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  1. i like the idea of this, it's interesting to know but I probably don't go to the national team screen much so seeing it in the league would be useful
  2. I agree with you on Asia having potential for improvement, but i also see the same with Africa, if anything i think it's europe and the ameriacas that will start to fall away, obviously not the big teams 40 team World Cup: Featuring: 1 host nation 6 African teams 8 Asian/Oceanian teams 10 European teams 8 American teams 7 playoff teams World Cup Playoff: changes if possible Featuring: 8 African teams - 10 teams 5 Asian/Oceanian teams - 6 teams 10 European teams (reduced to 6 for 2030) - 7 5 American teams - 5
  3. always enjoy your files rusty, just wish CaF got more automatic spots over asia. on the FIFA Rankings their are 207 teams, if you take each region by teams in the top 75 CAF - 14 teams CONMEBOL/Concacaf - 6/9 15 teams Asia/Ocea - 10/0 10 teams just feels Caf get a tough deal when the other regions need to merge to get the amount of strong teams as them also glad you reduced the amount of playoff teams Europe get
  4. tanks for the reply. when in 2024 does this comp start and does this also include not having the below The Saudi-Egyptian Super Cup The Arab Club Champions Cup is also revived as the 2023 King Salman Cup, and continues next season in the same format. The GCC Champions League hasn't been scheduled since cancelled editions in 2016 and 2017 - now that Qatar and its neighbours are on friendly(-ish) terms again, this revives the competition next year. The African Football League
  5. do we disable your concacaf club fix and the club world cup file??
  6. Hi all, Been thinking about starting a new online career save, maybe starting from Monday 27th November using Sunday 26th as a set up day. I have a good computer so will have 6/7 playable leagues loaded and a good selection of others view only, to have a good pool of players, hopefully more variety of players to buy and help selling players. (have run a test holiday save and all seems okay) I'm thinking we not use teams in European competitions in the 1st season, so any team in the selected playable leagues but no transfer window in the 1st season either, gets the game up and running quicker. * looking for reliable players who want to build a team and not necessary buy every wonderkid in the game. *play at a good pace, time to read messages, reply to team issues and do other bits although we will holiday I'm not looking to speed through. (I'd say 2-3 weeks to get through a season) *play 2/3 nights a week Monday & Wednesday or Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 7:00pm - 11pm UK time (Possibly Sunday early evenings occasionally) game loaded 1hr or 30 mins before 7pm continue. *Chat/comms when playing will be via discord. (you'll need discord) Just wanted to gauge if there was any interest, all the above can be discussed, I'm new to organising an online save although have been in a few 2 or so years ago so maybe help from a co-host would be welcome
  7. love this idea, although i prefer if Europe isn't always the dominant continent in these files.
  8. Read this again and just as exciting as the first time, would love to something for fm24
  9. This was a great experiment, loved seeing Jamaica do so well. What happened to Canada??
  10. this sounds good, maybe open the thread in the online careers and game modes thread, more people might see the discussion and show interest, I wouldn't mind joining something this year, i played in one on fm22.I actually made a discord server last year for fm23 but never got round to setting up a game with anyone. t's always hard to find 1) reliable people 2) matching times that suit enough people 3) playing at a speed to suit everyone, id say pre fm22 interactions weren't important but now there is much more with squad harmony, dealing with agents and so fourth which i think makes holidaying so much a bit harder.
  11. anyone yet to see any academies produce any regens??? Clairefontaine???
  12. hi, been looking at your file and not sure if this makes a difference, but i noticed that the Central American Cup was set as extinct and the type was set to domestic cup in the advanced rules its correct though
  13. love your work TMC, for the russian and phoenix files only work if you don't have another file that edits the AFC or the O-League and do you need to load their leagues
  14. Do you have your EDT file to share with no tycoons/sugar daddy
  15. thank you again, your work is A1. look forward to the FM22 iron curtain
  16. Thanks for your reply, just so I'm understanding correctly using France below 1. french clubs will not buy players from russia (USSR) or Serbia (Yugoslavia) ages between 14 and 29/27 but after that age they will? 2. if i only wanted wanted french teams to buy players players from certain continents or regions i would use -1 for the continent/region I didn't want them to buy from? 3. lastly what settings would i have to change if i wanted stop french players leaving france period or they couldn't leave until 25? i tried to improve 2 Caribbean nations with better youth facilities and coaches etc. and although the national teams improve the leagues themselves never improve because the best players leave. and a side question, how does the game work with the bosman rule turned off? what happens at t he end of a players contract?
  17. really interested to see what you do to achieve this, will you show the settings?
  18. unfortunately you are right, I've simulated 100 years and each time it ignores the instructions it just seems to randomly pick the teams that skip through to the final. i like your format i just think it lets to many European teams in, on average 5 extra European teams qualified through the playoffs out of the 9 spots
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