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  1. You sold McShane, Chester and Rosenior, just ripped the heart of our club out! I fully appreciate you needed to take City to the next level but selling those three would be heart breaking for any Hull City fan! I may start a game with them myself. I haven't really had a good save with them this year, I had a great save with them last year and built the team around Huddlestone in a DM role and went on to win the league. I have found it hard this year with them, I can normally keep them up but struggle in the second season to build on it. I have no doubt I will load a game up in the coming days now I know we have a thread for the mighty City! CTID.
  2. Having had him with my MK Dons side for 15 months i felt his best position was MC, i felt with AMC he didn't get the ball enough and wouldn't dictate the play or the tempo of the side. I set him as a roaming playmaker and made sure he had the freedom to do what he wanted. I also didn't make him press the opposition much either, so i basically took all defensive duties off him. We won the title and pretty much down to him.
  3. Has anyone gone for Hull City? If not i would be quite happy to do it...
  4. Nation: Any whatsoever... Division: Top 3 Tiers European Competition: None Media Prediction: Mid table but could achieve better. Board Expectation(s): None Transfer Budget: None Wage Budget: Some Finances: Decent Other: Anything.... Difficulty: I don't want an impossible game, something that might be quite easy short term but will take a while to get to the very top.
  5. Just going to load up a new save with them myself. I play with them every year so will be great if we have a very busy thread next year!
  6. Having had a great save with these for the last three years i felt it was about time i tried them this year. I have gone with a 4-2-3-1 with Inler and Behrami in front of the centre backs. Its not really a back four as the two full backs are going to be more wing backs as i want them to get forward as much as possible. Hamsik is clearly behind Higuain, on the wing i have bought Griezmann in as i have always wanted to manage him and he looks class. The idea is to be anti-Italian, very attacking, very quick tempo, a little bit direct, lots of pressure and hassling. The way i like it.
  7. Trying Hull on the latest update myself so that i have the new signings, looking at it i am tempted to go with a 4-3-1-2 with Aluko behind the front two with Huddlestone, Livermore and Meyler, it seems to solve the issue of not linking attack and defence. Other than that i might try the 3-5-2 but never really had it work well in FM.
  8. I was so close to starting with them the other day....... Its the only Basque players that put me off but i suppose thats the whole point of the challenge!
  9. Nation: Europe Division: Top Division European Competition: Not Bothered. Media Prediction: Don't care Board Expectation(s): Rebuild or get into Europe. Transfer Budget: Something to use. Wage Budget: Soom room to manouvre Finances: Good conditions. Other: I don't have a great deal of time for FM these days so i want a game where i am starting in the top division, i want a club similar stature to Newcastle. I would prefer one not in England but some other European country. All ideas welcome!
  10. Well done mate, decided to go back to this game given our success in real life recently. My last season with Hull City saw me gain an unprecedented double. Premier League and Europa League titles. This summer though has seen far more transfers than i thought, mainly as my squad was very small last year and it was the lowest points total to win the PL in its history so i got lucky. This year will be far harder, made even harder as Will Hughes wanted out. I managed to get 40M for him and bought JWP for 10M to replace him and Quintero for 18m to provide competition. I've brought in tons of regens so i will run through my squad later on. What system are you using? Just saw your system, like it a lot suits our squad at the start well. However i just can't find a way to make the most of my AMCs and have wingers.
  11. Finances are okay in the sense you start with a decent balance but with Zigic taking up 60k wages and him refusing to move i am really struggling. I refuse to spend more than 8k per week on any players to keep my finances in order, so its a struggle to sign anyone. I am probably going to lose about 6m a season without getting promotion. With Zigic gone i should be able to balance the books. With regards to the take over, i have had three embargo's in place with regards to takeovers but none have gone through. One including Adam Pearson who is someone who has been brilliant with my club in real life in the past so would of loved him to be involved. I can see why, don't get me wrong not a huge fan of them at times but i just thought it would be a good challenge before i go take on a League Two side. Mid Season Update So here we go with my mid season update. Well i didn't mention my system but i will be using a sort of 4-2-3-1. With my Specter and Shinnie as the CM's who will just look to sit in front of the back four and spray the ball out to the two wingers or the AMC so we can break quickly. I won't be playing directly but i will be using a fairly high tempo as i want the front four as i call them to press the opposition quite high up. Lets hope it works well. The League and Cups League Table As you can see i am delighted with my performance in the league, we are predicted to finish 18th so where i am currently is excellent. We have had a bit of a down spell recently, losing two games at the beginning of January and now losing to Derby has set me back. As most of the teams around me have dropped points to and i have missed a lot of opportunities to go into the top two which is very frustrating. However despite the poor form currently i still have a great chance of gaining promotion. I still don't think we are ready for promotion but we need the financial boost that goes with it. My next game is against Watford away if i could get something out of that it would really give me a boost. Well the League Cup was a bit of a washout losing in the second round to Crawley was annoying. The FA Cup has gone a bit better, i drew Arsenal in the first round. The first match was a 0-0 with Arsenal dominating but we hung on. The second game was 0-0, and despite numerous chances we couldn't put them away. Then after another goalless extra time we went to penalties where we won. We got Crystal Palace at home in the next round and we performed brilliantly to win 3-2. In the 6th round we play league two Hartlepool so we have a great chance of going through. Player Performance Well with our outstanding position there have been many highlights. The first is Jake Cassidy on loan from League One Wolves his 16 goals in 24 games have been vital and see him in third place in the goalscoring charts. Chris Burke's 12 assists see him top of the assists charts with Brian Howard on 5 from the bench most of the time. Scott Allan and Shane Ferguson on loan have been excellent. The highlight has been how well Keane and Bartley at the back have performed they have been my mainstay throughout and they also have 6 goals each in the league. Things have gone well, however in January i lost Michael Keane to injury for 6 months, Scott Allan for 5 months and Ferguson for two months. Despite trying i couldn't bring anyone in on my budget until the last day of the season. Even then it was only Casseti a former Watford and Udinese man on a free transfer. He scored 12 minutes into his debut was off thirty minutes into it injured. Typical. The first half has gone well and i know i am overachieving but i want at least the play offs now. Next season i will be Zigic less and will have a lot more money to play with even if i don't go up. So wish me luck.
  12. Well first of all i would like to say hello to everyone here, first time posting in this thread and hopefully i shall be sticking around for a long while. After playing a Hull City save (my club) since the game was released i felt that it was time to move on from them after getting a bit bored of the save and winning most things. So i decided to start a new save, i had an eye on a few teams who i fancy a go with but i decided in the end to go with Birmingham. The idea of the challenge is there squad is very average and they don't have great finances which is the main reason i chose them. I would like to go through a bit of how i am planning to play this game. I want to try and make it fairly realistic if that means five years in the Championship that's fair enough. My finances will dictate whether i sign anyone, i will never put the club in doubt, and i will not gamble on getting promotion, if i can't afford it i won't do it. I want to focus on longevity, no signing players for one season. I know it happens in real life, but i want to try and sign players for the long term. Linked in to that i won't be making huge changes, that's means maybe five signings a season. My first season i have made two signings so far, my second season i plan a lot more due to players moving on. My system is the well known 4-2-3-1. I aim to play with a fast striker with a man in behind look to feed him through, i want my wingers to get to the byline, and when the ball is coming in from the opposite side for them to try and sneak in at the back post. My two central midfielders are just there to protect the back four and get the balls to my AMC and wingers, i don't see them scoring much, more than likely acting in some kind of defensive capacity. Unlike most managers i am going to focus on the defensive side of the game. I aim to change phases very quickly, that means a high tempo game, using wingers and getting forward quickly. I will push the opposition back my pressing them in their own half and not letting them build from the back. I will move onto transfers..... Transfers Out Paul Robinson - Barnsley - 25k Callum Reilly - Leyton Orient - Loan Mitch Hancox - Aberdeen - Loan Akwasi Asente - Plymouth - Loan Callum Preston - Northampton - Loan Reece Hales - Cambridge - Loan Transfers In Michael Keane - Loan Jake Cassidy - Loan As we already had three loan players i only really wanted two more, as firstly i don't want to pay a player not to be in the match squad and i don't rotate a great deal. I wanted one more centre back as Specter and Mullins are perfect for my central midfield roles. Keane was my first choice it took two months offers and him declining me before he came. Cassidy came in on deadline day, after pulling out of numerous other players due to lack of pace, or to much money, Cassidy was perfect for the poacher role and on 500 per week he was cheap. The season has already started but i will update you tomorrow on how i am getting on, and my plans for the future of Birmingham, my team and the table etc...
  13. Lost in the cup myself to Spurs on penalties and them beat them in the league, know how it feels! Out of interest how are you playing Hughes? His goals and assists are the other way round for me, no that i am complaining!
  14. Not sure i asked and they just gave me one, so unsure if its just your game? Unlucky on not winning the league i am two off top in January and just debating whether to splash some cash in hope of winning it. Papadopoulos was great for me, Inter just bidded for him and Arsenal and Man City bidded 28m for Hughes which was roundly rejected.
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