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  1. Hi @Ben Kenney - Thanks for replying. The game created on version number is: 1503138 and the Current version says: 21.4.0-1525123 (m.e v21.7.0.0). If it is the problem identified above (which sounds like it might be), is there a way of fixing it on my current save? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm currently managing in China in December 2023, and I am unable to sign players who are out of contract at other Chinese clubs. These aren't players who are coming to the end of their contract (although I can't offer contracts to them either), but rather players who have been out of contract but still at their club for almost a year. I can't seem to upload a saved game (the website is telling me the file is too big). Any ideas?
  3. Season 2023 SJZ Ever Bright and Mali Well, that was an interesting season. Domestically, we crashed out of the cup to lower league opposition in the fifth round, losing 1-0 after turning in a pretty appalling performance all told. It confirmed to me that I've got a reliable core of 13/14 players, but that the rest of this squad is absolutely nowhere near being up to scratch. This meant that it was essential that we got through the season with as few injuries and suspensions as possible. In the league, we started in spectacular fashion, thumping DL Pro 7-0 and then only
  4. Good to see people making some progress in the challenge! Random question / observation - I'm trying to rebuild my SJZ squad, and there's loads of Chinese players whose contracts have expired at their current clubs, but for some reason I'm not able to approach them / can't sign them. Is this a bug, or has anyone else experienced something similar? There's currently 4 players out of contract who would walk into my starting XI right now, so it's somewhat frustrating.
  5. Season 2022 SJZ Ever Bright and Mali After winning the double in my debut season in Finland, I decided I decided it was time to head elsewhere, with a couple of trophies and a couple of coaching badges tucked away. Mali offered me a position and a start in international management. Back to back friendly wins of Syria and Benin started my reign comfortably, before heading into our African Cup of Nations qualifiers. A nice group of Kenya, Zambia and Swaziland was in store, and we sit top with 10 points, and looking absolutely certain to qualify, with Swaziland and Kenya left to play.
  6. Ok, advice needed, as I think I've possibly come across a bug. Decided to go to China, and I'm very glad I saved before I did, simply because I can't progress the game. I've taken over a club who have somehow registered 4 foreign players in the same window, despite the limit being 2. This means I can't register the squad at the end of the transfer window (literally 2 days after I joined the club). Any ideas? If I can't figure out how to sort it, I'm going to go back to the save point and take the job in Norway (I was offered both in the same week, so don't feel like it's going against the
  7. Right, coaching badges have made an impact on ability to get interviews. I'm now at National B, and a reputation boost up to 25%, and finally clubs have started letting me through the door for interviews. In the space of a week, I've been offered jobs in Belarus, China and Norway. I've delayed all three offers to give me enough time to figure out which role to take. I'm erring towards China, but it's a rebuilding job. That said, the club in Norway are sat in mid table as well, so that's not likely to be a particularly quick turnaround. Internationally, I didn't go for the Uzbekistan job,
  8. Ok, so I'd forgotten to do any coaching badges. Schoolboy error. So, looks like I'm probably staying put until I've got some coaching badges done. I'll keep applying for jobs, and would love to grab an international job somewhere (Uzbekistan is the only one available currently...), but ultimately this is a situation entirely of my own making, simply because I forgot one of the crucial elements of the challenge. Hopefully this will remind any of you just starting out not to make the same mistake!
  9. Silly question time - how did you all move jobs? I'm back to not getting interviewed for anything, despite having a couple of trophies to my name. It's worse than trying to land the first job! Am I better off resigning and looking for a job, or staying in my current post and applying?
  10. Season 2021 Inter Turku Well, as debut seasons on this challenge go, that's the best one I've had so far. I spent a lot of time deciding on where I was going to begin this challenge, as I think getting the 'right' first job is really important. I had a range of offers, and ended up heading north to Finland. Inter Turku were predicted to finish third, so I knew that with a few tweaks to the squad we could potentially challenge for the title, and have a decent crack at a cup competition too. No pre-season, as we went straight into the cup group stage. I made the decision to only us
  11. Finally managed to get settled on a start for this. I'll do an update in due course, but I'm starting at Inter!* *That's FC Inter Turku in Finland, obviously.
  12. Invested in FM21 over the weekend, so think I'll have a go at this to see if I can get a third completion. I was interested to see whether or not I could land any half decent jobs in the top flight of any nations. I've run through a year tonight, and these are the jobs I have been offered in that time period: River de Montevideo Ilves FC Inter Turuk FC Honka Black Leopards Maritzburg I've saved at the job offer for each one, and I'm going to sleep on it and then make a choice at where to start tomorrow. I know for my enjoyment that getting the fir
  13. Quick question - I'm looking at having a third crack at this on FM20, but I'm struggling to land a first job. For those of you who played on FM20, is this usual? In previous versions, I've always been able to get a first job in a nation's top league (albeit in low rep nations, but that's kind of the point, right?). Is this still the case, or do I need to be dropping down a league?
  14. Weston-super-Mare Season 2026-2027 Season summary 8 wins. 7 draws. 23 defeats. 31 points. -58 goal difference. We conceded 4 or more in 11 games, including a 8-0 defeat at Man City, and another 9 games where we conceded 3 in a game as well. All of this should point towards an inevitable outcome come the end of the season, yet it didn't. We finished a remarkable 16th. With 31 points. Our points tally would've seen us relegated in every other season bar one, so I think it's safe to say this has been a somewhat fortuitous survival campaign. That said, we had all but
  15. Weston-super-Mare Season 2020-2026 Season summary Unbelievable. We actually did something unusual this season, and won a match in the Carabao Cup for the first time, beating Cardiff on penalties after a 3-3 draw. Bearing in mind we beat them in the playoff final last season, they must really hate us. Normal service was resumed in round 2, losing 2-1 away at Oxford. We fared much better in the FA Cup, beating Birmingham 4-1 away before a 2-1 win after a replay and extra time against Barnsley saw us face league leaders Brighton. A 1-0 home win took us into the quarter finals
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