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  1. Slightly confused. In first season and bidding on De Ligt. Ajax turned down 35m plus 10m instalments and 50% profit on future sale. Accepted a bit of 25m plus 13m instalments from Chelsea tho. Is there actually Man Utd tax coded into the game?
  2. This is my go to!! Just played a game where I hit the woodwork 6 times and I knew without a shadow of a doubt they were going to score with their only shot. Lo and behold, 88th minute and they smash one in from outside the box. I know its just coincidence but its easier to shout conspiracy lol
  3. I hate this. Anybody got a reason for it? Happened to me where Juventus accepted 46m for Dybala from Man City but wanted 112m from me.
  4. Is this a new thing for 16? My 15 scout reports never compare to other players.
  5. Really don't think there is much of an issue with injuries tbh. Look at Arsenal and Man Utd in recent seasons. I seem to remember Utd having to play midfielders in defence such was the number of injuries they had. I usually have 5-6 players out throughout my squad at any one time. That seems reasonable to me.
  6. Not at all, and some of you are good at explaining what people are doing wrong. It's the people who come here and laugh and say "Wow, you have a problem? You must suck at tactics/squad management". How is that helpful at all. All they are doing is acting like the big kahuna and that just irritates people who are trying to learn. (None of this is personal to you Cougar.)
  7. After originally ranting, i'll just be productive. My main issue with the player complaints is often the timing. I took over a new team and after three games of the season i had a player complaining. He'd played all 3 games! Another thing is the way unhappiness spreads throughout the squad. If a young player who thinks he's better than he is comes asking for a first team spot and i turn him down, the whole squad shouldn't be unhappy about it when i've only been there three games. Admittedly i easily diffused the situation but i just don't want to be spending my time doing this.
  8. Sorry, i didn't mean to say the game isn't for me. I meant the 3D part of the game isn't for me. I watch it in commentary only these days.
  9. Yes but there's a difference between being complacent and what we see on the 3d representation. A defender letting a striker make 30 yards on him is not something i've ever seen in even park football. I've seen long passes hit into my six yard box and the GK has stayed on his line and a striker has ran fourty yards to put it in (maybe a bug). Am i to take the GK must have poor rushing out skills? I just want more transparency with what has gone wrong in the 3D match because otherwise i'm just going to continue to see the game as not for me anymore.
  10. I'm in two minds. It's too easy to dominate teams but at the same time i keep getting robbed. I'm only 8 games in and lost 3 times with the same thing i've suffered in every FM. I hammer teams with 20-25 shots on target, i hit the woodwork 11 times in those three games, 4 disallowed goals in those three games, 3 Gk man of the match performances, 5 shots on target from them with four goals scored. Two red cards that were rescinded because they were bull. So yes, i think in general that the game is too easy but i also think the game throws equalisers in the mix when you're doing too well.
  11. Why does it bother me so much that you're gonna knock Fergie off his perch?? Utd fan obviously.
  12. I think football has different "laws" to normal jobs. If i was performing extremely poorly in my job, my employers could warn me, then sack me. Can't really sack a footballer if he's playing crap. Have to sell him and even then he doesn't have to leave unless he wants.
  13. Really don't think this would be coded into Football Manager. If he was a regen born in England and doesn't have English eligibility, i'd be willing to bet it's a bug. Or the guy used the in-game editor to change nationality to American.
  14. If that happened to me there would be three players never playing for me again. I'm impulsive like that
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