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  1. Hi all, I play with Aston Villa and am in my second season. As I realised I was going to be a huge underdog in loads of my PL matches I wanted to create a very compact, defensive and counter attacking third tactic for my toughest opponents, I had a look at an article written by the almighty Cleon, and created my Ji-Sung Parkdabus tactic. It's quite simple. Super compact in the middle of the field, with a right sided attacking outlet in a Wing back and Inside forward. The first two matches I played with it i beat Man United 1-0 at home, then Man City 2-0 away (the matchday odds for a City win was 1.13....) I was surprised at how balanced the chances stats was as well, it actually seems to create a bit going forward whilst being amazing defensive wise. Disclaimer: I have only used the tactic for 5 matches, but it has been working wonders in those tough matches. I still play my other two tactics in games where we are favourites, close on odds or slight underdogs. Would be great to hear if it works for other teams, if anyone have any improvements that work well etc. Ji Sung Parkdabus.fmf
  2. Bought 21 year old winger Diogo Goncalves from Benfica B injanuary for 600k GPP for my Aston Villa team. End of season approaching he's easily my best player, developing nicely and playing like a god. Probably the best first season purchase I've done in years. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nrabxfvn84gg58n/Diogo.jpg?dl=0
  3. Hi guys, This year I have decided to start at the bottom of the English league system, and having a thrilling game with Nuneaton so far. It's really hard to find decent players to sign though. My scouts have 15% global knowledge and the only players willing to sign are ****** free transfers and players in the same leagues (conference North/South). Are there any tricks that can enable getting a larger pool of players visible in the player search section? Or any other ways to find free transfers from across the globe that are willing to slum it? =)
  4. Uros Djordjevic from Partizan! Does amazing for my Villa team in the PL. Bought for 1.1m£ as he has a release clause in his contract. Fantastic mental and physical stats.
  5. I am playing Villa as well, with a narrow tactric, and with great success with the following setup: GK - DC - DC - DMCd - WBRa - WBLa - DLPs - B2B - APa - CFs - AFa When fav: More direct, Pass into space, Work ball into box, Play wider, Stay on feet, Much higher defensive line, Higher tempo, Close down much more When even or underdog: More Direct, Pass into space, Drop deeper, Close down more, Be more disciplined, Play much Narrower Promoted with 103 pts in the Championship and currently sitting 6th in the PL, 15 games in. Mentality: Standard and Team shape: Flexible (I set the Mentality to defensive on the away tac for the hardest games, won 3-0 vs City at home doing that)
  6. His attribute development in-game proves a huge weakness in how young players develop - he isn't fully grown and could end up having really good physique at say, 25.. impossible to tell with a 15-yearold.
  7. I'm wondering about this aswell, having lifted Dynamo Dresden up 2 divisions and into the Bundesliga I'd love for my B-team to get promoted. Is it possible at all (FM15)
  8. Could it be that, since you won the league, the opposing teams fear you more so they adapt their tactics accordingly (to defensive/counter)? I'd definitely create a second tactic with a different approach to be able to switch if the primary tactic doesn't do the job, I find that after a while you learn when to use which tactic. Sounds to me that your three tactics are a bit too similar but I might be wrong. Secondly, if you've bought alot of new players that can affect team harmony/gelling. Train team cohesion on high and try to avoid fielding too many new signings at once. Thirdly, you could've hit a patch of bad form which again affects morale. Team meetings can help, but watch your step as they can also turn sour.
  9. To everyone looking for an awesome tactic without wide players - here it is. Have used this and got Lincoln City promoted from BSP to Premier league with four back-to-back promotions, and ended up on 5th place a mere point behind Chelsea in the debut PL season. Absolutely amazing tactic!
  10. In my save (2019) Villa is sitting 6th in the Championship 32 games into the season
  11. Here's Jonathan Silva in my Sheffield United team, 2018/2019 season. Absolute beast: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d2elu78eld2no4j/silva.jpg Dynamo Kiev bought him for 6.5m£ in 2015 and i poached him from them for a mere 10.5m£ last season. BTW: Train him with "Long flat bullet throw" and you'll be cruising
  12. I played last season on 14.2 and 14.2.1 the last few matches (yeah, i play too much:) so that should'nt be the reason. Anyway, i changed up my tactics a bit, changing some roles and shouts, and haven't lost since. I guess it's important to change things up every now and then to not become predictable for the opponents.
  13. @rayr27: The season before we finished 7th and won the League cup. Media prediction the current year is 9th.
  14. Hi everyone, So, playing with Sheffield United i scraped a 4th place (and CL qualification) in 2016/17, rotating three tactics based on opponent and winning chances. Entering the following season, i bought 3 new players and loaned 1, which i thought would be easy to gel with the other guys (only 4 out of a squad of 27). I have yet to field more than 1-2 of the new players per game this season. I also sold two squad rotation players based on poor performances, Mauro Zarate and Miguel Veloso. This season (2017/2018) we are not to be recognised with the previous season. If winning, it's by scraping with one goal. Many draws, and have lost to all top teams. Have also lost 3 out of 4 CL group games. Current date is 7th of november, and the team is showing no signs of improvement. Several players with avg. ratings 7.15-7.30 last season currently have 6.5-6.8. Same tactics, same team talk strategy, and above all FLUENT tactics. The X factor is that I noticed, after selling them, that both Zarate and Veloso was listed in Favoured personell with many of my players. Could that be the reason we are a bleak shadow of last years Blades...? Also, we have swapped captain from Landreau (which was benched all of last season) with last years Vice-captain Harry Maguire (24 yrs old), who captained most of my games last season anyway.. Have any of you have similar issues for no obvious reason? Does squad gelling go to pieces with 4 new players in? How long time does it take to 'gel back'..? Best regards, Sleepless Manager
  15. If i have a lead and it looks like my opponent is taking over the initiative in the match in the latter stages, I usually Change to defensive mentality + add "waste time" and "play more disciplined" and "clear ball to flanks" instruction. Also, i remove very attacking instructions like "push higher up" etc - allthough i don't do this untill 75-80th minute (or later). Works more or less every time. If you have a lead and are controlling the match (ie opponent not creating much chances) i'd just stick with the current tactical instructions though, when you change things up there's a risk your opponents tactic will me more effective against the new setup. perhaps add "play more disciplined". Just my two cents, it works for me (and I am playing with the Blades in the Premiership;)
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