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  1. I think at 36k per week in the 3rd division i would just bin him and use the money on other functions. edit: misread that its p/a
  2. - 64x is having a spectacular effect on the games performance on my computer, and is much welcomed. Wish it had been here years ago (and perhaps the white knight apologist brigade will get off their high horse now about how it wouldnt bring any benefit and couldn't be done). - On the back of having 2 career games running at the moment at 2 very different levels, there is a massive problem with player consistency (imo), and constantly having to change playing systems to get a result, I dont really think that this is realistic as most teams don't necessarily change their playing system seemingly randomly IRL. - Goalkeepers are shockingly bad, and hiding it by coupling it with appalling finishing isn't doing much for the match engine. - Serious effort needs to go into licensing, Brazil in particular is a horror to even just look at in game.
  3. It means that you can only sign 8 players (who are 17 or older) from within China during the season that you are currently in. This also appears to include free transfers btw.
  4. Sadly not. Changing your manager's hair colour, set piece creator, and "much, much more" was somehow the priority over 64x
  5. I try to just have 11 guys for res and 11 for youth and loan the rest out, tends to mean that the 22 remaining get a decent number of games between playing in both the youth and reserve teams, and hopefully the loanees get to play for whoever they are with too
  6. Not really, last time I checked (it was either Fm2015 or 2014) - if I remember correctly FM barely used any Ram, and only about 14% at most of my quad core i7's abilities.
  7. Lets see how quickly the moderators get annoyed by my annual "why not 64x?" comment But first a quick assessment of the advertised features Fine I guess, but not really that bothered by it. Could historically edit teams in anyway, so not sure how this is new other than, I assume, being through the game's front end rather than editor. I have no friends who would want to play this, not even imaginary ones, so it is a redundant feature as far as I'm personally concerned. No value to me other than being able to have a manager with the right colour hair Expected as standard The fewer elements that cause the game to run slower and take longer to get done the better, so wont be using this unless there's a major last-game-of-season-and-i-need-to-win-to-go/stay-up event going on. Has no value to me as I just pick players on their attributes and fitness anyway. Might have some value, but if it's too time consuming I will just ignore it. Expected as standard. Injuries gets tweaked with every release as far as I can tell. Would prefer considerably less press interaction, and preferably some with consequence beyond making a player or 2 unhappy. As per Prozone Match Analysis The layout changes every year, even when it doesn't need to. Why should we get excited about this? Unless it's to do with improved game performance on high end systems, and making use of system resources, and yes (wait for it) ... 64x version of the game (given the system specs advertised on steam we can probably assume there wont be), it's almost a given that if "much much more" isn't awesome enough to headline over the above items then its probably not worth worrying about. Call me disappointed but not surprised. It's really about time that SI left x86 behind and moved with the times. Going purely by this years announced feature list; If I buy FM2016 (and I've bought every release since CM2), it will either be because I'm bored or it is on steam sale, and not because I have any strong desire to play the game.
  8. 61/100, 6/10, 7/10 are all fair scores when you consider the lack of any real technical progress on the game since last year. It has to be said, that you cannot review an annual release in the same way that you would review most other titles as you have to look at what is different, what is better and what is worse, and when you consider some of the issues in the beta which these reviews will have been based on (goalkeepers, anyone?), it feels like a step backwards in terms of simulation. Rather than bemoan and deride the more negative reviews because you personally disagree with them, you should be hoping for SI to step it up a gear despite the lack of competition in this particular gaming niche and come up with a product for 2016 that everyone wants to give a 10/10.
  9. if you bought the game on steam, just click the game in your library and click install.
  10. Or: It needs to be said as SI need to understand that there is a demand for it, which they clearly do not seem to realise at the moment given the response, and belligerently chastising people for stating an opinion on the topic doesn't help anyone. What exactly does this "silence all critics" approach achieve?
  11. feedback for the video: looks like exactly the same game in a slightly different wrapper with probably meaningless changes to match animation (the ambition should be to look as good as fifa, and I suppose this is a start, but do the animation changes actually change how matches play out? I doubt it), manager attribute distribution, and media questions. I like the small efforts at reducing repetition pertaining to having a discussion with disgruntled squad members as a group rather than on a one-to-one basis, more features in FM need to be tuned around the concept of avoiding repetition. I'd like to be able to pick out more positives, but not that much else was covered that captured my imagination. Also, the video looks awkward when miles is staring off into space rather than at the camera while talking about stuff. and still no 64x,
  12. FM 15 features

    looking at the feature list it reads like another year of SI going through the motions rather than aiming for significant technical achievement
  13. The thread topic is "Football Manager - Do we need an overhaul?" Answering along the lines of yes, we do need an overhaul, is therefore hardly off topic by any stretch of the imagination.
  14. Why bother re-releasing exactly the same game every year having not actually did very much to it? how about just releasing a database update for a tenner instead of pretending it's a new product. My comment was about the game in general, not specifically CA/PA display. Clearly my wording is far too obtuse for these parts. Actually, maybe the CA/PA system is part of what has turned this game into a bore-fest, and should be revisted, and perhaps you should take off the rose tinted glasses.
  15. No idea if I will even buy the next one, especially if its just same-old, same-old