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  1. In the end I just couldn't stop the damn chairman. What a s**t deal as well. 40% of the profit is alright I guess.
  2. Only the 10 domestic games to play this month. But by far the biggest challenge will be holding onto some of our Irish starlets. I've already had to plead with the chairman to stop accepting "too good to refuse" bids for all three.
  3. Ireland Under 20s World Cup 2025 A curious opportunity fell on me whilst the Europa League was ongoing. The Under 20s world cup was about to take place, and we had no manager. Now my Under 19s had been performing well, reaching the Semi-Finals of the Champions Cup, so I was keen to see if I could take this team far on the international stage too. I took a squad of pretty much St. Pats academy players. My YN players Matundo and Guthrie are first team players as well as academy product Smith, so I expected them to lead the side. An incredible team, an incredible run. The result against the Germans was freakish, but then again their AI manager had done an appalling job of rotation and the majority of their side was in 70s/80s condition. My left winger McDaid picked up the golden ball for the tournament.
  4. Europa League Final 2025 The moment that history was created. Thomas Rowe, the man, the myth, the legend. The big game guy. Down to 10 men for the last 20 mins and we managed to hang on, with only two of our match day squad not Irish. I'm over the moon! Our success has done wonders for the league. We're automatically into the group stage of the CL, with another team in the competition. 3rd place almost seems more beneficial to the rest, because that's an automatic Europa League group stage berth worth millions.
  5. Incredible . Farrugia is quickly growing into one of my all time FM favourites, cooly slotting the winning penalty DOWN THE MIDDLE. Surely this is a step too far, Liverpool have a tough, hard working side so they're pretty much a better version of us. On a side note, we have a few games in hand to play when this campaign ends
  6. An incredible display over two legs! We dominated them but conceded some sloppy goals. This probably should have been Celtic if not for the biggest bottle job I've ever seen from an AI game
  7. Always love a post from Rashidi! Quick question. In your post you talk about how you made Gaitan into a IF/S, but on your video he scored the wonder goal from the IF/A position. I'm not just pointing this out to be THAT guy that just picks up potential typos in the post, I more so ask because I notice that Gaitan is an extremely right footed player playing as a IF/A on the right flank. The goal was scored because Gaitan came infield, but then cut inside slightly from the center of the pitch and using a more natural cut inside motion for a right footer, scored a world class goal. I'm incredibly obsessive about the footedness of my players, for example if I see a goal where my left sided striker cut inside on their right foot to score a worldly goal, I will obsess over playing right footed players there until I then see a right sided right footed striker run onto a loose ball, cross across the face of goal with the right foot and their strike partner has a tap in, then I obsess over having a right footer on the right side. So as you can see, I confuse myself every day over this subject. I was wondering what your thoughts were on this, and if you think that playing Gaitan in a cut-inside role on the same side as his extremely favoured foot is better than playing with a left footed player. To help solve my own OCD over anything else
  8. Paul Walker is just on fire this year (I'm not gonna say it if you don't... ), he's really developed a lot over the past season or so from my second string to my left side Striker role. Nice personality to use on any youngsters in the future too, so I can see him being a lifer. Oh and YN means youth from nation for me, whereas YC means youth from club. FGN means foreign and I think I'm going to introduce a new name code YF, which means partially Irish or Irish who have come through foreign academies, of which there's a few in my squad. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the end, a bit disappointed because CSKA and Celtic were both in the draw who are very beatable for my team.
  9. Thomas Rowe on a European Night yet again After the first leg I thought they would cause more hassle. I've transitioned into the "Irish Shakhtar" and have allowed myself 3 foreign players in my match squad, hence you see 17 year old Daniel Jansen who I'm hoping to transition into a winger (due to a lack of any real Irish youth in the position). A good draw.
  10. Ireland 2024 - A New Hope I took the job from Noel King just in time for the Semi Finals of the Euro Quals. Immediately I drew criticism for calling up 12 St. Pats players The Euro campaign itself was disappointing when you consider who was in our group. We were never really out of any of the games, and we got caught out with late goals from Poland as we were pushing for an equalizer. The Nations League has felt like this team is molding itself into my St. Pats philosophy with some very St. Pats like results, demolishing Kosovo and Cyprus, whilst scoring impressive results against Russia who'd you expect to top this group. Some familiar faces here
  11. St. Patricks Athletic 2022-2024 I guess it's time to update this thread with all that has happened over the past four months (two years game time). Irish Premier League Absolutely dominant. Three more league titles, with the 100 point barrier being broken in the last two. Almost had a flawless season in 2023, but we lost dramatically to our rivals Shamrock Rovers on the final day of the season. We also won every single domestic cup available playing our B team. Europe We qualified for the group stage once more in 2022, with a sole victory over OM the highlight. 2023 was an odyssey. I think we ended up playing 20 or so games in Europe throughout the entire season (European). Some players actually played more European games than Domestic. We had a famous thumping of Man United on our way to finishing 3rd in a group containing OL, Ath Madrid and United. The Thomas Rowe show. More about him later. This took us into the Europa League for the first time in this save the following year. It's strange playing in Europe with a team who has a summer domestic season, because there isn't really any kind of off season. You finish your last CL group game in the middle of December, and you're back into pre-season in early January for a mid-February domestic kick off/European tie. You can easily have a very different team from your last European game to your next due to contracts. A very entertaining and enjoyable run. 22 goals in all we scored as we finally bowed out to a Napoli team who had just too much class for us. Players Firstly, let's start off with our own academy graduates that have progressed to the first team. 7 We've recently maxed out our Youth Recruitment and Coaching so I'm hoping for more guys like these soon. Woods is by far the pick of the bunch, he has pretty much maxed out his CA when he first appeared in the Youth Candidates in 2022, and has been a first team regular ever since, already approaching 100 professional games (aiming for the 1000 club with this guy!). Not to mention the 10 caps for his country (fulfilling one of the goals of the save). Kelly is unfortunate that Woods is such a talent, because he now warms our bench perhaps for the rest of his career. He should get some meaningless cup games. Smith is the new great hope for us. The top 6 English sides were already sniffing around him before he could even have a full season in my under 19s, which a great sign for his PA. He will now take his place in my second string for cups and league games around European games this season. I'll move on now to the main core of my team, those whom I've signed from other clubs in the division to develop. 77Ma Mahon is that versatile full back that any side needs, I don't rely on crossing on my full backs so footedness doesn't mean much. Kavanagh is a proper, no nonsense center half who makes up for his lack of technical ability with a good mind and physical power. Whelan is perhaps the jewel in the crown, who's been chased by the top 6 English sides for what seems like forever. Walker is a quick striker who is beginning to become a key part of the national team in the left sided striker role. Duggan has been somewhat of an opportunist, taking advantage of a lack of Irish talent at RB to make that role his own with 69 appearances in his non natural position. Rowe is becoming somewhat of a club icon, with his 5 goals in the demolishing of Manchester United the highlight of his career, with 90 goals in 137 appearances. O'Malley has never been first choice right winger at the club, but cleaned up the league's awards in 2024 as part of his appearances with the second string. Matondo is a new signing that I'm hoping will slot into a ball winner role in the middle of the park. Guthrie, like O'Malley, has been ripping up domestically whilst our first team has been resting for Europe. Best Eleven 2024 Facilities Moving into the Aviva whilst our stadium is being expanded is pretty cool. I would have expected Tallaght. Finances Healthy from our European adventures.
  12. Thanks a million, apologies again. Anyone else noticing a ton of injuries? I feel like there's one every other week with this squad.
  13. D'oh I forgot that 4-2-3-1 DM wide was a completely separate thing. I'm on a great run and all.
  14. Ah the 4-2-3-1 DM, an old favourite of mine from many years back. When I think of this system I always think of late 00s Liverpool under Rafa Benitez. This is what I'm thinking so far. The squad has very good depth for this system, especially at center back and the attacking four. Just love that Joaquin is still a viable winger in 2019! Used to buy him all the time in like FIFA 06.
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