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  1. Thanks to Bob and Jean-Luc for those tips! March is usually a good time for me to get away, so those dates for games that may be possible to get tickets to is very helpful also! Stunning work from Timbo to come 4th in your second season- I suspect you'll know have Freedom of the City and the fans will already be campaigning for a stand to have its name changed in honour of your achievement! Good to see a fair few people getting stuck in and having a go as the Lilies!
  2. Good to see how everyone is progressing with Darmstadt. I'll definitely be returning to manage them in the future, but I'm currently still trying to get a grip on tactics over in West London, in charge of QPR. Jean-Luc: sensational, if costly, purchase of Hector! Good to see you stay up ( but the skin of your teeth), and hopefully you can build a team that looks up rather than down the table. I suppose the German Cup gives Darmstadt their only possible run on silverware for the immediate future. How's everyone progressing in that? I think I suffered the pain of going out to a second or third tier side! Also pleased to see Jungwerth getting some love. Versatile at either RB or as a holding midfielder and one of the most consistent performers for me during a terrible season. And one of the few defensive players who didn't pick up a mountain of yellow or red cards! Diaz was particularly bad for getting sent off. Also, thanks to this thread I have been keeping an eye out on how the real Darmstadt have been progressing. Obviously they are currently doing exceedingly well to be in 13th but it is all a bit tight down the bottom! I'm definitely considering getting over to a Darmstadt game before the season is out. Fortunately it Is always pretty cheap to fly from the UK out to Germany, and having seen Köln and Düsseldorf last season, Darmstadt are the team I've got my eye on this year. I hope they stay up, but if they do go down we might not see them back in the Bundesliga for a good while so it would be nice if I could experience them in their wonderfully decrepit stadium playing Bundesliga football before it's too late!
  3. Obviously I was only in the Manager's Office for half a season before I was unceremoniously dumped but I'm still following this with interest. I think the hardest aspect of being the Darmstadt gaffer is that you just don't have one stand out player at all to rely on. Sure, there are some good footballers, but if you look at all the other struggling clubs they have at least one proven player who can carry the side. Köln, who seem to struggle in most people games, have a German international in Hector, for example, and Timo Horn in net. (although, that said, Darmstadt did draw with Köln in a stale 0-0 last night!) Getting in someone like Vardy as Georgey has done is probably a very shrewd piece of business. I wonder how long you believe you will be a 'avoid relegation' club before you can establish yourself and push for mid table, a cup run or even a UEFA Cup berth? Personally, To be perfectly honest, FM16 is a big step up for me from FM13 and I still haven't got my head around building a tactic at all. I think I'm going to chance my luck away from Darmstadt in one of the Low Countries lower leagues to test around a bit, and providing I don't get too attached to some nondescript Belgian or Dutch team come back invigorated to try to keep Darmstadt up! As I said, I shall still be following this with interest in the mean time!
  4. Well, I'm in a bit of a Football Manager predicament. Having pretty much mirrored the real Darmstadt coming into the Christmas break I managed to go on a God awful run which has left us second bottom, but five points behind Cologne, after 22 games. A run of 9 (nine!) defeats on the bounce clearly isn't much to write home about but to be sacked after a board meeting came a little bit unexpectedly. It really was a matter of 1 step forward, 2 steps back as I felt we were getting closer and closer to returning to winning ways with an unlucky 1-0 loss, but then we would get pumped 3 or 4 nill and I'd be back scratching my head. So not the glorious start I had in mind when I started! And it has left me wondering If I should disapear to somewhere else in the world of FM to gen up on tactics and the like or make an immediate restart with the Lilies. If I am to restart I probably won't spend the majority of my budget bringing in English journeyman Matty Taylor again... Well done to Georgey though for a nail biting, but successful, finale! And I agree with all of you who have pointed out the depth, presentation and attention to detail that Jean-Luc has put into creating a fascinating and readable guide to managing Darmstadt. His love for the club clearly shines through, and it is good to read about these small, unfashionable clubs from different countries who have very interesting backstories.
  5. Progressed just past where the real Bundesliga is at present so I suppose it might be interesting to pit the real Darmstadt with my Darmstadt 2.0: Played---Won---Drawn---Lost---Scored---Conceded---Goal Difference---Points Real Darmstadt: Position: 13 13 3 5 5 14 19 -5 14 Darmstadt 2.0: Position: 12 13 3 5 5 15 19 -4 14 So, virtually identically except I have scored one more goal and a position higher. Fixtures in game aren't the same as the real ones sadly but we've mostly played the same teams, all be it in a different order, so it is a fair reflection. The real table of Hoffenheim & Augsburg (suffering the dreaded 'second season syndrome' perhaps?) at the bottom on 8 & 9 points respectively is replaced in game with Hannover bottom on 6 points with Augsburg on 9- although I have a crucial game in hand on both. As you can see, it is still very close down the bottom so I doubt I will be able to drag myself much further away from relegation than where I am at the moment, and in reality expect to be right on top of that relegation playoff place!
  6. After Jean-Luc pointed me in the direction of this Darmstadt challenge on the 'What Team Should I Be' thread I thought it only polite to give an early season update of my gloriously inconsistent, tactically naive, but ultimately highly enjoyable save as the Lillies. 8 games in I sit second bottom with 5 points. 1 win, 2 draws, and 5 defeats. Our goal difference of minus 8 is the worst in the league with the damage being principally done by an average TSG 1899 Hoffenheim who managed to overpower us in two short, deadly 5 minute bursts. And also by early league leaders Eintract Frankfurt who smashed us 4 zip. Other than that we've salvaged a few scrappy 1-1s as well as a 2-0 win. To be honest we don't look like scoring but by and large (despite our goal difference!) look relatively solid as a unit at the back. Opposition goals have unfortunately come more through individual player errors than a systematic tactical problem (at least that's what I think!). Two read cards probably doesn't help either. Setting up the side I've either used a slightly modified formation that Jean-Luc suggested but with a defensive midfielder instead of two central midfielders or a 4-1-2-3-0 with a SS being my most advanced player as he tries to play in the wingers on the counter or get on the end of their whipped cross when a long ball to the flanks lets them break out. I've actually set us up to be a fairly 'fluid' outfit- not sure if this is particularly the 'Darmstadt' way but I've been relatively happy with how its going. Goal scoring is clearly a problem but with the press suggesting that 35 points is historically enough, I just need to find a run of form where we take advantage of our chances then defend well as a whole. As an aside- we have made the 2nd most tackles in the league with the highest number of fouls also. Indeed, I think we are close to a 2:1 ratio of tackles to fouls! Yellow cards mounting up but the odd suspension probably isn't the worst thing in the world as I can't seem to keep all my CDM and Full backs happy! Jérôme Gondorf has been my stand-out player so far as he puts in some excellent passes and generally mops up as much as he can in front of the back four. A very long way to go to stay up seeing as we are often inconsistent against the teams around us but lets hope I can do it!
  7. FM16: What Team Should I Be?

    Many thanks for the suggestions Jogo- another three teams I'd barely heard of, let alone considered to manage but, from a cursory look all interesting clubs. It seems Paris FC are currently struggling, whilst Red Star and Creteil are in mid table. I intend to start later this evening with these suggestions being very helpful in determining my future managerial prospects! Much obliged.
  8. FM16: What Team Should I Be?

    Thankyou for the suggestion Phenomenon. I've heard of Real Oviedo/Carlos Slim/Chris Darwin of 'We are the Managers' fame etc. but hadn't actually considered managing them! So it may well be an obvious suggestion, but not one I'd thought about. They, alongside Darmstadt, enter the shortlist. Merci!
  9. FM16: What Team Should I Be?

    Thanks Jean-Luc for your reply, I'll certainly add Darmstadt to my shortlist. You've done an excellent job with that thread, and die Lilien certainly seem an interesting club! My only issue is that they are a top tier club but, as you point out, they are a touch different from the norm. As a bit of a teutophile I'm surprised that I have very rarely managed in Germany on any incarnation of Football Manager so, as I say, Darmstadt are one to consider!
  10. FM16: What Team Should I Be?

    Good afternoon, I have just made the step up from FM13 to 16 and am struggling- all be it a joyful struggle- with the myriad of options, settings and tactical advancements. Had a test run (although it wasn't meant to be a test!) with Whitehawk of Conference South fame and woefully under-performed with a side tasked by the board to make the playoffs. So looking to get going again; previously I have kept mainly to one club but would quite like to ping around Europe a bit. Nation:European, but not England Division:2nd tier and beyond, unless there is a compelling reason to take a top tier side. Don't mind going to Europe's backwaters but would prefer if the club were professional. European Competition: N/A Media Prediction: Board Expectation(s):Avoid relegation Transfer Budget:Not overly bothered with this Wage Budget: Ideally a little wriggle room to get a few chaps in Finances:I'd quite like a debt-free club, but I could possibly tolerate a small loss. Other: As I've said, I'd like to find a team with literally zero expectations where I can tinker and trial at my leisure whilst plotting future moves up the managerial food chain towards managerial greatness (or perhaps just a League Cup). Hope someone out there who can give me a suggestion or two. Many thanks.
  11. Come on the Hillians! not sure about the shift from Yellow and Black to Green and black though!
  12. Icelandic league

    Strangely enough I've just started myself in the Second Division of Icelandic football as Vikingur O. Confusingly there is a Vikingur from Olafsvik (My team) and one from the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. Short season of only 22 games plus Cup so should be a nice break from my English League saves where the seasons are long and, especially in League One and Championship, many teams are fighting it out for promotion. I'm an incredibly average manager so I'm not expecting promotion any time soon but this is the kind of league where one key player should be able to make the difference! Good luck Martin.
  13. While a 20/20 ratio is clearly very good and rare, due to the points Scab outlined, it has to be remembered that assists are not weighted as highly in football as they are in American sports therefore it is conceivable to prefer a 25/10 ratio if you are creating the same kind of chances, and therefore goals, throughout. I'd probably keep him though. 20/20 is unreal. Oh, and that be my first post on these shores. Well I be damned.