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  1. Gonna give this a try, currently just taken over Norwich in BPL in 2024/25 and have players suited to this but not had much joy with 4-2-3-1 on 16. Can I just ask....... Are wingers left foot on left and right foot on right?
  2. Defending ok, have training on defensive positioning when tactic is fluid. My RB Andy Yiadom was with me in league 2. Halfway through season in league one he has a 7.87 rating and 14 assists. Both are best in the league. He hasn't played every game either, I play mark Vermij (sp) sometimes.
  3. I'm doing a journeyman save, currently with Bristol Rovers. I plugged it in end of season with 4 games to go when I was on a losing streak, won the 4 remaining games and finished 3rd to get auto promotion from league 2. Now in league 1, I'm top at Xmas and on a 14 game un-beaten streak having been tipped to go straight back down. In league 2 we were tipped for mid table obscurity so it's performing above and way beyond expectations. Cheers Powello
  4. Can't believe this thread isn't getting more feedback. I'm risking the kiss of death here but it's been brilliant for my lower league and Spurs save
  5. Had amazing success with Tianxia V2 with less TI's. Got my unfancied Boston promoted losing only 3 games. 2 of which were with lots of kids after we won the league. Took over as Boston gaffer halfway through season 1 and plugged in tactic with about 10 games left of first season. Only lost 6 league games in the 50 or so I used it in. Not in front of game now so can't give exact stats, but loving it with Boston. However........ Cannot get it working with my Spurs save. Really struggling and keep losing to the odd chance I concede and I'm really struggling to score goals. Tried plugging it in halfway through my second season as spurs manager and because of the poor results thought I'd start a new spurs save and use it from pre season. Still no success. Thought it would work well with spurs. Odd thing is, it works well with Boston with square pegs in round holes, but with spurs, and the right players in the right roles, it's really not working!!!!!
  6. Is The Current FM and FM 16 compatible with the new Windows 10? I assume it will be but want to check before installing it! Thanks
  7. I've never been able to get Marquinhos for 3.5 mill
  8. You've already got one. Patrick Roberts is awesome there, have him at spurs in season 3 and also my 1st choice for England. In my Norwich save Murphy is also quality but maybe more than your budget. Panel savitsky (sp) Dorian rotariu R Kishna All good options too
  9. Looks ideal for spurs to try and get best out of Mason and Bentaleb. Eriksen should thrive in the AM slot and am gonna try lamela as the F9. Will let you know how I get on.
  10. On it like a car bonnet. Not started so well with v1 as norwich, 1st season so will see if this helps.
  11. Loving this thread, finally caught up. Loving your insistence on sticking to the same formation. Too many people change depending on teams and countries they play in and players they use.
  12. Just playing devils advocate here.... People who are getting more injuries since the update are being blamed for not managing their squad properly. I think that's a bit harsh tbf. I doubt, since the patch, people are suddenly managing their squads so differently to pre patch when they were getting less injuries. It's the update that's "caused" the "excessive" injuries, not the way people are playing the game if they didn't have so many injuries before.
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