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  1. Really looking forward to the release of this. Just curious about one thing. Not suggesting you should or shouldn't it's your build, I'm just interested in your plans. Have you done anything re prize/TV money in the leagues, either reducing or increasing it to be a more level playing field or are you just leaving it as the game default amounts. (Sorry if you have stated this already and I've missed it.)
  2. I can do that myself I think. Just wanted to see if it is possible before I start messing.
  3. Thought as much. Looking at the file I presume the players for the drafts are taken from the ADL league? Is it possible to make this playable without disrupting the file?
  4. This is brilliant. Can you change things with regards to salary cap and the number of rounds in the draft or are they both hardcoded?
  5. I'm trying to create a end of season super cup which has the winners of their respective leagues of that season playing each other. It keeps pulling through the previous winners though even though the dates are set for it to take this seasons winners. Anyone have any idea of that to make it pick this seasons winners instead of last seasons winners? Hope that make sense. Cheers
  6. Thank you for the response. This is what I'm after. If this is possible I'll be buying the game.
  7. For me it's about creating a new custom league from scratch with the draft etc rather than expanding the current league. If that's not available then I'll leave the game this year.
  8. Every year the main disappoint editing wise is that it is not possible to create a custom MLS league complete with draft. Is this possible this year?
  9. Any chance you could put the records for each league, most titles, highest average attendance etc, not for each year obviously just the all time records.
  10. I've been trying to figure this for years. I've got a file with the NFL teams and NCAA teams (plus a few more. All the colours, stadiums (based on the Amercian Football sides) with capacity etc if you want to use that? I have it for 2012, I updated it for 2013 but don't know how perfect it has transferred.
  11. I want to create a league where the teams buy players from an lower level feeder league rather than have a youth intake. Is there any way in stopping certain clubs/leagues from producing regens?
  12. I can't give you a guaranteed answer but try this, it seems to work for me(at the moment anyway). Make whatever data amendments you want to do save as usual. Go to start a full fat game. Tick the countries you want to use. Now instead of continuing go to quit back to start screen. Go to the classic menu and they should be there ready for you to pick. Complete accident that I stumbled on to this. Hopefully this will work. I was very disappointed when I heard you couldn't transfer your own data. Now just the problem of being able to only select 3 countries. If its a bug then they can leave it in. (If it works of course)
  13. I was under the impression that you couldn't use created/amended data so I was very surprised to see that it looks like you can! I have only just discovered this and haven't tested it long term yet but I've managed to create my own MLS and added the NASL including under 21s and18s. I've just added Paraguay to see if you can add unplayable nations. Here is the screenshot (excuse the quality I'm on the ipad and took a picture from that) As I say it hasn't been tested long term. I'm holidaying it now. It may well crash at anytime but fingers crossed. Apologies if this common knowledge but as far as I know it isn't. Anyone else found this?
  14. I want to know this as well. I think it's a deal breaker whether I get the game or not. Their silence/denial of knowledge of the editor status doesn't bode well though. If they get rid of the editor then it'll be the end of me buying the game sadly.
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