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  1. Pretty simple question, would love to play a game with the updated rosters up until the end of July or whatever. Cheers.
  2. A League - contracts

    Hey Alari, maybe just allow for one 'marquee' player per club and have the wage set at a maximum of say 20k rather than the usual 3k. That'd still limit clubs to certain discrepancies in the cap but would allow players like Mooy, Del Piero, Ronaldinho, Ono, Emerton etc. to get a shot at the A-League in-game.
  3. A League - contracts

    No there isn't. Koren is actually signed as a marquee player for City (not anymore though) but he's on extra money technically outside the salary cap. This is reflected in the PC version of the game but not the mobile version.
  4. Same game as last year, updated transfers, new skin colour, not a whole lot of other changes. Absolutely no issues with that though, if it's not broken, don't fix it. Cheer Marc.
  5. FM16: Manchester United Back in Europe

    True, but i'm hoping to sign Stones or Mustafi for around 20-25mil and he'll do nicely as a backup.
  6. FM16: Manchester United Back in Europe

    It's ****ed up how easy it is to get Balanta, paid 3mil pounds for him first day of the game.
  7. The text colour and the pale blue make it very hard to read the colours. Just some feedback for changes in future updates. Cheers Marc/everyone!
  8. I have them in Documents/SI/Football Manager 2015/graphics, and my kits and logos are working fine but why aren't my facepacks? They're all in the same place?
  9. Huge crash dump during every single game I play?

    I have added some in-game commentary files and I am playing with a data update. I removed all my skins/logos and stuff but I will try and remove the editor files when I get home from work and see if the issue is still present
  10. I'm playing on PC (a laptop). This error comes up every single time I enter a game. There isn't a siginificant minute of the game it happens, it's random, but it only crashes IN the actual match engine. Previously I have had no issues with the game, and have disabled all logos and icons, put my game into software mode, deleted my cache and deleted my preferences, and nothing has helped. I managed to finish one game before it just went on and crashed in the next! https://www.mediafire.com/?30y5n3ii700uur7
  11. So turn it off and be quiet. You're in the minority and the upgraded engine is so much better than before.
  12. I'm using an iPhone 5S and it runs perfectly.
  13. The match engine is absolutely fantastic. It's almost on par with me watching games on PC's 2D engine, considering I watch extended highlights there too. The dots move a BIT too quickly considering how slow the text moves in comparison, but SUCH a large increase. Thanks Marc!
  14. Gave a few players a new contract but definitely didn't give them enough to warrant having to make $5,000 in overall salary cap out!