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  1. Podolski had a decent start on my team - 10 goals in 24 appearances, avg. rating 7.38 on the wing, but then he broke his leg - out for 5 months. I'm now half way through my 2nd season and he has been between injuries (3 months, 10 weeks, 5 weeks, now 2 to 3 weeks again) and fitness problems - he has been unavailable to make a first team appearance since his first leg break. His star rating went from 3 1/3 stars to a 2 star and his stats show it too. Should I sell him and reduce my wage bill, or do these injury problems ever go away?
  2. I don't get it though - how should a tactic be responsible for the amazing finishing the A.I. possesses? If an A.I. is scoring from everywhere, (the wings, centre of the field, corners, fks) a tactic can't change it, it's a bug inherent in the match engine.
  3. L0calbloke

    CPU - Shot on Target = Goal

    You think you guys have it bad? Check this out: The 1 shot 1 goal has been in the series since around 2007 when i'd struggle to win games with shots on target for me at a dozen and the opponent at one.