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  1. I got Borja Mayoral from Real Madrid for £6million in the third season but I did loan him in for the second since I sold Dembele to Southampton for £44million
  2. I find valuations don't matter that much. I had Johnny Russell and he was valued at about £1.3m. He wanted to move to a bigger club and only had about 18 months left on his contract so I decided to cash in. Instead of waiting on offers coming in, I just offered him to other clubs for £10m to see what clubs were willing to pay for him. He was sold within 7 game days for £9.75m to Blackburn. A good way to get decent money for players is for you to offer them out. I usually offered them out for about £7.5m - 15m (I have just accepted a £23.5m bid for Manolo Gabbiadini from Arsenal but he was offered out for £25m because he has been phenomenal since Sanogo left). But depending on quality I would accept the highest bid if it was near what I thought I could get for them, usually making a handsome profit at the same time
  3. Few records to update. Beat my previous record of least goals conceded Link: http://i1119.photobucket.com/albums/k638/snoogins1967/bestdefense.jpg Also beat my record of most clean sheets in a row it's now up to eleven. Link: http://i1119.photobucket.com/albums/k638/snoogins1967/11inarow.jpg Also my finances are through the roof although to be fair in the last 4 seasons I have brought in £169.5m through players sold and only spent £54.75m of that. I made £47m in transfers this year and £29million in prize money AND only spent £5.25m on transfers this season alone Yes I did say £29m prize money thanks to ... I thought I was going to get stopped at the final hurdle until a moment of madness from Fabio Coentroa. I had a throw-in at their 18 yard line as the ball came to Fanz he was pushed. Nuri Sahin complained to the ref and was sent off for descent AND I had a penalty. Lady luck deffo smiled on me. Funnily enough Coentrao didn't even get booked. Honestly by the end I was sick. I didn't even watch the penalty shoot-out I couldn't handle it. I came back in the room with a curry that i nearly dropped when I saw I had won. I'm slightly sad though it looks like I'm finished with my Celtic save now
  4. To be fair I took 17 off them while they only scored 2 against me in the 4 OF games. Also Hearts took 4 off them in one match so that's almost half the goals they conceded. A bigger shock for me is McCoist is still manager
  5. It's like this for my whole team I've spent 3 hours rejecting bids due to it being the transfer window. Also new record Least goals conceded in a league season. Link: http://imageshack.us/f/266/bestdefense.jpg/
  6. New record 10 games without conceding. I was annoyed it didn't continue further but that result makes up for it Link: http://imageshack.us/f/153/10inarowh.jpg/
  7. For a keeper Joris Delle has been outstanding for me. He cost about 100k at the start of the second season and hasn't been moved since.
  8. Three new records. Single highest transfer fee received heres the link: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/521/recordtransfer.jpg/ Highest transfers received over a season link: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/10/recordfees.jpg/ Most spent over a season Link: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/59/mostspent.jpg/ It's been a season of wheeling and dealing. My youth system is fit to burst but I hopefully in 5 years i'll be raking it in so I see it as an investment
  9. First European win for me. Unfortunately not with the senior team. Also record for most transfer fees received in a season. Still a bit of the January window left so it may increase. http://img843.imageshack.us/img843/7622/transfersn.png link
  10. I've got a few in my first team squad but mostly used in rotation. Paul George is pretty decent, I still have Forrest who plays about 20 games a season. Bahrudin Atajic is OK he's 5th choice striker and will probably get moved on soon along with Forrest. I have brought in plenty of youngsters from all over with a few ready for the first team now.
  11. Yeah I sold him as he was entering his last year to Wolves for £6.25 million. I could have renewed his contract but he was wanting 39.500k a week and I wasn't prepared to pay that. It worked out well though as I have Sanogo, Achahber and I picked up a promising 17 year old Greek who is rated to be better than Baba. Also his transfer fee funded me signing Paul Pogba for only £2.3 million.
  12. Completely agree. Going into my 4th season and every year my squad is more or less cannibalised by teams picking my best players up. I can't compete in Europe due to having a small squad and I have to put a self imposed ban on wages above 25k. It's either renew contracts and cut my transfer budget in half or sell my Captain every season and hope the youth I have picked up over the last 3 years are ready. I suppose it's kinda realistic in that sense but at the same time there is no way my club reputation can grow if I'm put out Europe in the group/1st Knockout phase every year Another thing is the WP bug, I've had Romario for 3 years now and he is more than ready for my first team but every 6 months I have to renew his contract to keep him happy. But I still have to wait another 2 years before he can play for me. He's not played a game for me and is already on 7.5k a week. I may download FMRTE and change his nationality to Belgian in January, but I dunno if that would be considered cheating. What do you guys think. I'll leave the decision up to you lot
  13. I don't think I'm explaining this very well so I'll show you in picture form As you can see his information says he's been in Belgium for 6 days. But this is his second time in Belgium. So he should already have a full year on top of those 6 days. If you look back to the first image it says he needs to stay in Belgium 1095 days continuously. So unless there is an option I'm missing to send him there for 3 years at the end of every season he will return and have to start this all over again.
  14. He's 18 without any youth caps never mind played for his country so I doubt he'd get a WP any time soon, and like I said he was in Belgium for a year but the minute he returned to Scotland his "days in country" disappeared because he has to stay there continuously. So unless there is an option to send him for 3 full years which I have missed every season the number of day in country resets back to zero
  15. Dunno if it's a bug/mistake. But I loaned a player to Oostende for a year to get a WP. I only noticed after sending him for another year that he needs to stay in Belgium continuously for 3 years. He returned on the 30th of June and I sent him back a day later but his days spent in the country reset back to zero. Is there an option to send him for more than a year I've missed or will I be stuck with a Brazilian for 5 years I can't play and won't get a WP?
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