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  1. Squad Update Goalkeepers Two homegrown players inbetween the sticks. Happy to have a reliable backup in Kelly who's more than happy to be so. Can see these two being here for years to come. Right Back Bessa is probably the best free signing I've made in this save. Mahon is a reliable, versatile full back who despite not being first choice is very important. Left Back I'm retraining Urban to play left back because it's at that stage in the save where I'm struggling to find my ideal player. Anderson is great, but still refuses to declare for Ireland which is my main incentive to keep him Center Back An area of the squad I'm really happy with. It's important I have athletes here to help with our high line. Navio/Collins are a great pair and either Smith or Kavanagh can slot in easy. Defensive Central Midfielder Molumby is our highest paid player and key cog in our machine. Matondo is one of my favourite players in this squad, tenacious and can smack a free kick. I'll give him an Ireland debut soon. Attacking Central Midfielder Jose Carlos is a new signing I want to take our set pieces. Browne is homegrown and exactly what I want to see coming through for Ireland. Another in line for an Ireland debut soon. Right Wing A part of me still thinks I'm wasting Jensen out on the right, but realistically, there's not other options for the way I play. McGlade is homegrown and burst into the first team this season with 7 goals in 9 games from the wing, and also scoring on his Ireland debut. Left Wing The most experienced area of the squad. Farrugia is now listed as a club legend, but his declaration for France early in his career has cost him a lengthy career with Ireland. Clarke is a reliable backup who should remain here for a while until we have a better youth option. Strikers Really happy with this area of the squad, a lot of different options. Ravn has been a revelation since he's come in and has given us a great plan b. Luta is quickly putting pressure on Walker as he has settled this season. Rowe has become a backup for club and country now, but is always a reliable big game performer.
  2. Atletico were clinical and a class above. Their 4-4-2 is better than ours putting it simply. I'm still quite happy with our progress this year and we picked up some fantastic results against Roma and PSG. Hopefully it's enough to keep the league's co-efficient high.
  3. Wow We're playing a new Target Man system with Ravn the main man and it's absolutely working. We needed two goals in the last half hour to bring it to Extra Time and did so, with the big man Ravn scoring what's turning into a trademark header.
  4. A lot of good business this window. with a lot of look to the future. Especially happy with that last purchase from Braga. 950k for a player just a tier below world class. I sent a lot of my 18 year old Irish youths out on loan to other teams in the division. I finally sold Harley Johnson for a great fee (5m + 50% of next sale) because I was fed up of English clubs banging on my door every window. McDaid is an average at best youth, but for some reason Arsenal wanted him for 2.5m so who was I to say no?
  5. Not really, usually Dundalk and the likes win one round in their qualifiers but end up going out. Hopefully now that I've pretty much forced third place into the Europa League, that they will begin improving. Yeah I noticed this during my first couple of seasons. I think when my rep got to around 3* level did I manage to lure over players from the UK at first, then further abroad as I could afford better scouting packages.
  6. Ireland 2025 - Progress Pretty much flawless apart from a disappointing draw away at Hungary. We probably should have topped the group, but despite beating Poland 6-1 away Croatia went and beat Estonia 13-0 to finish top on GD Thankfully, we were comfortably one of the best runners up so we qualified for the new expanded World Cup. This could actually be a bit of a banana skin if we're not careful. DR Congo are ranked in the top 10 in the world and have a lot of decent players. It would also be a bit foolish of us to discount any team that hails from South America. Great campaigns for both our own Walker and Daryl Horgan.
  7. St. Patricks Athletic 2025 Pretty standard domination at this stage. The highlight being undoubtedly our Europa League triumph (which isn't listed here for some reason). League Table Half of the league qualifies for Europe now which I find pretty amusing. There were a lot of periods this season where we were missing up to 30 players due to international breaks, which led us to some dropped points. Shoutout to newly promoted Shelbourne qualifying for the Champions League! Their team features a lot of young, talented loanees from other clubs, including two of our young prospects who I deemed not good enough for even my second 11, such is our strength now. However, they got the raw end of the deal as 3rd place Cork City go straight into the groups of the Europa League, and I don't think Shelbourne are strong enough to get there themselves, especially through the best placed side of the draw. European Campaign An incredible year in Europe, winning the Europa League and qualifying through the groups of the CL for the first time. Roma are turning into our whipping boys somewhat, 16 goals scored on them in 4 games Finances/Facilities Transfers Starting to look abroad for talents as we begin to become the "Irish Shakthar". Youth We had our first "Golden Generation" message, but with more "decent" prospects than anyone world class, apart from Devlin maybe. My under 19s this season had a fantastic year. Winning the Irish U19 league, losing in the 1/4 finals of the U19 CL (thanks to international callups) and many were involved in the Ireland team who became U20 world champs. Best 11 This was Farrugia's year. 29 goals from the left flank is incredible. Matondo has broken through and made the midfield destroyer position his own. Overall Best 11 O'Malley has never been first choice ever and somehow is considered our best right winger of all time.
  8. In the end I just couldn't stop the damn chairman. What a s**t deal as well. 40% of the profit is alright I guess.
  9. Only the 10 domestic games to play this month. But by far the biggest challenge will be holding onto some of our Irish starlets. I've already had to plead with the chairman to stop accepting "too good to refuse" bids for all three.
  10. Ireland Under 20s World Cup 2025 A curious opportunity fell on me whilst the Europa League was ongoing. The Under 20s world cup was about to take place, and we had no manager. Now my Under 19s had been performing well, reaching the Semi-Finals of the Champions Cup, so I was keen to see if I could take this team far on the international stage too. I took a squad of pretty much St. Pats academy players. My YN players Matundo and Guthrie are first team players as well as academy product Smith, so I expected them to lead the side. An incredible team, an incredible run. The result against the Germans was freakish, but then again their AI manager had done an appalling job of rotation and the majority of their side was in 70s/80s condition. My left winger McDaid picked up the golden ball for the tournament.
  11. Europa League Final 2025 The moment that history was created. Thomas Rowe, the man, the myth, the legend. The big game guy. Down to 10 men for the last 20 mins and we managed to hang on, with only two of our match day squad not Irish. I'm over the moon! Our success has done wonders for the league. We're automatically into the group stage of the CL, with another team in the competition. 3rd place almost seems more beneficial to the rest, because that's an automatic Europa League group stage berth worth millions.
  12. Incredible . Farrugia is quickly growing into one of my all time FM favourites, cooly slotting the winning penalty DOWN THE MIDDLE. Surely this is a step too far, Liverpool have a tough, hard working side so they're pretty much a better version of us. On a side note, we have a few games in hand to play when this campaign ends
  13. An incredible display over two legs! We dominated them but conceded some sloppy goals. This probably should have been Celtic if not for the biggest bottle job I've ever seen from an AI game
  14. Always love a post from Rashidi! Quick question. In your post you talk about how you made Gaitan into a IF/S, but on your video he scored the wonder goal from the IF/A position. I'm not just pointing this out to be THAT guy that just picks up potential typos in the post, I more so ask because I notice that Gaitan is an extremely right footed player playing as a IF/A on the right flank. The goal was scored because Gaitan came infield, but then cut inside slightly from the center of the pitch and using a more natural cut inside motion for a right footer, scored a world class goal. I'm incredibly obsessive about the footedness of my players, for example if I see a goal where my left sided striker cut inside on their right foot to score a worldly goal, I will obsess over playing right footed players there until I then see a right sided right footed striker run onto a loose ball, cross across the face of goal with the right foot and their strike partner has a tap in, then I obsess over having a right footer on the right side. So as you can see, I confuse myself every day over this subject. I was wondering what your thoughts were on this, and if you think that playing Gaitan in a cut-inside role on the same side as his extremely favoured foot is better than playing with a left footed player. To help solve my own OCD over anything else
  15. Paul Walker is just on fire this year (I'm not gonna say it if you don't... ), he's really developed a lot over the past season or so from my second string to my left side Striker role. Nice personality to use on any youngsters in the future too, so I can see him being a lifer. Oh and YN means youth from nation for me, whereas YC means youth from club. FGN means foreign and I think I'm going to introduce a new name code YF, which means partially Irish or Irish who have come through foreign academies, of which there's a few in my squad. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the end, a bit disappointed because CSKA and Celtic were both in the draw who are very beatable for my team.
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