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  1. Gaetano Castrovillis height should be reverted or adjusted to 179cm maximum. No way he is as tall as 187. I've attatched a link to his Instagram where he is hugging Chiesa and they are almost the same height. The other images that was posted in the Beta thread was all decieving, basically just perspective. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFo-I9SK9zC/
  2. Hi. Is it simple to remove the background selector?. I don't want to cahnge the backgroud and I don't want to have the button there.
  3. Yes, but you need in-game editor. I know you can do it on the official one. On the non official I'm not sure.
  4. That is what i've always assumed. But looking around in the editor I found a few with 15+ controversy, who I've always seen as quite reserved IRL. I'm not giving exaples here since they are spoilers. Just want an 100% confirmation.
  5. What is actually better to have 1 or 20 in these attributes? 1: Controversy 2: Temprament Would love an official response to this.
  6. Beautiful skin! I do prefer the one with team colours in the titlebar/header.
  7. F*** yeah! I cannot possibly thank you enough. I can finally play the game now 😂
  8. All "file=" point to files I have in the panels/player folder. No 'red_replacement="xx"' in player overview. I didn't quite understand the second part. I copied the whole graphics folder from your skin into the base dark skin. I also copied all files from panels/player and panels/player/tcs. Do you know if I need any files outside of those?
  9. So instead of using a lot of time doing the sidebar thing i decided to use the base dark 20 skin and import the staff and player profiles from the tcs skin i had modified. Staff profile works but what is going on with the player profiles? Anyone knows how I can fix this?
  10. non player profile.xml In this file i copied from: player personal details panel.xml (That file was already made by the skin maker.) non player profile.xml looked like this: <!-- Profile picture --> <container> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" apply_to_children="true" inset="0" /> <!-- Club Logo --> <widget class="picture" id="rgtF" transparency="0.1" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="true" image_alignment="centre" /> <!-- P
  11. @loda Thank you very much. That was a lot if infomation, and i don't know if i got the skills to pull it off. But i'll have a try tonight.
  12. Update. I found out how to do the image, but can't figure out hot to vertically center the text. Like nationality and contract etc. aswell as the flag and club badge.
  13. As you can see from the image, I'm trying to make the profile picture of staff bigger. But only the bow get's bigger not the picture. I also want to do the same with human manager profile. Third thing i want to do is make the sidebar menu(Home, Inbox etc.) go all the way up and connect to the back and forward arrows. Then i want to move the header menu(Home, My Profile etc.) to the right of the sidebar. If anyone could help me with this i'll be very grateful.
  14. Could you help me with this? I have no idea witch file I need to change this. I want the Home sidebar to go up and connect to the back and forward arrows(in game not my paint arrows). And then get the Overview Contract etc. to the right of the sidebar menu.
  15. First off, I love this feature! But just like in FM19 if you want to filter out real players or filter out newgens the naming is backwards. As you can see in the image, if i put the filter is "Is newgen Is Not" only newgens come up and vice versa. Also I would love if you guys could make it possible to filter out newgen staff.
  16. Great skin. But I wonder if you could help me customize it abit. I'm looking to delete the two panels inside box 2. Then letting the panels between box 1 & 2 be a little bit taller. Finally i want the Panel inside box 1 to also be a little taller. Is this something you could help me with?
  17. Anyone know how i can get the PPMs to be an option inside box number 1. Also am I correct to assume the ppms will get removed from box 2 if i delete the code highlighted in the second image?
  18. I tried, but since i uninstalled FM19 I got an error message.
  19. Thanks. I found that i can't do anyting until the 2020 resource archiver is released.
  20. Hi. I want to edit the player profile screen, but don't know how change things like this. I want to: Make panel/box number 1 & 2 taller. And I want to delete panel/box number 3.
  21. Sorry to bother you again. This is the last time i promise. How do i remove the logo from a human manager profile. As you can see in the attached images i've tried but it just gets bigger.
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