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  1. Slightly confused. In first season and bidding on De Ligt. Ajax turned down 35m plus 10m instalments and 50% profit on future sale. Accepted a bit of 25m plus 13m instalments from Chelsea tho. Is there actually Man Utd tax coded into the game?
  2. This is my go to!! Just played a game where I hit the woodwork 6 times and I knew without a shadow of a doubt they were going to score with their only shot. Lo and behold, 88th minute and they smash one in from outside the box. I know its just coincidence but its easier to shout conspiracy lol
  3. I hate this. Anybody got a reason for it? Happened to me where Juventus accepted 46m for Dybala from Man City but wanted 112m from me.
  4. Well done!!!!! Though clark has three good points there too. Chelsea actually escaped on goal difference, thought i'd have a post in the "biggest relegated clubs" thread
  5. Something not quite right here, i'd be very surprised if anyone got it though
  6. Oh cool. Thanks. Also been playing for years without noticing.
  7. How do you get the woodwork stat on your game? I don't have that.
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