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  1. And now ManU have bid 68,25M for JWP - 13,25M upfront, 23,5M over a year and 10,5M after 50 league app., 10 int. app. and 10 league goals. Plus 20% profit. Please help me to decide, only take into consideration he is the captain and vital cog in my current set-up...
  2. Actually I was also starting to think: why to replace Forster at all (with Perin f.e)? What's your experience - will he get better down the years?
  3. Finished second in my second season behind ManU - their 4312 seems to be unstoppable for everybody ATM. But anyway, all good and preparing for debut in Champions League. Need bigger and better squad for that, ofc. Thus asking for you suggestions: - GK: Muslera, Reina or Ruffier? Perin (8-9M)? Should I keep Forster as back-up or sell? Also have Sam Johnstone. - DR: settled with Clyne and Peruzzi. - DL: need new one to compete with Bertrand. - 2xDC: Balanta, Gardos and Munoz have been good, also have Coates, but that's not enough I guess. - DMC: Wanyama, Cork and when needed Schneiderlin will do it. - 2xMC: Ward-Prowse, Wanyama, Schneiderlin, but also Davis have been excellent customers. But need more quality and quantity, current roles roaming playmaker and central mid. Fernandinho, Milner f.e. available, both ca 6M; Sergi Roberto 3,6M, Banega 11M, McArthur 10M, Ramires 9M, Fellaini 7M, Nainggolan 9M. - AMR (ins.fw): Long was league's best goalscorer playing here and as striker! Ramirez, Tadic and Davis as decent back-ups, but probably will sell at least Tadic. Mirallas 15M, dos Santos 10M, Cerci 9M? - AML (winger): Mane and Sarabia doing well enough. Any recommendations? - ST (complete fw): Fierro has adapted and started to score really quickly. As mentioned, Long also excellent. That's why Mayuka, Pelle and probably Gallagher are surplus to requirements. Still thinking about adding someone: Rodrigo, Mitrovic (pretty expensive already), Ferreyra, Zapata...?
  4. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: James Ward-Prowse Your Team: Southampton Buyer/Seller: Liverpool Player's Value: 12,5M EUR Offer: 34M EUR (9M upfront, 17,5M over 12 months, 7,5M after 50 league appearances) Transfer/Wage Budget: Patch: 15.1.4. Season: 15/16 Just made him captain. Progressing and playing very-very well. Where is his sky (talking about the price)?
  5. Pool is offering 33,5M (9M upfront) for JWP. I made him captain in the summer (starting 2nd season). Thoughts?
  6. Could anyone suggest me good and young GK to take over from Forster in longer future? Preferrably also able to be sweeper keeper. Also: LB cover at the beginning for Bertrand (who I signed after his loan spell) with the potential to surpass him after some years. Targett clearly isn't able to pull it off. Attacking full-back would be ideal.
  7. Are you using the option with Alderweireld and/or Bertrand after first season? Also, what about the futures of: Fonte, Yoshida, Davis, Rodriguez, Pelle, Mayuka and also returning Osvaldo and Ramirez? Any input appreciated.
  8. Thx a lot... Bertrand not good enough? I also bought Peruzzi actually - him or Clyne in near and longer future? JWP in AMR!!?? He's been good in MC actually so far. Tadic/Mane (and Long) in wings, no? Pelle not suitable in F9?
  9. Ed, could you advise preferred Southampton's line-up within your set-up with current players? (and guide which positions need strengthening in your opinion...)?
  10. Ed, you mean only removing short passes from GK instructions or also "distribute to full backs" and/or "distribute quickly"? Which kind of roles have you used lately on AMR/AML positions? Maybe you should look at moving CM to DMC and/or WB's to FB's?
  11. How would you line-up Soton before Rodriguez come-back (which is far away, ofc)? I'm looking forward to builde 4231 wide formation, but main questions remain: - would attacking combos Bertrand/Tadic and Clyne/Long as wing-backs/inside forwards work?; - and against stronger opponents both sets full-back/winger on support and Scheiderlin/Wanyama as DMC's? - which roles would you give to Scheiderlin/Wanyama duo in MC and in DMC? - any other ideas to use Tadic, Long, Mane? - Pelle: target man or... ? (if using inside forwards, it isn't best naturally). Any other tactical remarks more than welcome.
  12. Not good enough at all. I got 45M from Real after first season f.e...
  13. Need a DMC (ball winner type) for Liverpool. Do you prefer: Fernando 11m Khedira ca 10-12m J. Garcia 4,8m M'Vila ca 10-12m Mikel don't know yet Neustadter don't know yet Or has anyone had experience with Tomas Rincon in top international level?
  14. How much did you get for Reina? After patch things have changed: Barca just signed ter Stegen.
  15. So far max for Mignolet 11M and Reina 4M... Options as Leiva's replacements: Sandro (probably won't get him), Sven Bender (+30M), Yacob, Wanyama, Fernando, Behrami, Javi Garcia (because transfer listed 5M) and yes indeed another Lucas, Silva (11M). Also maybe M'Vila (ca 12,5M, but enormous wages).
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