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  1. So far I seem to have solved this issue. Please lock the thread. Thanks
  2. Thanks Krakonico! I didn't even notice that! Even when I scrolled through the file I didn't see it. I will correct it and see if this works
  3. Not sure if this is the right area to report this, so please let me know if it isn't. I have created my own kits and tried to load them into the game. Quite a few of then have worked and there are no issues, however with some of them I cannot seem to get the away kit to work. There is nothing wrong with the config file as far as I can tell. In the editor there is no specific year an the alternative kit number is set to 0 for all. Also I have checked the clubs that work against those that don't in the editor and there is no discernible difference that I can I see. One thing I thought it could be is that some of the teams had no away kit listed in the editor, until I added a team that had an away kit and this didn't work. I have attached some screenshots below of the Hemsworth MW kits I made and the config file..
  4. I'm also having the same issue as well. I've tried various clubs and only found 1 result in all the searches.
  5. Thanks for the reply Dan. I've just started a new game as I agree it could be something to with one of the files.
  6. This is something that's been happening in FM17, FM18 and now FM20 (I didn't have FM19), When I start a new game everything starts off fine, the minute the season starts and I'm placed between 1st-6th the last playoff spot is highlighted as 7th, the highlight does not show up on my team. This will last throughout the season. When I finish the season either as champions, runner up or in the playoffs it will automatically promote the 2nd and 3rd place if I'm champion or runner up, and whoever finishes 7th will earn the last playoff spot. I have toggled in the pre-game editor and I do use custom League's, but this didn't happen at first in FM17, but once I started a new game it started happening and has affected FM18 and FM20. Hopefully this has made sense? I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the game and verifying the game files, but I'm now at loss as to what to do. Edit: Screenshot now added and game save uploaded (Barnsley (v03) (v02).fm) Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Came across this thread while looking for an old player, but I had to put my top player(s) from CM 00-01. Jose Barroso, who could be picked up for a few quid from Larisa nd Clayton from Porto's B team, both were Brazilian and were amazing for my Barnsley side, plus you could get a 16y/o Carlos Martins for nothing and David Fox for nothing as well. Them were the days!
  8. ooohhh!!! Who's it going to be, the one doing the objecting I wonder! Can't wait for the next installment!
  9. Good stuff Scott!! Funnily enough, we have cheerleaders every now and then at Barnsley home games. Kind of helps to take your mind off the fact you're watching Barnsley! ;-) KUTGW marte!
  10. Agree with Salkster.... Get rid of Chantelle and go for Nikki!!
  11. Fantastic stuff Scott! KUTGW :-) Out of curiosity, how are my team, Barnsley, doing?
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