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  1. Logos won't show up in the game! HELP

    yeah, i figured that .. but how is possible that my photoshop saved those pictures as .PNG not .png? everything work excellent before..
  2. Logos won't show up in the game! HELP

    great news, for me ofcurse! i found a solution, i put image of club in paint.NET, gone to File>Save As and click SAVE, and it works! obviously the problem was with my photoshop :/ so, if anyone have or might have this problem just do what i do! tnx everybody for help
  3. Logos won't show up in the game! HELP

    i check config billion of times, i make it with fm configurator, everything was working before... pictures are PNG, maybe problem is with photoshop i use? :s
  4. Logos won't show up in the game! HELP

    done all of that, i even delete all graphics and reinstall the game but nothing, still doesn't showing up
  5. Here is the thing. Logos of some clubs won't show up in the game, i checked everything, skin chase, always reload.., confing files, ID number etc. so don't askme that, i know how to instal a logo.. When I going to instal a logo by myself it won't work but when i download a logos and instal them everything works for example, in existing config file of standard logos i put ID of club NK Primorac Biograd (ID:129878) and in that way doesn't work... but when I download some other pack who already contains a logo of NK Primorac Biograd it works :s P.S the problem is not with only that club, it's for any ther club Please help me, i buy this game and i don't won't play it without logos
  6. Am I Cheating?

    for me, it isn't cheating, it's part of the game and depends are you willing to use it or not
  7. first of all, sry for my writing english when I buy a game I expect that from the very beginning is a good one, that in the meantime,you throw 1-2 patches (not 4-5)... this latest patch is full of errors in team talk etc.
  8. can i somehow delete this ****ing stupid patch?
  9. oh, sry, i didn't se it is for iFMH 2012 yes this is for PC game
  10. Ivan Lendric isn't present at HNK Hajduk when Croatia is loaded as a background league He have -8 PA and must be in game sry for my english
  11. Croatian division question

    someone got an answer?
  12. Croatian division question

    Hy In first season MaxTV Prva Liga have five relagation places, in second season there is 12 clubs, two gets relagated because in third season division have only 10 clubs but there is only 27 matches, in RL there will be 36 matches FIRST SEASON SECOND SEASON THIRD SEASON now, i want to know how can i change that in third season i have 36 matches? sorry for my english