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  1. Some changes in the Arsenal team that you may have missed out, Chambers can play Center back and Monreal should have Center back as unconvincing too. Otherwise, top work!
  2. Im positive it was an orange diagonal arrow though, in any case what could I have done wrong? As far as Im aware, morale and fitness isnt an issue.
  3. Actually he did lose attributes, I notice him losing one point in his acceleration although this was improved by individual training so he was essentially back to his starting point.
  4. I can't explain why my 18 year old after a period of green arrows now have down arrows without being injured. He has played 19 games this season with 7/8 more games to go in the season. Could it just be burnout? His fitness is fully fit though
  5. So tell me, how long does one take to read the whole thread? Gosh that's some quality right there, Ajax head of youth development would've been proud
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