to have the ball and closing off all other options. My current set up is below is a hybrid 4312/433 set up. Very fluid, standard or counter Close down more, push up higher, prevent short GK distribution SK(a) FB(a) BPD BPD FB (a) Cm(s) CM(d) b2b APM (a) AF (a) f9(s) My 2 forwards are assigned to man mark the opposition full backs, creating a 433/451 shape in defence. Opposition instructions - never close down, never tight mark on both opposition center backs - always close down and always tight mark on opposition midfield The result - no passing options for opposition defenders who either: A) go long due to lack of ball playing attributes (composite, vision, passing etc.) Gifting possession to my compact organised defence B) carry the ball into midfield, leaving space in behind for my two forwards (who are man marking opposition full backs) to break into when we recover possession. I've used this system 5 times so far with slight tweaks to my full backs (change from attacking to defending depending on opposition) I've rotated Mane and Origi in the advanced forward slot to great effect. Mane especially, starting wide due (to his man marking role) has been fantastic! Cutting inside and getting into the half spaces which are being left by the defenders who we've managed to lure out! Will post some screens and examples this evening which include 11-1and 5-1 wins Vs Newcastle and Chelsea with most of the original LFC team in place. In FM and real life, Centre backs are usually a teams least comfortable/creative players. As the AI begins to chase games by increasing mentality, their centre backs are begining to take risks creating even more opportunities and gaps for me to exploit!