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  1. Fascinating to see how many other people have just spent time paging through this incredible world. Myself, I've also spent some time discovering how the Intertoto Cup can cripple a tiny squad I will try to share this weekend or next a pack of logos for this mod for England, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany (D1) and USSR (D1+D2).
  2. I can get these specific logos, but for example the Armenian Premier Division was intended to have 10 teams in 2019/20 at game start, of which 7 were founded after 1990. How are these teams being handled in the DB?
  3. I would also be interested in contributing 80's logos to this project. I'd be most interested in starting on the USSR, Yugoslavia, and England, but I want to be sure I'm not repeating logos already made, so please advise on if this would be helpful.
  4. Other than I mentioned in PM, another fascinating long term challenge would be 17 Nëntori (Tirana), the "people's club" against the state backed Dinamo, Partizani, Flamurtari etc. The anticipation just builds with each day now that it's so close to completion, it's a long time since I've been this eager for a release!
  5. Like so many others, this week might be the week that kills my interest in watching modern football for good, and made me think of this patch, and dreams of watching a real golden era with loyalty, competition & fan culture. Such exciting news for the patch, I can't wait 👍
  6. Hi Wolf, I have been keeping an eye on this thread and the development of the mod and would also be willing to do testing for FM20 if it's in any way helpful.
  7. Another thing: testing this into 2018, the Champions League and the World Cup clash horribly.
  8. I think dynamic qualification can be achieved simply by deleting every field in the 'Required Teams' tab in the editor. It's not necessary, because the information in the 'Nations' and 'Teams' tabs should be enough to populate the tournament, and will do so dynamically. This is just a hunch, though. Edit: Testing this, and it seems to work.
  9. I can give you the Wearside League (level 11) details if you'd like.
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