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  1. Have you asked for a stadium capacity increase? I've been moved to the Olympic Stadium whilst they increase the capacity of Stamford Bridge to 55,000.
  2. I find it interesting that so many people move on a large majority of the 1st team within the first few seasons. I just find that you lose a connection with the side.
  3. I've tried to do that in my save so far. Third season in, Chalobah and Lofus-Cheek are first team regulars. Manea is back up to Dave at right back, Bamford (he scored four in seven in the league last season) is a striking option behind Lukaku. Lucas Piazon, Lewis Baker and Dominic Solanke are all in and around the first team too.
  4. If anyone is thinking of releasing Branislav Ivanovic at the end of the first season, I highly recommend promoting and holding onto Christian Manea for the second term. His stats aren't dazzling but he performs incredibly well. After an injury to Dave, I chucked him in and he has been class. I would also recommend buying Andrew Robertson for the other side if you want backup for Baba. You end up having a nice problem not knowing who to choose because they're both very good.
  5. Averaging 6.8 goals per game , the effects of having Messi and Ronaldo on the same team.
  6. I believe it is the original, default skin with a background pack.
  7. Well that's one way of turning around a first leg deficit! Interesting to see you have Charly Musonda on the bench in those screenshots as well as a appearance for Isaiah Brown against Fiorentina. How have they been doing for you?
  8. He means, top clubs in the original database. For example, in last years thread, I remember someone uploaded a save where Liverpool had been relegated.
  9. Out of all the players, Piazon?
  10. What a marvelous thread. I am thoroughly enjoying reading everyone's updates. Valencia looks like an intriguing team and with the dominance of Real and Barcelona to break (some seem to be finding that easy ) combined with the tight transfer budgets given, there is definitely some longevity about the save. Personally, I would love a save with Valencia but in recent FMs, I have found motivation hard to come by to play as a Spanish team. Let's hope this year is different.
  11. Love the look of the Football League this season on FM. Some real projects for people to get their teeth into.
  12. If I have a player coming through who is or has the potential to match the current player(s) in that position, I will sell the first team player.
  13. Anyone else finding Salah to be a very useful player? More than happy to sit on the bench and when he is called upon, he performs excellently.
  14. Unlucky on the playoffs Jogo but as you have mentioned, you have built a solid base for next season. What teams came down from the Championship?