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  1. Working as you described now. I assume that's new for FM 2019 because I don't recall it working that way previously. Thanks for the info!
  2. Ok, as soon as I have time I'll get back into it and take another look as the January window just opened. Thanks for the fast reply!
  3. I'm running Charlton Athletic in League One. I took over in November, so I missed the first transfer window. - Since taking over I've asked my scouts to identify potential loan targets at any position - I've also used the Player Search and Scouted Players screens, checking "Interested in loan" box - In either case, either via my scouts assignments or by checking the "interested in loan" box, all I get back is goalkeepers. - I can search for loan listed players and get all positions. Unknown yet if anyone besides a GK would accept a loan to my team as I just got to my first transfer window. Though I do intend to pursue some loans immediately. I can provide a save game file if it would help.
  4. RomaRulez

    [Italy] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Thanks for that. I hadn't started a new save since the beta came out.
  5. RomaRulez

    [Italy] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Just to add on to this Serie C matches mostly being shown as "neutral" stadiums and when you actually play the match it's called "unknown stadium". The bit I'm adding is that when these "neutral site" games are played, it always looks like the same generic stadium. It even has light poles that block part of the TV camera view of each end of the pitch. Not a deal breaker, but certainly an annoyance.
  6. Any idea when network play will be added to the game? At least if I have to deal with windowed mode I'd at least like to play against my pals instead of the AI.
  7. RomaRulez

    Multiple Forum Accounts

    Who do I contact about multiple forum accounts? I've had to change my email address a few times in the last couple of years and for whatever reason I cannot seem to login with old accounts, and since I don't have access to the old email address I end up having to make a new one. I think I have at least 3 accounts on this forum. Maybe more.
  8. RomaRulez

    windowed mode fix?

    I run at 1920x1200 and I can't get the game to go into fullscreen mode. Not interested in changing my screen resolution. But the game window is too small.
  9. RomaRulez

    FM 13: Inter Milan - The finances are fading...

    I know. I have it. As I wrote in my first post I chose to use the original database because I wanted Sniejder and Coutinho
  10. RomaRulez

    FM 13: Inter Milan - The finances are fading...

    Ok, thanks. I guess my players weren't too interested in the Europa League. We opened the Serie A season with a 3-0 win over Siena. Cassano scored once and Sniejder scored twice. Maybe they'll start paying attention to my team talks now....
  11. RomaRulez

    FM 13: Inter Milan - The finances are fading...

    Hi All, I've been wanting to give Inter a run for a long time so I finally got around to doing so. I've managed quite a few teams in Italy over the past few FM years including guiding AS Roma to Serie A and Champions League titles in FM12. What has interested me about Inter the last couple of seasons is that they seem to me to be a bit of an aging team on the decline and I like that my biggest challenge will be fixing the team finances. So I started an Inter save using the original default database because I wanted Sneijder & Coutinho on my team. My first order or business was to try to reduce the wage bill without selling Sneijder or Coutinho and I did so by selling Milito to Chelsea for 7.5M Euros. My board and fans were not very happy with me about that transaction. The reason I decided to sell Milito was it seemed to me that he and Cassano are very similar style players and Milito was of course older. I felt I needed a real poacher type player and neither of them seemed to fill that bill very well. I then signed Zanetti & Samuel to 1 year extensions and got them both to take pay cuts. In Zanetti's case he agreed to almost half his salary, down to 50k per week. Then I set my sights on acquiring a young poacher who I hope can play now. His name is Ademllson and I got him from Sao Paolo in Brazil for 6M Euros: I loaned out most of my reserve team since I had missed the date to register for a reserve league and I didn't want them sitting around. Everyone 20 years and younger went to my U20 team since that team has a season to play. Along with these moves I acquired another 18 year old ST named Valerio Lorezno Rosetti for 4.5M Euros from Siena, and while I like him a lot I'm not as high on him as I am on Ademllson. But they may well both get a look this year depending on how things shake out. My first campaign as Inter manager kicked off with a Europa League 3rd qualifying tie with Croatian side Hajduk. Easy pickings right? Shockingly they beat us 3-0 in Croatia and 1-0 at Giuseppe Meazza and just like that our Europa League campaign was over. I played my full starting 11 in both matches and they got crushed by a vastly inferior team. Needless to say nobody in Milan was very happy with me, for good reason. I'm up to the start of the Serie A season. Just in the first couple of months of the save I've lowered the wage bill from 1.47M Euros a week to 1.32M. My goal is to get it around 1M Euros per week within a year or so, assuming I survive that long as manager. Hopefully we'll fare better in a competition that matters more to us.... PS: As recommended in the OP in this thread I'm trying to buy the 50% stake in Marco Davide Faraoni from Udinese but they're refusing to sell. Anyone else have this problem? I'm wondering if talking up their manager to the press will soften their stance some?
  12. Not only won't I buy it on release day again, nor did I this year, but I may not buy FM again....ever. I haven't bought this year's version after buying the last 4 with pre-release discounts. But this year the whole multiple version for the same price thing has really annoyed me. It's the same game every year with minor visual tweaks. It's SUPER slow. While the nuts and bolts of the game are great, it's just not worth my time or money anymore. Put out a better, faster game, with just one version, and I'll consider buying it again.
  13. Yes, I read the forum and watched the video before I posted. What isn't being thought about by most people is future versions of FM. If we tell the developers that these micro transactions are ok with us (by buying the game and the micro transactions), then they'll expand that in future versions of the game. Pretty soon we'll have to buy "stadium packs" or "player database updates" and they'll charge a lot more then $1 for them. Eventually the "base" game will be half the game and we'll have to pay through the nose to keep adding features that used to be included in the game. That's where I have a problem with it.
  14. What annoys me about the micro transactions is that they're included in a game that never had them before. Many games on Steam come with "DLC" that costs extra money, but they've always been like that so you live with it and you expect it when you buy the product. But this isn't even content, it's just cheat codes. They should have sold FMC as a separate version of the game, along with it's micro transactions, and then sell the rest of the game as a "Gold" version or something like that. But of course if they did that they'd sell the gold version for more money so we'd be paying for the micro transactions anyway. The bottom line for me is do I like Football Manager enough that I'm going to support the developers taking this path by buying the new product? A very large part of me wants to send a clear message to the developers by passing on this year's version and hoping they remove the micro transactions for next year. I'm still undecided at this point. I do know I've grown bored of FM 2012 so I have to make a decision soon.....
  15. RomaRulez

    A little help please

    @Chronic Haze1: Just to update, my team picked up your tactic really well and even went on a 4 game winning streak. We're now out of the relegation zone with 7 games to go, although only by 1 point. But against ACM it wasn't much help. Milan beat us 4-0 at San Siro to eliminate us from the competition 5-2 on aggregate. But I'm going to keep using your tactic as we're having the best results of the season with it.