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  1. i have a USB drive so I will try that , many thanks and nice to see another Gooner here
  2. Hope this is the right forum for this question. I'm buying a new laptop and want to know if I can transfer my saved game from old to new, I have a data transfer cable so is it possible or do I have to start all over again cheers
  3. is anyone struggling to score from set pieces (free kicks) I just cant seem to score from them, I try lots of different setups but nothing seems to work, any tips will be greatly appreciated
  4. anyone got a place to get this tactic, downloading it from here and it wont convert to a fmf file, FM Scout is also no good as it wont import
  5. you are basically doing what I'm doing with Sanchez, only team instructions I use are what's in the original post by Fuss, I will try changing my left sided CM to the AP Attack role and see what it goes like
  6. as he said he will give the download when he has finished testing, 1 thing he does with all his tactics is test them thoroughly, if he didn't and you used it and it was no good you would moan about it, also its the Christmas period, maybe he is enjoying time with his family, you could do what ive done, ive looked at his basic instructions and created my own version which seems to be working very well with my arsenal team at the moment
  7. is it possible to transfer a saved game from a PC/Laptop to a tablet, I have just bought a tablet and would like to continue playing my Laptop saved game on it
  8. Welcome back, always used to use your tactics back in the day, look forward to experimenting with your new 1
  9. anyone got an alternative download for this tactic, doesn't matter what I do it only downloads as a php file
  10. tried that, end up on the FM Base site, click download file its still a PHP file
  11. how did you download it, when I try its a php file and not a tac file
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