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  1. 11 hours ago, keysi said:

    @elGordo go to skin folder/panels/player and open the 'player profile personal details', find the container highlighted in the picture, delete, save file and reload skin. Or you can adjust inset="40" - the higher number will make the club badge smaller.



    Thanks for your words @Sammuthegreat, I'm glad I could make it better to you.

    Thank you so much for the work. Is it just as simple to remove the same logo i mentioned from the coaches?. I tried to guess, but got an error. Unless you know and it's simple to explain you don't need to spend any time on it. Thanks again for the skin.

  2. On 16.11.2017 at 15:23, jersve said:

    did u play it all season witch attacking mentality ?

    Yes, never changed anything. Second season i have won all games in the league, But lost 2 of 2 in CL. I should have changed it a bit for those games but didn't. I really don't have good enough squad to do anything in europe yet.

    @knap btw what does SUS mean? I see you mention having a "SUS tactic"

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