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  1. FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    May you explain the logic behind signing Yaya Toure?
  2. FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    £60m or £70m. I can't remember but one of those two.
  3. Have you tried placing job adverts?
  4. FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    Seems that a lot of people here have tried three at the back; with various success however.
  5. FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    If they were pre-arranged transfer, it could mean that you start with the money. Or do you have to edit the finances yourself?
  6. FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    In this dilemma too. Thinking I've waited this long to start a Chelsea save, I can wait till the update drops.
  7. FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    How have people found Courtois? Does he ever try and force a move? I'll probably start a Chelsea save when the February squad update drops.
  8. FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    It's a lot of money but do you really need the money from the sales? What would you do with it? Would you be able to find a better set of players? Not to mention that Chelsea are financially stable anyway.
  9. FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    Van Gaal should have retired by this year; stop ruining our football club!
  10. That's some impressive stuff - Champions League winners after three seasons! I'm planning on an Inter save at some point this year, just not sure when.
  11. It's nice to see a 3-4-3 system which fits in Fabregas. I don't think I would be able to try it without him.
  12. Have you asked for a stadium capacity increase? I've been moved to the Olympic Stadium whilst they increase the capacity of Stamford Bridge to 55,000.
  13. I find it interesting that so many people move on a large majority of the 1st team within the first few seasons. I just find that you lose a connection with the side.
  14. I've tried to do that in my save so far. Third season in, Chalobah and Lofus-Cheek are first team regulars. Manea is back up to Dave at right back, Bamford (he scored four in seven in the league last season) is a striking option behind Lukaku. Lucas Piazon, Lewis Baker and Dominic Solanke are all in and around the first team too.