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  1. I know I'm late to this post but that points tally: JEEZ.
  2. Incredible longevity with this save. Do you ever struggle with motivation for the save seeing as you've won the Premier League 30 times in a row? Also: loving the profile display picture.
  3. Congratulations on conquering Europe and going the league season unbeaten @CraigTodd Very impressive.
  4. I had to double take that someone was doing a Hornchurch save. I shall be following. Got a lot of time for people who do this challenge. The patience required is enormous.
  5. @dozzie I know you said you felt you were missing a star striker but Kalimuendo looks brilliant and as long as you keep him fit, I think you'll score enough to stay up.
  6. @diLLa88 Very tense end of the season. Best of luck! @n1mez Interested to see how you fare in your second season after the changes in your squad.
  7. @pitchposh Impressive Champions League victory. That must be one of highest scorelines in a final ever.
  8. @diLLa88 Think you can go the league campaign unbeaten? 👀
  9. Incredible achievement @ernemann. Hopefully Real Madrid aren't as dominant in the league next season.
  10. @robterrace "The board have agreed £8m will be added to the transfer budget on completion of the deal." 😭
  11. @karanhsingh You first season in the Premier League was mightly impressive but you might top it this year.
  12. Do you find the motivation tough when you're bobbling about in the middle of the league for years and years?
  13. Crickey, you're right in contention for the league title in your first season back.
  14. This is an incredible thread. Wonderful detail over such a long time frame.
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