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  1. I lost a game yesterday when my goalkeeper, who was handling the ball looking for someone to pass it to, was talked by an attacking player just outside the 6 yard box. The attacker then scored if course and we lost 1-0.I've seen goals allowed on mistakes in the penalty area, but I've never seen a goalkeeper get tackled.
  2. Throughout each season I create scouting assignments for my scouts. Since they are all based in a region or country or competition, on the scouting assignments screen I merely see the name of that country or region or competition. But I set different scouting requirements for different scouts based on their skills or my team needs. But when I view the scouting assignments screen I don't know which requirements I've assigned to which scouts as all the assignments have this generic place or competition name. It would be helpful if I could give each assignment a title such as "Goalkeepers under 23" or something like that.
  3. I'm 53 and from the USA. This is probably the 5th or 6th version of FM I've owned. I had over 900 hours played on FM18 and I'm already over 100 hours on FM 19. I typically play lower league teams and try to work my way up. I'd say Roma is my favorite team in real life, but I like to play all over Europe in FM.
  4. I created a new save and took over Notts Co again, as I thought maybe it was a problem specific to that team or something? But of course since it was the start of the 18/19 season, instead of the middle of the following season, the whole team dynamic was different. Even the captains were different, and when I warned the current captain about changing, he was fine with it. So obviously I couldn't reproduce it either. So going forward, every time I have a captaincy choice to make, I'll create a backup save in case it happens again so I can send it to SI.
  5. Thanks. I'll make a test save and see if I can reproduce it, and if so I'll upload the file.
  6. I took over Notts Co in November 2019. One of the first things i was asked to do was to pick a captain. My intention was to pick Scott Laird as captain and move current captain Matt Tootle to assistant captain. When I was asked to warn Tootle he asked me to keep him as captain, so I decided to do so and ended the conversation. After exiting the conversation I couldn't select Tootle as captain. I had to pick someone else, so I chose Laird and moved Tootle to #2, but after confirming I went into the tactic screen and changed them back (Tootle captain, Laird VC). Of course this move pissed off all my players. Unfortunately I don't have a save, but it should be pretty easy to replicate. Just take over a team and when asked to choose a captain, go to change it and warn the current guy, but then tell him he'll stay as captain when you have the warning discussion.
  7. Working as you described now. I assume that's new for FM 2019 because I don't recall it working that way previously. Thanks for the info!
  8. Ok, as soon as I have time I'll get back into it and take another look as the January window just opened. Thanks for the fast reply!
  9. I'm running Charlton Athletic in League One. I took over in November, so I missed the first transfer window. - Since taking over I've asked my scouts to identify potential loan targets at any position - I've also used the Player Search and Scouted Players screens, checking "Interested in loan" box - In either case, either via my scouts assignments or by checking the "interested in loan" box, all I get back is goalkeepers. - I can search for loan listed players and get all positions. Unknown yet if anyone besides a GK would accept a loan to my team as I just got to my first transfer window. Though I do intend to pursue some loans immediately. I can provide a save game file if it would help.
  10. Thanks for that. I hadn't started a new save since the beta came out.
  11. Just to add on to this Serie C matches mostly being shown as "neutral" stadiums and when you actually play the match it's called "unknown stadium". The bit I'm adding is that when these "neutral site" games are played, it always looks like the same generic stadium. It even has light poles that block part of the TV camera view of each end of the pitch. Not a deal breaker, but certainly an annoyance.
  12. Any idea when network play will be added to the game? At least if I have to deal with windowed mode I'd at least like to play against my pals instead of the AI.
  13. I run at 1920x1200 and I can't get the game to go into fullscreen mode. Not interested in changing my screen resolution. But the game window is too small.
  14. I know. I have it. As I wrote in my first post I chose to use the original database because I wanted Sniejder and Coutinho
  15. Ok, thanks. I guess my players weren't too interested in the Europa League. We opened the Serie A season with a 3-0 win over Siena. Cassano scored once and Sniejder scored twice. Maybe they'll start paying attention to my team talks now....
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