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  1. Is there a way to start PPM training for players apart from getting recommendations from backroom meetings?
  2. More issues with the state championships (now in 2016): Only the 4th Division in the SP State is working. The first three all are broken. Red Bull Brasil (based in Campinas-SP) are in the Parana State 2nd Division, Rio Grande do Sul (Gaucho) State 2nd Division, Série B Carioca (Rio de Janeiro State), the Série A-2 Sérgipana, the Tocantins State 2nd Division and the Potiguar (Rio Grande do Norte) State 2nd Division. Uberlandia (based in Uberlandia-MG) are in the 2nd Divison Cearense, and 2nd Division Alagoana. The Minas State championship was last run in 2014, two years ago. Those are the ones I've found so far (just from messages to inbox or from scores showing up while progressing)...something is seriously wrong with the state championships, which is a pity, because I love the additional national divisions, and the chance to have all the state championship levels, but the latter being completely broken is a major problem. EDIT: I looked at the first divisions of all the state championships. All of them have their most recent fixtures in 2014. Goias 2nd Division isn't scheduled in 2016. Likewise Minas 2nd Division, Santa Catarina 2nd Division, SP State 2nd and 3rd Division (as noted in my first post). The Copa do Brasil was never scheduled (the most recent winner is Santos beating Vitoria in 2010).
  3. Playing as Desportivo Brasil (starts Série G, Paulista Série B/Paulista 4th Division), I'm having a similar issue to one described earlier in the thread in that there is some kind of issue with the SP State Championships. First season, I won the 4th Division and was promoted from Série G to Série F, but the next season I only had Série F fixtures, none for the SP State 3rd Division. That competition showed as "This competition has yet to be scheduled" even when all the other state championships had been, and as I've kept playing (being promoted successively up to my current season in the Série D) the SP State 2nd Division has also stopped being scheduled, and so now in my current season there are only 8 teams in the Paulista State Championship (First Division), as 4 teams have been relegated and none replace them. The other problem that I noted with it was when the initial thing happened that I wasn't in the SP State 3rd Division, I looked at the other SP State divisions, and found that the SP State Fourth Division was split between teams from SP State, and teams not from SP State (for example, ones from Bahia, Distrito Federal, etc). The one other (much more minor) quibble that I have is that the reputations for teams starting in the fictional Séries can get out of whack with reality: in 2014, I'm in the Série D with a "Worldwide" reputation along with Ituano and Vera Cruz-PE, and 15 other clubs have "Continental" reputations. The Série C similarly has Botafogo-SP with a Worldwide reputation, even though none of the teams in the Série A have such a reputation (15/20 teams in the Série A have Continental reputations, the balance National).
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