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  1. I've used it in previous game versions to create a player/something in order to bring ageing high salary players right down and free up wage budget. Havent had the same strategy work in 19, but havent played this version much either. havent had a guy with 2 staff roles though, its always a player + something
  2. Might just be me as I have a massive number of custom databases loaded in at the moment, but the netherlands file throws an error, something about 4 teams being promoted. I will add a screenshot later once this career completes setting up, as I said though, may just be me.
  3. yeah, i load everything, its fine as long as you arent playing on a potato
  4. Really poor form not to make this information available up front.
  5. Oh, I generally just have a game with all leagues loaded (not sure about the match engine settings, whatever is default) and play it in the background while I'm doing work. When i next upgrade i will probably end up with the intel anyway, for gaming AMD looks generally behind based on other benchmarking. Was interested in the FM side of things given that its more like a data crunching enterprise application than a game.
  6. So (obviously theoretical to some degree as the intel isn't quite in the shops yet) what do you guys think would be better for this game specifically;, an i9900k or an AMD threadripper variant with a bunch more cores?
  7. You can change it to GBP on the currency dropdown (near the top right) Just bought it and activated it from there as £23.25 was a good deal (dont forget the promo code!)
  8. I hope brazilian teams will be named a bit more creatively than 3 letter abbreviations
  9. So what? I could write some fan fiction about my fav tv show, doesn't mean that anyone wants to read it. Cherry picked information that is anecdotal at best I have a plan to win the euromillions on friday, doesn't mean the numbers will come up Oh, I didn't realise tenure was more important than relevance or market value when it came to creating a product. Better add schoolboy level football into the mix given that the Airdrie Schools Cup is over 130 years old. Don't really understand the push given the quality is atrocious, as evidenced by women's national teams being repeatedly beaten by teenage men's sides. Also, it is a fad, otherwise it would have attained popularity long before now. Just because we disagree on one item, doesn't mean we have to disagree on everything.
  10. The interest isn't there, period. It's a fad for a few people while it's being pushed hard by the likes of the BBC. Turn's out that it's not even that big of a fad. We will see what happens going forward I guess. Yes, I totally forgot about all of those female football forums all over the internet clamouring for a football management game, its exactly what they've been missing out on in life. It's the wrong place to ask regardless, everyone here is more or less an existing customer either past or present, therefore the perspective and context of response is very much within an in-group silo.
  11. Which is also the real reason why it would be "preaching social values" if they were to include it at this time, as anyone with eyes can see that the business motivation doesn't tally.
  12. the ME (whether 2d or 3d) and UI are both core features that this product cannot exist without. Resource will invariably go into them regardless. Women's football is an entirely unnecessary feature, and the judgement for whether it should go in or not really comes down to whether it generates enough sales to cover the investment. My opinion based on the quality of women's football, the attendance levels that despite heavy pushing by the likes of BBC are minimal, is that the interest really isn't there. Therefore it's inclusion wouldn't really generate any benefit to Sigames beyond some weak one-off publicity, a very small handful of additional sales; and in these polarised times would cost them probably more sales than they would gain from people disgusted by the move, as well as ongoing costs involved in maintaining the feature for future releases. That is why they appear to have reasonably set the bar at championship level attendances for this facet of football to be included.
  13. As I said, try discussing the issue rather than make personal attacks. I have already stated my opinion on some of the features that I consider to be in the ballpark of lazy. but you are fixated on attacking me for having an opinion rather than discussing the actual topic at hand.
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