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  1. Thanks for your response Neil, good to know there's no issue with my setup.
  2. FM 2017 doesn't process time when in the background on holiday mode (if I go on holiday, alt-tab out, and go back to the game later, it won't have advanced at all). This behaviour worked as expected in previous versions, and was useful for testing editor data files.
  3. Upon further investigation, this file causes a bug where Kosovo is duplicated.
  4. Tried this. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal keep taking up the Canadian slot even though their continental cup nation is set as USA. Is the Canadian slot hardcoded or something?
  5. I tried this (Amway > Competition > Continental Cup qualification > No team qualifies) as well as Canadian league > Continental Cup qualification > Only winner qualifies, but still a MLS team takes the CL spot.
  6. Canada has one spot in the CONCACAF Champions' League, which is taken from the winner of the Amway Canadian Championship (ACC), which consists of only the five US-based Canadian teams. I created an editor data file with a custom Canadian league, but can't figure out how to give the CL spot to the new Canadian league, rather than the ACC. Attempting to 'overwrite' the ACC with the Canadian league only results in the league not initialising in-game. Can anyone help me? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  7. Another thing: testing this into 2018, the Champions League and the World Cup clash horribly.
  8. Right... here goes! I'm being slightly more conservative, admittedly... Ukraine 2-1 Bulgaria Algeria 0-2 Ireland Sierra Leone 1-1p Moldova Paraguay 2-0 Montenegro Iraq p0-0 Belarus Wales 3-1 Cape Verde Islands Belgium 2-1 Norway Sweden 0-1 Germany Argentina 1-0 USA Netherlands 2-1 England Brazil p1-1 Chile Serbia 2-0 Slovenia Congo 0-2 Georgia Italy 3-1 Czech Republic Spain 2-0 Ecuador France 4-0 Burkina Faso
  9. I think dynamic qualification can be achieved simply by deleting every field in the 'Required Teams' tab in the editor. It's not necessary, because the information in the 'Nations' and 'Teams' tabs should be enough to populate the tournament, and will do so dynamically. This is just a hunch, though. Edit: Testing this, and it seems to work.
  10. A logopack that, in time, will hopefully contain waving flags for as many clubs as I can make! These files are based on and intended to complement D&S flags by necjeff. At the moment, only English Premier League teams are included in this pack. If there's interest, I'll start making more teams and competition logos. Download the EPL logos here!
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